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  1. Mother Whale Adpots Orphaned Calf
  2. Antarctica's First Ever Whale Skeleton Found
  3. Taiwan Short of Volunteers for the Military
  4. A Bryde's Whale in Balloon Mode after Feeding
  5. Alaska Fishermen Rescue Killer Whale Stuck on Rocks
  6. Christmas Island Crab Walk
  7. Maui Shark Attack
  8. Meningitis Outbreak at UC Santa Barbara
  9. Sharks do get Cancer
  10. Lifesaving Service Dog Sniffs Out Girl's Disease
  11. Dolphins Caught Chewing on Pufferfish to get High
  12. Conjoined Gray Whale Calves Discovered in Baja California Lagoon
  13. Oklahoma Man Charged with "Atomic Wedgie" Murder
  14. Dog Rescued After Being Frozen to Ground
  15. Rare Nintendo World Champion Cart Sells for Over $99k
  16. Mexico's 'Water Monster' May have Disappeared
  17. Son Surprises Mom with Super Bowl Tickets
  18. Cow Farts Blow Up a Barn
  19. Fishermen Reels in Camera with Working Memory Card
  20. Family Makes "Gem" Igloo
  21. New Species of Big Headed Fish Found in Idaho and Montana
  22. 8 Year Old Asks Santa for Advice on Turning Pokemon into Real Creatures
  23. Washinton's Beloved Snowy Owl Hit by Bus
  24. Mass Sea Star Deaths off West Coast
  25. Tiny Minnow is First Fish to be taken off Endangered List
  26. Cat Gives Owner Bubonic Plague
  27. Lego Responds to a 7 Year Old Girl's Letter
  28. White Lion Triplets Born in Polish Zoo
  29. Ocean Wave Looks like Man's Face
  30. Whale Shark about to Swallow Diver
  31. G.I. Joe: World's First Action Figure Turns 50
  32. New Species of Jellyfish Washes up on Tasmania Beach
  33. Global Headlines: 2014 Winter Olympics: Sochi
  34. Depressed Argentina Polar Bear Goes to Canada
  35. Greenland's First Coral Reef Found
  36. Boy Risks His Life to Save Drowning Baby Deer
  37. Rare Image Shows Great White Shark Losing Teeth During Attack on Seal
  38. Single Soldier Dad Surprises His 3 Kids for Valentines Day
  39. Global Headlines: Ukraine in Turmoil
  40. Korean Reunions
  41. Infected Rat Kills Boy
  42. Bible Saves Man
  43. Hennessey Venom GT Hits 270 mph
  44. US Headlines: Whale's Tail Slaps Woman
  45. Signed Copies of Hitler's Mein Kampf up for Auction
  46. Real Life Mario Kart!
  47. Baby's Rare Brain Tumor Had Teeth
  48. Talking Dog Device Ready to Hit the Market Soon
  49. US Headlines: Otter Eats Alligator
  50. Global Headlines: Malaysia's Flight to Beijing Disappears
  51. 500 Pound Wild Boar
  52. US Headlines: Girl gets kicked out of Christian school over cut hair and tomboyish features
  53. US Headlines: "Razor blades glued on Playground Equipment"
  54. Global Headlines: North and South Korea Trade Fire
  55. Science: Goats are far more clever than previously thought
  56. Global Headlines: Magnitude 8.2 Earthquake Strikes Northern Chili
  57. US Headlines: Second Fort Hood shooting
  58. Technology: Google Maps: Pokemon Challenge
  59. US Headlines: Couple Claims to Have Caught a Live Chupacabra
  60. Global Headlines: Chinese Aquarium Opens as World's Largest
  61. Global Headlines: Pakistani Baby Accused of Attempted Murder
  62. Global Headlines: Trapped Cat Found After Days in Sofa
  63. Surrender 20 @ World or GG USA
  64. US Headlines: Pennsylvania Stabbing
  65. US Headlines: Tosh-O Producer assistant mistakenly killed by LA police
  66. Global Headlines: Dramatic Rescue of Lioness with Gaping Wound
  67. US Headlines: Bus Collides with FedEx Truck Engulfed in Flames Immediately
  68. US Headlines: Black Bear Mauls Florida Woman
  69. Global Headlines: Rare Two Toned Lobsters
  70. Internet: Dutch Teen Arrested For Terrorist Joke Tweet
  71. US Headlines: 'Space Monday' Total Lunar Eclipse to occur April 15th
  72. Global Headlines: S. Korea Ferry: Search Continues for Survivors
  73. Global Headlines: Mexico Earthquake
  74. Global Headlines: Talking Chicken Causes Mass Panic
  75. US Headlines: Teen Survives Flight in Landing Gear
