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  1. sakura or hinata
  2. A channel for japanese anime on tv for all the tenage fans
  3. do you like the new naruto games there making why or why not
  4. Sasori vs. Deidara
  5. Who would win? Gaara vs Might Guy!!!
  6. Neji vs. Rock Lee
  7. Deidara vs. Itachi
  8. Kiba Inuzuka vs. Shino Aburame
  9. Ultimate showdown: Pain&his hencmen vs. all of the hokages.
  10. ending of naruto series
  11. If you were a chracter from naruto........
  12. hilarious hinata fainting moments
  13. naruto's kid
  14. kakashi
  15. Naruhina!!! chat about your favorite couple!!
  16. if u made your own ninja from naruto what will he be like
  17. Who would win, Team 7 or Hawk?
  19. better summonig jutsu
  20. Your awesomely new jutsu
  21. guren
  22. Sakura's hair
  24. Sakura's Hair Poll
  25. if jiraiya invites u to a date......
  27. Join The Village Hidden in The Lightning
  28. The Hanizuki Clan
  29. Naruto Hidden Villages Clan
  30. Join village hidden in the Dark
  31. what band do you like
  32. who has ever cosplayed
  34. Hinata is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet? AGREED?
  35. Unified village
  36. Anko
  37. sasukes hair...... theory....(read my post first)..
  38. Ally me!
  39. Naruto's seal
  40. do any body like puppet users
  41. do you love sasuke then post here!!!
  42. Go Here If Ur Bored And Post Anything
  43. naruto vs neji
  44. Ino vs. Sakura
  45. Kakashi or Guy?
  46. The Worst Character
  47. Who Do You Like More Short or LongHaired Sakura?
  48. Orochimaru,"I will make you strong, come with me!"
  49. does sasuke deserves to be forgiven by hidden leaf village?
  50. sasuke and sauce are very familiar words!!
  51. Project Naruto
  52. If you were Sasuke...
  53. Mangekyou Sharingan
  54. who knew about the AKATSUKI ?can you guys tell me about that
  55. Happy Birthday, Sakura!
  56. who is your favorite character
  57. Your favorite jutsu?
  58. What's your favorite Hidden Villige?
  59. Favorite Eye Jutsu
  60. 7 Swords of the mist village
  61. Sakura: part 1 vs part 2
  62. if you could make up your own jutsu what would it be called
  63. Which character do you want to see more of?
  64. Swordsman of the Mist: Who are all of them?
  65. If you could have a weapon form NARUTO...
  66. Who is your favorite Naruto girl?
  67. Favorite Naruto Couples?
  68. Favorite Akatsuki Member or Duo?
  69. Naruto or Orochimaru?
  70. sakura 18
  71. which nation will u like to visit?
  72. So what's Sora Called? (Minor Spoiler)
  73. What Fight Would You Like to See?
  74. Zabuza... we know so little... *SPOILER*
  75. is there a actual green beast naruto?
  76. Favorite summoning animal???
  77. The sand sibllings weapons
  78. Naruto needs some respect what do you think (some spoilers)
  79. Which Naruto Character Has It Bad? *SPOILERS*
  80. Who is your perfect match?
  81. The People vs Sasuke
  82. Favorite Hokage
  83. strongest jutsu in naruto
  84. Who is your fav Atkuski Member and naruto character
  85. Who would you hang out with???
  86. If you could have any jutsu...(contains spoilers)
  87. who is your fav naruto guy?
  88. Saaska
  89. what naruto or akatsuki character would you like to date,why
  90. what naruto girl do you hate???
  91. Cutest/Hottest Naruto Character?
  92. I can't be the only Tayuya fan here, right?
  93. If you could make one filler jutsu, character and battle...
  94. Naruto For President
  95. Whats your fav clan
  96. Who do you think is the worst character ...
  97. what naruto boy do you hate?
  98. ----spoiler----- do you think kakashi is going to die?
  99. Which Akatsuki Member Do You Like Best?
  100. If the Show wasn`t Named or about Naruto, then who?
  101. which blood limit is your favorite?
  102. If Naruto had a sibling what would be their gender and name?
  103. ---SPOILERS--- About Kakashi
  104. what jutsu is next
  105. naruto x hinata
  106. Naruto shippuden Final Villain
  107. byakugan v.s. sharingan
  108. chidori v.s. rasengan
  109. fav akatski team
  110. sakura or hinata
  111. If you could swap places with someone...
  112. *******SPOILERS*******Madara
  113. If you could change Naruto Uzumaki
  114. which is better
  115. the better couple
  116. better summonig jutsu
  117. Who is the coolest girl character in the Naruto series?
  118. rasengan or chidori?
  119. hilarious hinata fainting moments
  120. Which Naruto guy's birthday is the closest to your own?
  121. How can you people like Sasuke? possible spoilers.
  122. Do you want to be a Naruto character?
  123. how many of you are fond of this?
