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  1. Mother Whale Adpots Orphaned Calf
  2. Antarctica's First Ever Whale Skeleton Found
  3. A Bryde's Whale in Balloon Mode after Feeding
  4. Alaska Fishermen Rescue Killer Whale Stuck on Rocks
  5. Conjoined Gray Whale Calves Discovered in Baja California Lagoon
  6. Global Headlines: 2014 Winter Olympics: Sochi
  7. Global Headlines: Ukraine in Turmoil
  8. US Headlines: Whale's Tail Slaps Woman
  9. Real Life Mario Kart!
  10. US Headlines: Otter Eats Alligator
  11. Global Headlines: Malaysia's Flight to Beijing Disappears
  12. 500 Pound Wild Boar
  13. US Headlines: Girl gets kicked out of Christian school over cut hair and tomboyish features
  14. US Headlines: "Razor blades glued on Playground Equipment"
  15. Global Headlines: North and South Korea Trade Fire
  16. Science: Goats are far more clever than previously thought
  17. Global Headlines: Magnitude 8.2 Earthquake Strikes Northern Chili
  18. US Headlines: Second Fort Hood shooting
  19. Technology: Google Maps: Pokemon Challenge
  20. US Headlines: Couple Claims to Have Caught a Live Chupacabra
  21. Global Headlines: Chinese Aquarium Opens as World's Largest
  22. Global Headlines: Pakistani Baby Accused of Attempted Murder
  23. Global Headlines: Trapped Cat Found After Days in Sofa
  24. Surrender 20 @ World or GG USA
  25. US Headlines: Pennsylvania Stabbing
  26. US Headlines: Tosh-O Producer assistant mistakenly killed by LA police
  27. Global Headlines: Dramatic Rescue of Lioness with Gaping Wound
  28. US Headlines: Bus Collides with FedEx Truck Engulfed in Flames Immediately
  29. US Headlines: Black Bear Mauls Florida Woman
  30. Global Headlines: Rare Two Toned Lobsters
  31. Internet: Dutch Teen Arrested For Terrorist Joke Tweet
  32. US Headlines: 'Space Monday' Total Lunar Eclipse to occur April 15th
  33. Global Headlines: S. Korea Ferry: Search Continues for Survivors
  34. Global Headlines: Mexico Earthquake
  35. Global Headlines: Talking Chicken Causes Mass Panic
  36. US Headlines: Teen Survives Flight in Landing Gear
  37. Manga Tells Story of Apple Co-Founders
  38. US Headlines: Nevada Cattle Rancher Standoff w/ Feds