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  1. Mother Whale Adpots Orphaned Calf
  2. Antarctica's First Ever Whale Skeleton Found
  3. Taiwan Short of Volunteers for the Military
  4. A Bryde's Whale in Balloon Mode after Feeding
  5. Alaska Fishermen Rescue Killer Whale Stuck on Rocks
  6. Conjoined Gray Whale Calves Discovered in Baja California Lagoon
  7. Global Headlines: 2014 Winter Olympics: Sochi
  8. Global Headlines: Ukraine in Turmoil
  9. US Headlines: Whale's Tail Slaps Woman
  10. Real Life Mario Kart!
  11. US Headlines: Otter Eats Alligator
  12. Global Headlines: Malaysia's Flight to Beijing Disappears
  13. 500 Pound Wild Boar
  14. US Headlines: Girl gets kicked out of Christian school over cut hair and tomboyish features
  15. US Headlines: "Razor blades glued on Playground Equipment"
  16. Global Headlines: North and South Korea Trade Fire
  17. Science: Goats are far more clever than previously thought
  18. Global Headlines: Magnitude 8.2 Earthquake Strikes Northern Chili
  19. US Headlines: Second Fort Hood shooting
  20. Technology: Google Maps: Pokemon Challenge
  21. US Headlines: Couple Claims to Have Caught a Live Chupacabra
  22. Global Headlines: Chinese Aquarium Opens as World's Largest
  23. Global Headlines: Pakistani Baby Accused of Attempted Murder
  24. Global Headlines: Trapped Cat Found After Days in Sofa
  25. Surrender 20 @ World or GG USA
  26. US Headlines: Pennsylvania Stabbing
  27. US Headlines: Tosh-O Producer assistant mistakenly killed by LA police
  28. Global Headlines: Dramatic Rescue of Lioness with Gaping Wound
  29. US Headlines: Bus Collides with FedEx Truck Engulfed in Flames Immediately
  30. US Headlines: Black Bear Mauls Florida Woman
  31. Global Headlines: Rare Two Toned Lobsters
  32. Internet: Dutch Teen Arrested For Terrorist Joke Tweet
  33. US Headlines: 'Space Monday' Total Lunar Eclipse to occur April 15th
  34. Global Headlines: S. Korea Ferry: Search Continues for Survivors
  35. Global Headlines: Mexico Earthquake
  36. Global Headlines: Talking Chicken Causes Mass Panic
  37. US Headlines: Teen Survives Flight in Landing Gear
  38. US Headlines: Nevada Cattle Rancher Standoff w/ Feds
  39. US Headlines: Rare Zonkey Born
  40. US Headlines: Driver who killed teen is suing dead boy’s family for $1 million
  41. Global Headlines: Canonization of Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II to Sainthood
  42. US Headlines: Man caught screaming at baby through hacked webcam
  43. Global Headlines: China will become the world's largest economy by the end of the year
  44. US Headlines: Report: Only 67 Percent of Obamacare Enrollees Have Paid First Month’s Premium
  45. Global Headlines: Whale Beached: People Fear that the Beached Carcass will Explode
  46. Technology: New, Rumored Apple Search Engine - "Found."
  47. US Headlines: Squirrel Goes Nuts on Maine Teenager Taking Selfie
  48. Global Headlines: Japanese Fans Disapprove of New Movie's Godzilla
  49. US Headlines: Rare Goblin Shark Caught by Fisherman
  50. US Headlines: Iraq Vet and Canine Companion Reunited at Airport
  51. Global Headlines: Earthquake in Northern Thailand
  52. US Headlines: IPhone Stolen, Woman Goes to Thief's House to Retrieve it
  53. US Headlines: Seemingly Innocent Texas License Plate gets Driver Stopped by Mexican Soldiers
  54. US Condemns North Korea's 'Ugly' Rascist Obama Remarks
  55. Dog Protects Missing 3 Year Old Boy
  56. Global Headlines: Pope demands redistribution of wealth
  57. 103 old Orca spotted troubles SeaWorld
  58. Global Headlines: 'Dracula's Castle' For Sale in Transylvania
  59. Global Headlines: Underwater archaeologist thinks he's discovered Christopher Columbus's Santa Maria
  60. US Headlines: Miami Police Kill 2 Unarmed Suspects
  61. Global Headlines: Shocking Poll: More Than 1 In 4 Adults Worldwide Harbor Anti-Semitism
  62. US Headlines: May Fires in California
  63. US Headlines: Rare Deep Sea Fish Washes Ashore in North Carolina
  64. Global Headlines: Robot Looking for Oil Under the Ocean Finds a Rare Fish Graveyard Instead
  65. Global Headlines: Chinese Nationals Missing After Riots in Vietnam
  66. US Headlines: Students 9 and 12 Arrested for Allegedly Poisoning Teacher
  67. Global Headlines: Mother Bear Saves Baby Bear in Highway Rescue
  68. Technology: Ha! beats by dre xD
  69. Man kills his daughter and posts pictures on Facebook
  70. US Headlines: E. coli outbreak linked to sprouts; hummus, dips, walnuts recalled
