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  1. Village Hidden in the Oasis
  2. The Kingdom of the Sky (Naruto RP)
  3. Ruined Village Hidden in Necrology (Naruto free verse, Hideout/Battlefield)
  4. The Village Hidden in the Blood
  5. The Village Hidden in the Sky
  6. Group of the Night (Divines Mission)
  7. The Village Hidden in the Oasis
  8. The Village Hidden in The Vortex
  9. The Ash Village (Mission for the Villages)
  10. The Iseka of The Hidden Rift
  11. Kazkuro
  12. Desert Outskirts
  13. Tatsujin plateau
  14. The World Breaker: The resurrection of Gin Hayabusa
  15. World Wide War Battle Field - Gin vs The World
  16. Desert Cliffs Battle Ground
  17. Ultimate Death Tourney. Arc 1.
  18. Nanashi ni shinden
  19. Remote Desert Location
  20. Death Valley
  21. Crystal Cave- (Cloud's training grounds)
  22. Swamp Forest
  23. Glowing Sky Inn
  24. Harbor City
  25. Desert Resort
  26. Thrift-shop-the place you go, when you don't know.
  27. Blood Dragon Rogue's{Divine Clan Mission}
  28. To Save The Zorlock.
  29. Ronin fortress
  30. The Chunin Exams
  31. [Chunin Exams] Cave 3 - Pie (Pass)
  32. [Chunin Exams] Cave 9
  33. [Chunin Exams] Cave 2 - Pool
  34. [Chunin Exams] Cave 7 - Divine
  35. [Chunin Exams] Cave 4 - Zorlock
  36. [Chunin Exams] Cave's 1 & 2 (Pool Passed)
  37. [Chunin Exam] Caves 5 & 6 (Both Pass)
  38. Blood/Sky border with road.
  39. [Chunin Exams] Caves 7 & 8 (Both Pass)
  40. [Chunin Exams] Cave 9 & 10
  41. [Chunin Exams] Blood Forest (The ones who did NOT go in a cave go here)
  42. Hisana's resting/safe spot
  43. [Chunin Exams] Caves 3 & 4 (Auto Pass)