  76. US Headlines: Nevada Cattle Rancher Standoff w/ Feds
  77. US Headlines: Rare Zonkey Born
  78. US Headlines: Driver who killed teen is suing dead boy’s family for $1 million
  79. Global Headlines: Canonization of Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II to Sainthood
  80. US Headlines: Man caught screaming at baby through hacked webcam
  81. Global Headlines: China will become the world's largest economy by the end of the year
  82. US Headlines: Report: Only 67 Percent of Obamacare Enrollees Have Paid First Month’s Premium
  83. Global Headlines: Whale Beached: People Fear that the Beached Carcass will Explode
  84. Technology: New, Rumored Apple Search Engine - "Found."
  85. US Headlines: Squirrel Goes Nuts on Maine Teenager Taking Selfie
  86. Global Headlines: Japanese Fans Disapprove of New Movie's Godzilla
  87. US Headlines: Rare Goblin Shark Caught by Fisherman
  88. US Headlines: Iraq Vet and Canine Companion Reunited at Airport
  89. Global Headlines: Earthquake in Northern Thailand
  90. US Headlines: IPhone Stolen, Woman Goes to Thief's House to Retrieve it
  91. US Headlines: Seemingly Innocent Texas License Plate gets Driver Stopped by Mexican Soldiers
  92. US Condemns North Korea's 'Ugly' Rascist Obama Remarks
  93. Dog Protects Missing 3 Year Old Boy
  94. Global Headlines: Pope demands redistribution of wealth
  95. 103 old Orca spotted troubles SeaWorld
  96. Global Headlines: 'Dracula's Castle' For Sale in Transylvania
  97. Global Headlines: Underwater archaeologist thinks he's discovered Christopher Columbus's Santa Maria
  98. US Headlines: Miami Police Kill 2 Unarmed Suspects
  99. Global Headlines: Shocking Poll: More Than 1 In 4 Adults Worldwide Harbor Anti-Semitism
  100. US Headlines: May Fires in California
  101. US Headlines: Rare Deep Sea Fish Washes Ashore in North Carolina
  102. Global Headlines: Robot Looking for Oil Under the Ocean Finds a Rare Fish Graveyard Instead
  103. Global Headlines: Chinese Nationals Missing After Riots in Vietnam
  104. US Headlines: Students 9 and 12 Arrested for Allegedly Poisoning Teacher
  105. Global Headlines: Mother Bear Saves Baby Bear in Highway Rescue
  106. Technology: Ha! beats by dre xD
  107. Man kills his daughter and posts pictures on Facebook
  108. US Headlines: E. coli outbreak linked to sprouts; hummus, dips, walnuts recalled
  109. US Headlines: Diver's Scary Encounter With Great White Shark
  110. US Headlines: Admired College Professor Lies about Doctorate for 5 Years
  111. Technology: Robot Running 45 MPH
  112. US Headlines: 7 dead in drive-by shooting near uc santa barbara
  113. Global Headlines: Ukip storms European elections
  114. Science: Coming soon to SYFY.................
  115. Firefighters' Groceries Paid for by Anonymous "Airforce Wife"
  116. Science: Spider Masquerades as Bird Poo to Avoid Being Eaten
  117. Science: Laser Alters Fruit Flies' Minds, Makes Them Dance
  118. US Headlines: Student In Wheelchair Beaten By School Security Guard In Oakland
  119. Global Headlines: Chinese Farmer Turns Suitcases into Electric Scooter
  120. US Headlines: Fleeing Hyundai Veloster Gets RAMmed in Police Chase
  121. Science: new class of planet discovered!
  122. Global Headlines: Landing Plane Barely Misses Sunbather
  123. Wisconsin teens stab friend to please mythological creature
  124. Science: Van Gogh's "Regrown" Ear on Display
  125. Global Headlines: Mystery of What Ate a Great White Shark
  126. US Headlines: Jon Bon Jovi Gives Little Boy With Cancer the Surprise of His Life
  127. US Headlines: Tour Guide Jumps in Water and Feeds Alligators
  128. Global Headlines: Man Stops Charging Elephant with a Wave of His Hand
  129. Global Headlines: Dog Sacrifices Life Defending Owner From Sharks
  130. US Headlines: 75 CDC staff possibly exposed to Anthrax
  131. Internet: Felon Preyed on by Women of the internet
  132. Politics: NoKor Threatens War Over A Comedy Movie