  124. Should Sasuke return to Konoha?
  125. Sasuke
  126. Naruto the missin years,,,
  127. COUPLES
  129. Which characters do you want to see fight the most?
  130. Any Gaara fangirls here?
  131. Who is your favorite person in naruto who has died?
  132. fav. jutsu
  133. Are you a Pain/Nagato fan?
  134. Which Naruto girl character's birthday is closest to your's.
  135. Who is cooler Hinata or Sakura?
  136. fav form ****some spolilers****
  137. Names of Hidden Villages Challenge
  138. sakura is orochimarus dauter
  139. If you could be on one team, which one would it be?
  140. Sound Village Question - Orochimaru's Rank? *SPOILER*
  141. Do You Think Any Naruto Girls Are Hot And Who?
  142. How Does Orochimaru's Immortality Work? *SPOILER*
  143. *SPOILER ALERT* Kakashi?
  144. Which Village Would You Be Kage Of?
  145. Combined characters and jutsu
  146. Rise of a Ninja
  147. Favorite naruto movie and why plz!
  148. What if Everyone Just... Chilled?
  149. I want to see more of sakura :) **one SPOILER** warning
  150. The Five Great Shinobi Villages
  152. If You had to be Stuck in a Hot Spring with One Character...
  153. what would happen *******spoiler*********
  154. Sora, cool or fool?
  155. Naruto Character's Theme's
  156. Deidara's height and weight
  157. what character should have there own series
  158. If you could have any summoning creature, what would it be?
  162. Hokage Kazekage?
  164. Naruto shippuden V.S. Sasuke shippuden
  165. If you could create your own, unique naruto character, what
  166. Evil vs.Good
  167. Favorite Team 7/Team Kakashi Character
  168. What is your favorite move with any character?
  169. orochimaru or itachi
  170. wow
  171. Which are better, kunai or shuriken?
  172. Naruto Shippuden Manga, Anime, and Games
  173. What ur fav jutsu move in the whole Naruto series?
  174. do you want to see pein & the mystery girl with him more
  175. Favorite Jutsu from Naruto
  176. What's your favorite character form
  177. Whats the coolest weapon on naruto?
  178. Which Character do you look like the Most?
  179. What Shippuden Character Has the Best New Look
  180. Who's your favorite ninja animal
  181. Make up a justu
  182. do you share a birthday with anyone from naruto??
  184. what is the name of the intro song of epp. 72
  185. akautski talk
  186. Season after Naruto Shippuden?
  187. Will Naruto become Hokage? *SPOILERS*
  188. What about Naruto caught your eye?
  189. Sasuke.
  190. what naruto character is you're favorite?
  191. Couples
  192. Leaf Village Battle: The Ultimate Kunoichi
  194. TOBI AND DEIDARA!?!?!
  195. Gaara Like Cookies?
  196. What's your favorite Jutsu?
  197. Choosing the teams
  198. Why do people call Gaara Panda-chan?
  199. Who should have died or live and why?
  200. If Naruto characters had cells who's would you want?
  201. animal i have become
  202. *****SPOILER***** Uchiha Madara
  203. what is your favorite puppet jutsu
  204. If You Were Locked In A Closet With A Naruto or Akatsuki C..
  205. Will Naruto end up killing Sasuke?
  206. If you were captured by the Leaf and you were an enemy...
  207. Fave Akatsuki member
  208. Sasuke
  209. Sasuke coming back
  210. Sasuke and Sakura???
  211. NaruSaku or SasuSaku???
  212. Create a Jutsu Style
  213. Who the heck is Tobi anyway?
  214. FAVORITE JUTSU may contain SPOILERS
  215. what songs would they listen to
  216. fire wind lighting water crystal
  217. If u had to chose the folowing weapons wich would b ur fav
  218. Rasengan Or Chidori (NARUTO AND SASUKE)
  219. Rasengan or Chidori which is better?
  220. Neji Fans
  221. Favorite Jonin
  222. Elemental hand signs?
  223. Who is Tobi(me)?
  224. Anbu
  225. what happend to gaaras eyebrows
  226. Clans Discussion
  227. What Naruto girl do you hate?
  228. Do you think Naruto will become Hokage?
  230. Sasuke and Karin
  231. Does this sound lioke a good new jutsu
  232. If you could create a chracter, who would it be
  233. What Leaf ninja is your favorite?
  234. who would make a better couple with sakura: naruto or sasuke
  235. if kimmimaro didnt die he wouldeve never been stopped
  236. favorite style
  237. Justus which do you like/hate?
  238. Pain's Powers and abilities????
  239. which naruto villains do you like?
  240. naruto's sharingan
  241. Who do you think Naruto will marry? Sakura, Ino,or Hinata
  242. If you were a chracter from naruto........
  243. which character's dress do you like the most?
  244. orochimaru = fish
  245. how did kakashi get the shadinggon
  246. Who's stronger, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th Hokage?
  247. whats your favorite chackra nature
  248. what animal Kakashi would be?
  249. What is your favorite and best Naruto opening and ending?
  250. What is your favorite NARUTO SHIPPUDEN opening and ending?