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  1. What would you do to the person above you?
  2. Fullmetal Alchemist Trivia Game
  3. zombie war...
  4. One Piece Trivial Contest!! *Rep Prizes*
  5. Face game!
  6. Who would you kiss(french): Sakura or Konan?
  7. Title your fave country
  8. how far can you go!?
  9. The "What's in Toma's Closet?" Game!!!
  10. hard/easy brainteaser
  11. Which one do you like the best?
  12. What would you do if you walked in and saw Naruto and Tsunade making out?
  13. Which Naruto female shinobi you wouldn't go to prom with?
  14. hot or not
  15. First Thing That Comes To Mind
  16. Alphabet game
  17. Never-ending Song Title thread
  18. ATTENTION To all Girls: Top 12 finalist of Miss Naruto 2009 are...
  19. Make fun of a song
  20. Ultimate HST Trivia Contest. [Sign-ups]
  21. Jinchiruuki's Trivia
  22. Re-Arrange Game
  23. the naruto name game
  24. Shinobi Chronicles (reborn)
  25. Need to knows for Aurega's Thankgiving Scavenger hunts
  26. Fizz-Buzz
  27. 'Make the person above you faint' Game!
  28. Immitate/act out the person above you ^.^
  29. you come home and find sakura in your house
  30. you come home and find lee and gai yaoing the place up
  31. what would you do on your honey moon with Sakura
  32. do you have a crush on Sakura
  33. Aurega's Thanksgiving contest!
  34. if you had to kiss any person i nNaruto who would it be
  35. What if you walked in on Tenten and Sakura making out?
  36. what would you do if you found Naruto and ino making out
  37. what if you walked in on sasuke and sai o.0
  38. Pokemon Trivia Quiz * Rep Prizes *
  39. Thanksgiving Day Scavenger Hunt After Party
  40. you may be a naruto fan if........
  41. Guess my age.
  42. eagleye54321's Fourth Scrambler Game!
  43. Guess my Age. xD
  44. Star Wars Trivia
  45. What if Kiba kissed you?
  46. The Question Game
  47. What do you know about Stars ~not just the ones in the sky!!!
  48. Will you accept Shizune's invitation for dinner?
  49. THE HALL OF FAME ~fancy name for a bragging contest~ by Kei
  50. Miss Naruto 2009: Open ceremony and Round 1
  51. who is this?
  52. How would you react if you saw Sasuke and Hinata make out
  53. Trivia Contest!
  54. User Editing Game!
  55. If u could spy on someone at the Hotsprings who would it be
  56. Stupid things Naruto characters would do.
  57. Talk With a Lisp GAME!
  58. If Sakura was in your shower what would u do
  59. Would you rather...
  60. What if the main Leaf kunoichi had a beach day?
  61. Best forum game
  62. If Sasuke gave you a kiss,what would you do?
  63. pokemon game
  64. Would you date Temari or Matsuri?
  65. who am i quiz
  66. Naruto RPG
  67. TSH After Party - TRIVIA CONTEST
  68. Get to 2,000 posts before an Admin, Mod, or ANBU posts.
  69. zerosameri ♥ _________
  70. Random Jutsu!
  71. Miss Naruto 2009: Round 1's Result and First elimination day
  72. The Epic Game of Truth and Dare
  73. What Were you Thinking?!?!?
  74. Funny Picture Game
  75. Asubara Feather Savenger HUNT! Not a normal Scavenger hunt
  76. Go to truth or dare thread!!!!
  77. Adopted by a clan!
  78. so... what would you do if you walked in on karin doing sasuke
  79. Your crush comes up to you....
  80. How many of you......
  81. you come home and find hinata in your house
  82. You see Deidara and Konan making out.
  83. Everyone kiss me
  84. Naruto...would u rather
  85. What naruto character would you want to have in your shower. Guys only
  86. would you do it
  87. The FAME BALL rise and fall.
  88. What if you walked in on Kiba and Hinata?!
  89. The 'Name That Show' Game
  90. Have your very own japanese name
  91. video games trivia
  92. Name one kunoichi you wouldn't see in a jacuzzi
  93. Randomness
  94. How awesome is the person above you?
  95. How much does the person above you fail?
  96. Bleach Trivia Contest
  97. Naruto Forums Pointless World Records!!!
  98. How many words can you spell with shippuden?
  99. Guess that Naruto Character
  100. Rate the Naruto Couple Above you ^-^
  101. Miss Naruto 2009: Round 2
  102. Would You Rather??
  103. Mr. Mai and Sir Jin's Trivial Pursuit
  104. what would u do if Sasuke and karin were kissing
  105. The Do Something To Somewhere Game!
  106. The Naked Game
  107. What would you do if you see Naruto and Hinata walking at a beach?
  108. Marriage Game
  109. DramaFlu
  110. >< Real You GAME!