  133. US Headlines: Bull Shark Found in Florida Pond
  134. US Headlines: Man Pulls Over Trooper for Alleged Speeding
  135. Global Headlines: Abandoned Mall Overtaken by Fish
  136. Global Headlines: Kitten Trapped in Spring Under Truck for 50 Terrifying Miles
  137. US Headlines: Fireworks Blasts Blows Man's Hands Off
  138. Science: on/off switch of consciousness discovered?
  139. Science: language of chimps partially deciphered!
  140. Global Headlines: Panama Canal 2: Nicaragua
  141. Science: Man Forms Star-Shaped Cataracts Following Electric Shock
  142. Politics: Israel's Invasion of Gaza, Likely
  143. Global Headlines: Australia Shark 'Chokes on Sea Lion'
  144. Global Headlines: World Marks Nelson Mandela International Day
  145. Global Headlines: Cyclist who Cheated Death Twice After Switching Tickets on Doomed Malaysian Flights
  146. Global Headlines: North Korea Threatens Nuclear Strike on White House
  147. Global Headlines: World War I Centennial
  148. Global Headlines: 300 Kids From Around The World Attending Summer Camp In North Korea
  149. Global Headlines: Powerful Gas Explosions in Taiwan Kill 22, Injure 270
  150. US Headlines: Strange, Blue Sea Creatures Wash Up on the West Coast
  151. US Headlines: Woman Told not to Pet a Lion... Could Guess what Happened Next
  152. US Headlines: Baby "Geep" Born
  153. US Headlines: US Doctor with Ebola in Atlanta for Treatment
  154. US Headlines: Bear Spotted Walking on Hind Legs
  155. US Headlines: NASCAR driver Tony Stewart hits driver incident
  156. US Headlines: Robin Williams dead at 63
  157. Global Headlines: Japan's Resident Evil Attraction Re-Opens
  158. Global Headlines: Amazon's Biggest Fish Faces Threat of Extinction
  159. US Headlines: 25-ft Rare Shark Seen in Puget Sound
  160. Global Headlines: Little Girl Survives 11 Day in Siberian Forest
  161. US Headlines: Do you guys knows what's happening in Ferguson right now?
  162. Global Headlines: Half of Germans unaware of when Berlin Wall built: survey
  163. Global Headlines: Customer buys 23 Burger King pies to spite snotty kid
  164. US Headlines: 'Streamers': California solar power plant scorches birds in mid-air
  165. Internet: Purge rumors spread like wildfire
  166. Science: university of Florida professor participating in ama about GMO crops on reddit
  167. 6.0 Magnitude California Earthquake
  168. Global Headlines: Britain Is Poorer Than Any US State: Yes, Even Mississippi
  169. Shooting intructor killed
  170. Global Headlines: 'Russian troops deployed' in Ukraine - Poroshenko
  171. US Headlines: Pit Bull Saves Boy from Bees
  172. Global Headlines: Boy Can't Hear His Cartoons; Cuts High-Rise Worker's Safety Rope
  173. Malaysian women offer their bodies to ISIS militants in 'sexual jihad'
  174. Internet: Massive leak of celebrity nudes. (Jennfier Lawrence, Ariana Grande, etc.)
  175. Global Headlines: Isis
  176. Global Headlines: "How I solved the mystery of Jack the Ripper"
  177. Global Headlines: Scotland Rejects Independence from UK
  178. Global Headlines: Airstrikes Commence in Syria
  179. Technology: Nintendo Turns 125
  180. US Headlines: Good News Money Health Life and Style Entertainment Recipes GMA Live GMA Insider Goo
  181. US Headlines: Students Protest Proposed History Curriculum
  182. US Headlines: New Mexico Police Catch Mysterious Ghostly Intruder on Camera
  183. Global Headlines: Rare White Orca Spotted off Russian Coast
  184. Global Headlines: Japan's Mt. Ontake Volcanic Eruption
  185. Global Headlines: Hong Kong Protests
  186. Global Headlines: Dry Humor: Too Much Water Doesn't Damp Germans's Thrifty Habits
  187. US Headlines: California Becomes First State to Ban Plastic Bags
  188. US Headlines: Texas Patient Confirmed as First Ebola Case Diagnosed in the US
  189. Technology: 3 Year Old Boy Born without Fingers Gets a New Awesome Hand
  190. Politics: ISIS to Open a Consulate in Istanbul?