  71. US Headlines: Diver's Scary Encounter With Great White Shark
  72. US Headlines: Admired College Professor Lies about Doctorate for 5 Years
  73. Technology: Robot Running 45 MPH
  74. US Headlines: 7 dead in drive-by shooting near uc santa barbara
  75. Global Headlines: Ukip storms European elections
  76. Science: Coming soon to SYFY.................
  77. Firefighters' Groceries Paid for by Anonymous "Airforce Wife"
  78. Science: Spider Masquerades as Bird Poo to Avoid Being Eaten
  79. Science: Laser Alters Fruit Flies' Minds, Makes Them Dance
  80. US Headlines: Student In Wheelchair Beaten By School Security Guard In Oakland
  81. Global Headlines: Chinese Farmer Turns Suitcases into Electric Scooter
  82. US Headlines: Fleeing Hyundai Veloster Gets RAMmed in Police Chase
  83. Science: new class of planet discovered!
  84. Global Headlines: Landing Plane Barely Misses Sunbather
  85. Wisconsin teens stab friend to please mythological creature
  86. Science: Van Gogh's "Regrown" Ear on Display
  87. Global Headlines: Mystery of What Ate a Great White Shark
  88. US Headlines: Jon Bon Jovi Gives Little Boy With Cancer the Surprise of His Life
  89. US Headlines: Tour Guide Jumps in Water and Feeds Alligators
  90. Global Headlines: Man Stops Charging Elephant with a Wave of His Hand
  91. Global Headlines: Dog Sacrifices Life Defending Owner From Sharks
  92. US Headlines: 75 CDC staff possibly exposed to Anthrax
  93. Internet: Felon Preyed on by Women of the internet
  94. Politics: NoKor Threatens War Over A Comedy Movie
  95. US Headlines: Bull Shark Found in Florida Pond
  96. US Headlines: Man Pulls Over Trooper for Alleged Speeding
  97. Global Headlines: Abandoned Mall Overtaken by Fish
  98. Global Headlines: Kitten Trapped in Spring Under Truck for 50 Terrifying Miles
  99. US Headlines: Fireworks Blasts Blows Man's Hands Off
  100. Science: on/off switch of consciousness discovered?
  101. Science: language of chimps partially deciphered!
  102. Global Headlines: Panama Canal 2: Nicaragua
  103. Science: Man Forms Star-Shaped Cataracts Following Electric Shock
  104. Politics: Israel's Invasion of Gaza, Likely
  105. Global Headlines: Australia Shark 'Chokes on Sea Lion'
  106. Global Headlines: World Marks Nelson Mandela International Day
  107. Global Headlines: Cyclist who Cheated Death Twice After Switching Tickets on Doomed Malaysian Flights
  108. Global Headlines: North Korea Threatens Nuclear Strike on White House
  109. Global Headlines: World War I Centennial
  110. Global Headlines: 300 Kids From Around The World Attending Summer Camp In North Korea
  111. Global Headlines: Powerful Gas Explosions in Taiwan Kill 22, Injure 270
  112. US Headlines: Strange, Blue Sea Creatures Wash Up on the West Coast
  113. US Headlines: Woman Told not to Pet a Lion... Could Guess what Happened Next
  114. US Headlines: Baby "Geep" Born
  115. US Headlines: US Doctor with Ebola in Atlanta for Treatment
  116. US Headlines: Bear Spotted Walking on Hind Legs
  117. US Headlines: NASCAR driver Tony Stewart hits driver incident
  118. US Headlines: Robin Williams dead at 63
  119. Global Headlines: Japan's Resident Evil Attraction Re-Opens
  120. Global Headlines: Amazon's Biggest Fish Faces Threat of Extinction
  121. US Headlines: 25-ft Rare Shark Seen in Puget Sound
  122. Global Headlines: Little Girl Survives 11 Day in Siberian Forest
  123. US Headlines: Do you guys knows what's happening in Ferguson right now?
  124. Global Headlines: Half of Germans unaware of when Berlin Wall built: survey
  125. Global Headlines: Customer buys 23 Burger King pies to spite snotty kid
  126. US Headlines: 'Streamers': California solar power plant scorches birds in mid-air
  127. Internet: Purge rumors spread like wildfire
  128. Science: university of Florida professor participating in ama about GMO crops on reddit
  129. 6.0 Magnitude California Earthquake
  130. Global Headlines: Britain Is Poorer Than Any US State: Yes, Even Mississippi
  131. Shooting intructor killed
  132. Global Headlines: 'Russian troops deployed' in Ukraine - Poroshenko
  133. US Headlines: Pit Bull Saves Boy from Bees
  134. Global Headlines: Boy Can't Hear His Cartoons; Cuts High-Rise Worker's Safety Rope
  135. Malaysian women offer their bodies to ISIS militants in 'sexual jihad'
  136. Internet: Massive leak of celebrity nudes. (Jennfier Lawrence, Ariana Grande, etc.)
  137. Global Headlines: Isis
