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  1. Post If You think your the ultimate naruto fan *SPOILERIFIC*
  3. Who Am I (may contain SPOILERS)
  4. If you could go out with anyone who would it be?
  5. Who would you Kiss?
  6. If you had to pick what character to date who would you?
  7. If you had to pick what character to date who would you?
  8. Naruto Battle Royal Game
  9. The "Offical" "Chouji is so fat" Game
  10. Guess Who I am?
  11. The Overrated Game!
  12. im bored so here is a random trivial question about naruto
  13. Naruto Battle Royal Revolution
  14. Hurt and Heal Game
  15. if u could date a naruto anime who would it be....
  16. Reasons why I'm tough
  17. NarutoTrivaTime!
  18. If u walked in on Sasuke and Sakura making out??
  19. walking in on naruto characters making out
  20. What Naruto Character would you make out with!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  21. Secrets and Lies
  22. What if?
  23. Naruto Shippuden Battle RP!!
  25. if jiraiya invites u to a date......
  26. Make a joke post it here. im going to post 999 jokes.
  27. Best game ever
  28. Itachi Quiz
  30. RANDOM!!!!!
  31. Make a Ninja
  32. If u could date any Naruto Girl who would it be and why?
  33. Who am i
  34. who would you spend a day and night with
  35. What Would You Say if itachi Asked You Out On A Date?
  36. What would you do if Sasuke/Sakura asked you out on a date?
  37. The Song Game
  38. The which actually happened game
  39. japanese phrase game
  40. Which Naruto Character would you "Bring home to Mother"
  41. Let's play fill in the blanks!!
  42. Who said that quote? Forum Game
  43. which character do you really like the most?
  44. What Ninja Boy Would You Make Out With?
  45. What Ninja Girl Would You Make Out With?
  46. If you were married who is your bride or groom?
  47. Who will be your love parther?
  48. Quiz game come in check it out.
  49. Forrum Jeaprody!
  50. What would you do if Konan asked you out on a date?
  51. Naruto: Perfect Match Test
  52. Word Association Game
  53. Would do you want to make out with?
  54. here's a find name game
  55. Song game
  56. how would u react if ur lifelong crush kissed u
  57. For fun quiz:3 people may enter. 3 spots are open.
  58. A new forum game.
  59. Name that Japanese song
  60. Try to stump me forum game
  61. Hippie thread
  62. Combine 2 Foods to Make a New Food
  63. Finish my sentence
  65. Contest! come in check it out! you have till sat-d to enter.
  66. Hangman
  67. Continue the strory forum game (no fanfiction)
  68. Naruto RPG : Sons of The original Ninja .
  69. Well here's the 2nd name game find
  70. Truth or Dare? theres a dare masters list.
  71. Who Would You Marry? Tobi or Deidara?
  72. Who would you date the most?
  73. Answer A Naruto Related Question And Leave One 2 Be Answered
  74. click here its a game
  75. Who would you go on a date with?
  76. Naruto Trivia: 1st Edition(Beware of Spoilers)
  77. Kyuubi's Naruto Trivia
  78. A,B, AND C
  79. Counting Numbers
  80. HidanSenpai's First Naruto Character Quiz OVER!!! Check Who Won Inside!!!
  81. A stands for...
  82. would you rather
  83. Volume 41 cover quiz.
  84. Would you rather this or that? forum game.
  85. animals
  86. A fangirl/boy suddenly steals your fav. character...
  87. What if you walk in and saw Sasuke and Karin making out?
  88. The Kakashi Quiz (Round 1) 2 MORE DAYS TILL DISCOLIFICATION
  89. famouse person game
  91. Your dream date
  93. What if Orochimaru grabbed you and kissed you?
  94. The Kakashi quiz round 1 has started
  95. Your top 6 make out list
  96. Time Exended in The Kakashi Quiz till TUESDAY NOW
  97. The Song Game!
  98. Naruto volume quiz
  99. Akatsuki Quiz Round 15
  100. Anbu Phoenix's 1st Trivia Contest Round 3
  101. QUIZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Round 1
  102. BaneDeidara's Trivia Game [!ROUND 2!]
  103. short naruto quiz. round one
  104. never ending story.
  105. Spin the Bottle
  106. The Fun (Organized) Spin the Bottle game!
  107. What Would U do Juzt Do Get a Kiss from The Person U Like
  108. Seannfma's Trivia (Round one)
  109. if u got a date with anyone, who would it be
  110. What would you do if Itachi made out with you?
  111. my first naruto senseis quiz
  112. who would u marry in the game
  113. Name that Queen song!
  114. Things Naruto character would never say!
  115. !
  116. what would you do if .....
  117. did you know game
  118. if anko asked you out(boys only)
  119. Naruto quest game(DEMO)
  120. ~BaneDeidara's Triva Game~
  121. ABC Naruto game
  122. The ''Word Chain'' Game!!
  123. What is the song about
  124. If both Itachi and Sasuke made out with you(Girls only)
  125. The New NARUTO Story
  126. If You made out with Sai?(Girls only)
  127. If Danzo Made out with you?
  128. Messin' With Quotes (Keep it Clean)
  129. The Utimate Naruto Showdown:sensei:riku memrai vs takuya (L-W)
  130. Anbu-Phoenix's Character Quiz
  131. What would you do.....
  132. I got bored so I started a "what if game."
  133. nothing exciting...lets start a would u rather game 2.