  44. The Wandering Sage tool shop
  45. [Chunin Exams] The Finals
  46. A strange Aura Coming From The Forest.
  47. Oashisugakure's Local Hospital
  48. Valley of the Giants.
  49. Settlement of Tuumina (Village Hidden in The Vortex mission area)
  50. Universal Mission Post Board
  51. The Giant Fire. The Wheel of Fate is Turning.
  52. Hidden Vortex Temple Island [training field]
  53. The Yoshimekiri
  54. Rauta's Shore Line Camp
  55. Heavenly Wings
  56. Village cross Roads
  57. Oasis Road to the CrossRoads
  58. Blood Road to the cross roads
  59. Sky village route to the crossroads.
  60. Vortex Route to the crossroads
  61. Funhouse Shrouded In Mystery
  62. Naruto RP: Major RP Threads
  63. The Island of Vroengard
  64. Fate catches up. Pool vs. Asura Hayabusa.
  65. Bounty Colletion House:
  66. Hidden Cave
  67. The Village Hidden in Ashes'
  68. Race to the Stone. A unknown adventure.
  69. Kodai Temple
  70. Valley of the Giants. Fight The Darkness. (Raid Battle)
  71. A blast from the past, Genzu returns!
  72. The Fearsome destructors
  73. Ruins ringed in mountains
  74. Old Iyusa operation base.
  75. Town of Shinto (Vortex Mission Area)
  76. Amatsu the Life Sage's Land:
  77. Shinobi of the Month:
  78. The Shinobi Shop
  79. The Shinobi World: the history as you know it. The begining of the reboot.
  80. The Village Hidden in the Volcano
  81. The Village Hidden in the Bamboo
  82. The Village Hidden In The Depths
  83. Bamboo Forest: Takegakure Mission
  84. The Ranking System:
  85. Storm Mission Escort to the Land Of Flowers
  86. Volcano Village Retrieval Of The Fire Scrolls
  87. Intro to the History of the Shinobi World
  88. Pages of the Unknown Book
  89. Tension's High Fury Of The Storm
  90. Bamboo Crossroads
  91. Mount Tatsayama
  92. Shinobi of the Month: July
  93. Island Of The Storm: A Blast From The Past
  94. Land of Echoes: Border City Chiasa
  95. The Festival of Death: Fall of the Puppet Masters
  96. Storm Mission: Investigate The Makeshift Village
  97. The Chunin Exams: Role Play Thread.
  98. Shinobi of the Month - July: Fight Thread
  99. Chunin Exams: Sarutobi vs Shisko
  100. Chunin Exams: Mekuto vs Noctis
  101. Chunin Exams: Mekuto vs Shisko
  102. Storm Mission: Tenshi Tower
  103. Storm Mission: Shift Village
  104. The Shinobi System (Partially Shot Down)
  105. NRP: A few suggestions
  106. Storm Village Idea Central
  107. Land of Echoes: Sosho Shika Bridge
  108. Land of Echoes: Bamboo Outskirts
  109. Daughter Retrival (for volcano mission)
  110. Storm Mission: Meet with Shinno!
  111. [Role Play Plot] Naruto RP: Return of the Bijuu -
  112. Storm Mission: The Final Act
  113. Storm Mission: Ocean Test Facility
  114. Storm Mission: Venture To The Land Of Poisons
  115. The Temple in the Lake!!!!!!
  116. The Village Hidden in the Horizon
  117. The Village Hidden In The Eclipse!
  118. Bandit Mission (Eclipse)
  119. Lower Grassland Peninsula Civil War: The Shore Village vs the Crystal Village -
  120. The Village Hidden in the Oasis:
  121. Land of Mountains: Mt. Shōten
  122. Narrative of the Role Plays Plot:
  123. Halloween Special Mission!: Travel to the Plaguesin Glades!
  124. Land of Mountains: Capital City Sonzai
  125. Land of Mountains: Storm Temple
  126. Unknown Group Base #1 -
  127. Land of Mountains: 5 path road
  128. Mission: Water Dome
  129. Land of Mountains: Karimekunegai
  130. Land of Mountains: Passage of Atosaki
  131. Middle Continent: The Dragon's Mouth
  132. the kingdom of Evdore
  133. Land of the Samurai: Minato Hagane
  134. Travelers Log.
  135. Land of Grain: Passage of KiraSanchi
  136. The Village Hidden in the Ice:
  137. Land of Frost: The South Tree Ruins
  138. Bingo Book and other questions.
  139. Land of Mountains: Kowareta Yumenoshima
  140. Land of Valleys: Dathic Jungle
  141. Horui Toshin - Shinobi Meeting
  142. Land of Frost: The North Tree Ruins
  143. Land of Mountains: Hebi Mizu
  144. The Village Hidden Along the Coast
  145. World Map
  146. The Village Hidden in the Grasslands
  147. The Village Hidden by Tundra
  148. Great Shinobi War: Point A - Grain & Valley Countries
  149. The Village Hidden in the Cliffs
  150. The Village Hidden in the Air
  151. Squad C Mission: Bandits in the Eye of the Typhoon!
  152. Missing Maiden: Cliff Village Mission
  153. Wolf Hunt: Cliff Village Mission
  154. Caravan Guard: Cliff Village Mission
  155. Squad A Mission: Sky Cargo Escort!
  156. Cliff Mission: Unusual Signs
  157. Lost Caravan: Cliff Village Mission
  158. Can anyone come up with a mission for em
  159. Village Hidden in the Horizon: Central District
  160. Village Hidden in the Horizon: Harbor District
  161. Village Hidden in the Horizon: Botanical District
  162. Village Hidden in the Horizon: Warehouse District
  163. Naruto Rp Area: Karukiri Prison
  164. Village Hidden in The Reef
  165. Village Hidden in The Forest
  166. Village Hidden in the Ash
  167. Naruto Rp Area: The Grey Wood
  168. NRP: The ANBU Chronicles
  169. Operation Exorcism 1: Forest village mission
  170. Naruto RP Area: Hall of Tranquility
  171. Naruto RP Area: The Dead Coast
  172. Naruto RP Area: The Wildlands
  173. Naruto RP Area: The Last Bastion
  174. Nartuo Rp area: Shinkaku Kyokai Base.
  175. Naruto RP: The Dragons Forge
  176. Naruto role play area: Woodland realm
  177. Naruto Rp Area: Illuminate Eternamente
  178. Naruto Roleplay: Village hidden in the Oasis