  138. Global Headlines: "How I solved the mystery of Jack the Ripper"
  139. Global Headlines: Scotland Rejects Independence from UK
  140. Global Headlines: Airstrikes Commence in Syria
  141. Technology: Nintendo Turns 125
  142. US Headlines: Good News Money Health Life and Style Entertainment Recipes GMA Live GMA Insider Goo
  143. US Headlines: Students Protest Proposed History Curriculum
  144. US Headlines: New Mexico Police Catch Mysterious Ghostly Intruder on Camera
  145. Global Headlines: Rare White Orca Spotted off Russian Coast
  146. Global Headlines: Japan's Mt. Ontake Volcanic Eruption
  147. Global Headlines: Hong Kong Protests
  148. Global Headlines: Dry Humor: Too Much Water Doesn't Damp Germans's Thrifty Habits
  149. US Headlines: California Becomes First State to Ban Plastic Bags
  150. US Headlines: Texas Patient Confirmed as First Ebola Case Diagnosed in the US
  151. Technology: 3 Year Old Boy Born without Fingers Gets a New Awesome Hand
  152. Politics: ISIS to Open a Consulate in Istanbul?
  153. Global Headlines: Woman Gives Birth to Lizard, is Accused of Witchcraft
  154. Global Headlines: Has Kim Jung-Un Lost Control of North Korea
  155. Global Headlines: Eid-Kabir
  156. Science: Cannabis Study by Expert Demolishes Claims That Smoking Pot is Harmless
  157. Global Headlines: Ebola Zombies
  158. Global Headlines: Most Powerful Storm this Year Heads for Japan
  159. Science: Antarctic Ice Reaches New Record Maximum
  160. US Headlines: Hazmat crews board US Airways flight after flier's Ebola joke
  161. Technology: Red Bull Settles Lawsuit for $13 Million Because It Actually Doesn't Give you Wings
  162. Science: Siberia craters cause: Massive holes in Russia 'linked to Bermuda Triangle'
  163. US Headlines: Plumpest pumpkin: 2,058-pound gourd sets record
  164. US Headlines: Mysterious clowns roaming Wasco Calif.
  165. Science: Rare Footage of Humpback Whale Sleeping
  166. Global Headlines: Giant 50ft Crab
  167. US Headlines: Top Secret Plane Lands on California Coast
  168. US Headlines: Red Bull awards $13m to its customers for not giving them wings
  169. Internet: Internet trolls could possibly face jail time
  170. Global Headlines: Ottawa Shooting
  171. Science: Ebola Plush Toy
  172. Global Headlines: Orbital Sciences Rocket Explodes after Launch to ISS at NASA Spaceport
  173. Global Headlines: Ebola Patient Zero Identified
  174. Science: Amelia Earhart Plane Fragment Identified
  175. Science: Freaked Out Fish Grind Their Teeth and Produce Odd Noise
  176. US Headlines: California Announces Quarantine Guidelines
  177. US Headlines: Trick-or-Treating Teen Girls Killed in California Hit and Run
  178. US Headlines: Kentucky Teacher Resigns Amid Parents' Ebola Fears
  179. US Headlines: More foolish laws from pitiful mongrels
  180. Politics: Republicans Take Over US Senate
  181. US Headlines: Oregon and Washington DC on Pot
  182. READ ME North Korea 1st To Land Man on the Sun
  183. US Headlines: Stark Photos of California's Devastating Drought
  184. Two Americans Freed from North Korea
  185. Global Headlines: Probe Lands on Comet
  186. Global Headlines: World's Tallest Man Meets World's Shortest Man
  187. Science: Harvard and Australian University Scientist Discover Possible Age Reversal Key
  188. Politics: GOP Plans Pushback on Obama's Immigration Plan
  189. Global Headlines: Japan in shock recession as sales tax strangles growth
  190. Global Headlines: Chinese Medics in Liberia to Help Fight Ebola
  191. US Headlines: Dog Hitches Ride on Ambulance
  192. Politics: Administration ‘erroneously’ overcounted Obamacare enrollees
  193. US Headlines: Mother calls 911 on Masturbating son; new self-rape law
  194. US Headlines: Teacher facing charges dragging 14 year old student in pool
  195. US Headlines: Officer Wilson Not Indicted
  196. US Headlines: Family Dog Credited with Saving Lives During Road Rage Shooting
  197. US Headlines: Woman Bites Down On $3,000 Purple Pearl in Clam Shell
  198. US Headlines: Eric Garner's Death From Cop Chokehold
  199. Global Headlines: It’s official: America is now No. 2
  200. Politics: New Republic cuts print schedule as editors leave
  201. US Headlines: US creates more jobs in 2014 than any year since 1999
  202. Internet: Cops
  203. US Headlines: Three Wounded After Shooting Outside High School in Portland
  204. Global Headlines: Pope Francis Says Dogs Can Go to Heaven
  205. Global Headlines: Sydney Siege