  134. lets talk in naruto language!!
  135. I am so evil.......
  136. Would you rather
  137. Spoiler Tag Game
  138. Chunin Exam round 1
  139. I'm thinking about starting a game....
  140. Roleplay here <------- xd
  141. magic high school roleplay
  142. get the sacred scroll
  143. Killer Bee rap battle....
  144. The "What Not To Do At A Stop Light" Game
  145. hey yall,let's play a game!
  146. Answer that riddle
  147. What to do walking in on Kiba and Ino making out
  148. The ADD game~
  149. Would You Rather... Naruto Style
  150. What would you do if Karin asked you out?
  151. Hurt And Heal: Naruto Characters
  152. Tell a lie to the person above you
  153. High School Roleplay
  154. Who would you want to be trapped inside a cave with?
  155. Vending Machine Game
  156. Corrupt a Wish
  157. the dumb game
  158. What if you walked in and saw Orochimaru and Kabuto making out?
  159. Would you date Naruto?
  160. A,B,C Song game
  161. "songs for the monents" game
  162. Find Your Soul Number...!!
  163. Would you go on a date if Konan asked you?
  164. The Secret Game
  165. Copy Game
  166. Imitation Game ~
  167. The Quote Chain Game!
  168. What would you do if Suigetsu made out with you?
  169. Which character would you choose to spent the rest of your life with??
  170. "Make sentences!"
  171. Spoiler Minigames!
  172. C4 Karura's Obscure Naruto (Manga only) Trivia Game
  173. Im looking for a quiz game!
  174. *jounin 1st trivia game*Dragon Ball Z quiz
  175. Naruto acter game.
  176. Naruto True or False. A, B, C or D. Character Riddle, Trivia Game
  177. Naruto RPG
  178. Which female in naruto would you try to date. dudes only. sorry girls
  179. Ninja battle fronteir sign up
  180. song lyrics
  181. Would you rather......
  182. If Deidara...
  183. Song of the Day!
  184. O-kun's BLEACH Quiz
  185. The Rasengan Trivia Game(TRTG)
  186. Yajyuu and Mikios Clan Quiz
  187. The Naruto Trivia Game(TNTG)
  188. Total Drama Island Naruto version
  189. A question game
  190. Tell a big lie about the person above you
  191. Killer Bass
  192. Screaming Gophers
  193. Leaf kunoichi in swimsuits?
  194. TDI Naruto version challenge #1
  195. Rate the Naruto character ^ you
  196. What do u bring to the party
  197. Blakexd9's Naruto Manga Trivia Game *Possible Spoilers*
  198. Who do you hate game?
  199. Would you invite a kunoichi for dinner?
  200. Naruto Lines
  201. Naruto League
  202. My abc game
  203. Name That Song... Of DOOM!!
  204. Which Naruto character would you make out with?
  205. What would you do if you walked in and saw Naruto and Sakura making out?
  206. Naruto RPG
  207. what would you do if you saw deidara and Ino making out?
  208. Browser game for naruto...
  209. what if temari grabed you and made out with you
  210. mess with post
  211. what would you do if hinata grabbed a kissed you
  212. what would u do if orochimaru came out of no where and had his way with u
  213. Cade's Fanfiction Contest
  214. What Would You Take On A Date, And Where?
  215. yuri or yoai
  216. Naruto Konoha High School Roleplay
  217. A dinner with a Leaf kunoichi.
  218. What would you do if Tenten kissed you?
  219. What would you do if Kiba made-out with you?(Girls Only)
  220. What would you do if YOU made out with Ino?
  221. Word Association
  222. make up a word
  223. Name that movie!!!
  224. who makes the cutest couple: on the forums
  225. what naruto character of your own gender would you go out with to save your life?
  226. Which kunoichi should pose easily for a sculpture?
  227. Naruto Word Chain
  228. A day on the beach with a Leaf Kunoichi
  229. If Anko kissed you (boys only)
  230. The "I would never post this in any other thread" ... thread
  231. what would you do
  232. Dating Test
  233. What would you do if your true love,ask you out on a date?
  234. Let's make strange couples!
  235. Name That Song!
  236. Guess the truth
  237. i replace with fruite by the foot
  238. What you you do if....
  239. (For girls) What would you do if Shikamaru asked for your hand in marriage?
  240. Auditions For Shinobi Cronicles
  241. Chidori Shuriken's Super Special Awesome Manga-Only Trivia Time! (Sign Up Thread)
  242. Awesome New Trivia Game
  243. Chidori Shuriken's Super Special Awesome Manga-Only Trivia Time! Round 1 EQ's
  244. Leaf Village Roleplay
  245. kentaru's trivia game
  246. Mansion of Doom Roleplay
  247. Naruto: Blind Date
  248. Chidori Shuriken's Super Special Awesome Manga-Only Trivia Time! Round 2
  249. Would you take Naruto to prom?
  250. a date with sakura haruno