  191. Global Headlines: Woman Gives Birth to Lizard, is Accused of Witchcraft
  192. Global Headlines: Has Kim Jung-Un Lost Control of North Korea
  193. Global Headlines: Eid-Kabir
  194. Science: Cannabis Study by Expert Demolishes Claims That Smoking Pot is Harmless
  195. Global Headlines: Ebola Zombies
  196. Global Headlines: Most Powerful Storm this Year Heads for Japan
  197. Science: Antarctic Ice Reaches New Record Maximum
  198. US Headlines: Hazmat crews board US Airways flight after flier's Ebola joke
  199. Technology: Red Bull Settles Lawsuit for $13 Million Because It Actually Doesn't Give you Wings
  200. Science: Siberia craters cause: Massive holes in Russia 'linked to Bermuda Triangle'
  201. US Headlines: Plumpest pumpkin: 2,058-pound gourd sets record
  202. US Headlines: Mysterious clowns roaming Wasco Calif.
  203. Science: Rare Footage of Humpback Whale Sleeping
  204. Global Headlines: Giant 50ft Crab
  205. US Headlines: Top Secret Plane Lands on California Coast
  206. US Headlines: Red Bull awards $13m to its customers for not giving them wings
  207. Internet: Internet trolls could possibly face jail time
  208. Global Headlines: Ottawa Shooting
  209. Science: Ebola Plush Toy
  210. Global Headlines: Orbital Sciences Rocket Explodes after Launch to ISS at NASA Spaceport
  211. Global Headlines: Ebola Patient Zero Identified
  212. Science: Amelia Earhart Plane Fragment Identified
  213. Science: Freaked Out Fish Grind Their Teeth and Produce Odd Noise
  214. US Headlines: California Announces Quarantine Guidelines
  215. US Headlines: Trick-or-Treating Teen Girls Killed in California Hit and Run
  216. US Headlines: Kentucky Teacher Resigns Amid Parents' Ebola Fears
  217. US Headlines: More foolish laws from pitiful mongrels
  218. Politics: Republicans Take Over US Senate
  219. US Headlines: Oregon and Washington DC on Pot
  220. READ ME North Korea 1st To Land Man on the Sun
  221. US Headlines: Stark Photos of California's Devastating Drought
  222. Two Americans Freed from North Korea
  223. Global Headlines: Probe Lands on Comet
  224. Global Headlines: World's Tallest Man Meets World's Shortest Man
  225. Science: Harvard and Australian University Scientist Discover Possible Age Reversal Key
  226. Politics: GOP Plans Pushback on Obama's Immigration Plan
  227. Global Headlines: Japan in shock recession as sales tax strangles growth
  228. Global Headlines: Chinese Medics in Liberia to Help Fight Ebola
  229. US Headlines: Dog Hitches Ride on Ambulance
  230. Politics: Administration ‘erroneously’ overcounted Obamacare enrollees
  231. US Headlines: Mother calls 911 on Masturbating son; new self-rape law
  232. US Headlines: Teacher facing charges dragging 14 year old student in pool
  233. US Headlines: Officer Wilson Not Indicted
  234. US Headlines: Family Dog Credited with Saving Lives During Road Rage Shooting
  235. US Headlines: Woman Bites Down On $3,000 Purple Pearl in Clam Shell
  236. US Headlines: Eric Garner's Death From Cop Chokehold
  237. Global Headlines: It’s official: America is now No. 2
  238. Politics: New Republic cuts print schedule as editors leave
  239. US Headlines: US creates more jobs in 2014 than any year since 1999
  240. Internet: Cops
  241. US Headlines: Three Wounded After Shooting Outside High School in Portland
  242. Global Headlines: Pope Francis Says Dogs Can Go to Heaven
  243. Global Headlines: Sydney Siege
  244. Global Headlines: Hackers Reply to Sony: "Data Will Be Safe if You Comply"
  245. US Headlines: 2 NYPD cops killed
  246. Global Headlines: Seven Bosnian Schoolgirls Aged 13 and 14 Fall Pregnant on Class Trip
  247. Missing AirAsia Jet
  248. Global Headlines: Transgender teen struck and killed on Ohio interstate in apparent suicide
  249. Science: Most Cancers Caused by Bad Luck, Not Genes or Lifestyle
  250. Global Headlines: 12 Dead in Paris Massacre