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  1. Village Hidden in the Shadows
  2. Village Hidden In The Ice
  3. So a Plot is in order Naruto RP/FV
  4. Let the Record show.
  5. Village Hidden in the Lava
  6. You know what?
  7. RP Council
  8. A big issue.
  9. Currency Idea me and AeoKyn came up with
  10. Is this section stil active
  11. To whom it may concern in the Naruto RP
  12. Huge Contest coming very soon!
  13. Guys N' Girls, if you're fighting… PLEASE TAKE DAMAGE!
  14. Sky and Vortex, should they go?
  15. this is not dying.
  16. Role Play Logs: All Naruto Role Play Announcments and Updates.
  17. New thread!!
  18. Insight on the Role Play: Clones
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  20. Storm Village Mission HQ
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  22. Shinobi of the Month: August Sign Ups
  23. Inside the Role Play: Space-Time Jutsu's -
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  25. Takashi Vacation Home
  26. Jutsu Thread!
  27. Splicer Notes and creations. All shall be one.
  28. Bijuu Idea.
  29. Need help on a Map!
  30. Naruto RP: Example Jutsu Database
  31. Single/Double Village Proposal:
  32. The Single/Double Village Voting Thread:
  33. Shinobi of the month
  34. Your own OC Character
  35. Really? I found this funny.
  36. Hello. Announcement.
  37. Green's KG
  38. Shinobi of the Month: Sign Up Sheet
  39. Fast update
  40. Shinobi of the Month Rule and Information
  41. NRP Leaders/Staff
  42. Character Rules, Information and Registration
  43. Guidelines & Information
  44. Shinobi of the Month Finals - Betting process!
  45. Should I be a bad or good guy in the RP?
  46. The Great Shinobi War: Introduction, Information and Future Issues/Points.
  47. [RANK] Shisko's Helpers
  48. I have to step down...
  49. "Reboot" on the way!
  50. READ ME Naruto (RP) Administrative Group HQ
  51. Reboot System and Guidelines!
  52. Reboot Villages and Lore
  53. Character Creation Thread/Database
  54. Reboot Jutsu Database
  55. KG's and Standard Skills level up guide!!
  56. Experience Database
  57. NPCs and Squad Status'
  58. Who is...
  59. New Naruto Roleplay Announcement and Discussion Thread
  60. Back Story and Villages
  61. Naruto RP Character Creation Thread
  62. Naruto RP Ranks
  63. Naruto RP: Rogue Character Creation
  64. The New organization (Shi pīsu)
  65. The Way of Tranquility, Rp faction.
  66. Naruto Roleplay Annoucement
  67. Regarding Naruto Roleplay
  68. 12 Treasures [First come, first serve]
  69. The New Organization
  70. New Naruto RP Idea
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  72. Casual Naruto RP on Kik Messenger
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