  111. pick on a mode
  112. with which character you what to see in your bed
  113. If this happened, what would you do?
  114. Brain Teasers!
  115. Post to 30 before somebody with a D in their name does
  116. Post to 30 before somebody with a Z in their name does
  117. Word Hunt
  118. Your parent set up an arranged marraige for you. You hope its-
  119. Miss Naruto 2009: Round 2's Result and Elimination day
  120. Hate, love, like, or ignore the person above you?
  121. Get to 1000 posts before someone with a green name posts.
  122. count to 50 before someone with dragon in their usename stop it game
  123. Konan's dinner invitation?
  124. Yo mamma fight!!! For fun
  125. Post to 30 before someone with a Y in their names post
  126. Miss Naruto 2009: Round 3
  127. Ultimate Naruto RPG
  128. Do You Know...
  129. I'm Bored...
  130. Mr Naruto Audition Thread
  131. naruto trivia
  132. The Dumb Question Game!
  133. Akatsuki Dating Game!
  134. Forum rep lottery (read 1st post please!)
  135. Give The Person Above you A Custom Rank!
  136. If You Could...
  137. Naruto Trivia
  138. The Perfect Forum Couple!
  139. The "How Will You Kill Karin?" Game
  140. Ace Trivia
  141. Miss Naruto 2009: Round 3's Result and Elimination day
  142. The Ultimate HST Trivia Contest [Group Placements]
  143. Miss Naruto 2009: Round 4
  144. show off!
  145. If Tsunade was in your shower and wanted you to come in what would you do
  146. who would you flirt with
  147. Get To 50,000 Posts!!!!!!!!!!
  148. Rate the person above you:Idiotic,a trouble maker,weird,cool,awesome,shy,drama King,
  149. Forum Naruto Idol Audition
  150. r u lonly and need someone?
  151. who would you make out with(it can be anyone)
  152. hinata's dinner invation
  153. Try not to laugh...
  154. If sasuke was in your bed
  155. Who would you rather kiss?
  156. 50,000 Post to be Hokage!
  157. Which kunoichi you don't to see at a beach?
  158. The Epic Game Of Leapfrog
  159. The Quote-Manipulation Game!
  160. Rate the signature above you #2.
  161. Rate the OTP above you ^-^
  162. Messin' With Quotes 2
  163. Yes or No? The Choice of Doom...
  164. Miss Naruto 2009: Round 4's result and Elimination day
  165. Give the person above you a nickname!
  166. rate the name above yiou
  167. The Character Game
  168. 8 word story
  169. Blame game
  170. Miss Naruto 2009: Round 5
  171. Rate the Naruto team above you.
  172. A date with the Mizukage
  173. rate the location above you
  174. Pickup Lines of Doom!
  175. The Blush Game
  176. Guess my race
  177. lets play naruto theft auto
  178. Post here if you can access this from school.
  179. Sparkle
  180. Witch or Wizard
  181. Character Riddle!
  182. Miss Naruto 2009: Round 5's result and Elimination Day
  183. what would you do if you see pain and konan making out
  184. Post to 30 before someone with M in there names posts!
  185. Post to 50 before someone with a Q in there name
  186. who would you kiss...
  187. Find Your Valentine
  188. get to 20 posts before someone with a b in it posts
  189. Miss Naruto 2009: Round 6
  190. Official Get Your Forum BF/GF
  191. When the world ends
  192. the 'freak out the person above you' game
  193. What would u do if u came home and kakashi was on u`re bed reading make-out paradise?
  194. Give The Person Above You A Super Hero/Villain Name
  195. Attention all remaining miss naruto 2009 contestants!!!!!
  196. who has the best butt in naruto
  197. Get to 500 posts before an admin posts!
  198. Quickly, before they see!
  199. The War Game
  200. who would be your naruto boyfriend/girlfriend??
  201. which naruto character would u marry??
  202. Fix The Mistake
  203. who has the best ummm.... bust?bosum?chest in naruto
  204. True or False Game
  205. eagleye54321's Fifth Scrambler Game!
  206. build up a rap
  207. Miss Naruto 2009: Round 6's Result and Elimination day
  208. what if you walked in on Sakura and your best friend
  209. How "Popular" is the person above you?
  210. The biggest Word
  211. Naruto letter game(most likely spoilers)
  212. Riddles go here
  213. Naruto RPG
  214. Say what? The game.. OF
  215. True or False game
  216. What had happened was...
  217. IN Naruto, who would ou date? Why?
  218. Miss Naruto 2009: Round 7
  219. The "guess what I'm thinking" game
  220. Auctioneer
  221. Post...
  222. Post a larger number than the person above you
  223. there is NO (insert here)
  224. The Clone Game!
  225. Its a nice day and you got $25 so you....
  226. desribe hidan in 1 word
  227. Rate the username above you
  228. Who would you most love to be your bf/gf
  229. Which Naruto character would you marry?
  230. If Konan asked you to kiss her (boys only)
  231. Forum Hangman
  232. The story game
  233. Naruto A*B*C
  234. Forums most epic fail rep
  235. 1,000 fist
  236. Would you kiss Naruto?(Girl Only)
  237. Do you want to kiss Shizune (boys only)
  238. Who would you kiss?
  239. Make a Question and awnser a Question Game
  240. Say my name..
  241. Guys VS Girls (Male VS Famele) Game
  242. i haz a challenge!!!!!
  243. Let's Go Guys
  244. Do you have to date and kiss Kurotsuchi (guys only)
  245. The Definition Game
  246. Let's Play with Superlatives!
  247. Announcement for Mr. Mai and Sir Jin's Trivial Pursuit
  248. Guys VS Girls (Male VS Famel Game Round 2 (Rules on page 1)
  249. Naruto battles and adventures.
  250. Grade book