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  9. Competitive Pokemon Tournament! RULES & SUMBISSION
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  21. Greatest Video's Contest.
  22. Signature of the Month: August Submission
  23. ARTIST CONTEST!! Registration is open as of now.
  24. Singature of the Month: August Voting
  25. ART CONTEST: Step One (Ended)
  26. Singature of the Month: August Winner - Gaara-Shukaku
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  28. The Otaku Challenge.
  29. The Otaku Challenge Reminder!
  30. The Official Otaku Challenge!
  31. Adjustment for the Otaku Contest.
  32. So I got to thinking...
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  38. Triple Threat Contest!!!
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  40. GNCE 2013 Contest - Character List
  41. Art Contest 2013 Winner revealed!!
  42. Announcement: The person who post the last comment wins contest!
  43. Easter Egg Character Hunt
  44. Trivia Contest.
  45. Easter Egg Character Hunt: Week 1- Find Justaway!
  46. Madara Uchiha FC: Trivia/Quiz Contest
  47. Contest ideas I've been sitting on
  48. READ ME King or queen of meme(contest): sign up and discussion
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  52. A OC Fan Art Contest
  53. Naruto Trivia Questions #2
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  55. Gintama Trivia Questions #2
  56. Secret Santa
  57. Valentine Drawing/cosplay contest idea