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  1. Do you like Sai?
  2. If Naruto and Sakura fall in love.
  3. Anko.
  4. Naruto's gonna have some female problems(Spoilers)
  5. Who would make the best death? Good guys!
  6. Konohamaru...The Future Rogue....
  7. who is the funniest character in naruto shippden?
  8. Kakashi and Rin... a history!? 0:
  9. what battle was dope?
  10. Confirmation of Orochimaru's Sexual Pervertedness
  11. the Sakura/Ino rivalry: Does it still exist?
  12. Danzo
  13. Tired of Pairing Wars?
  14. why do u like naruto shippden?
  15. Naruto the heart breaker?
  16. Shippuden Chaos
  17. Naruto "WWE" weapons in common
  18. NEJI or SHINO?
  19. ~NejiTen~
  20. .Tenten.
  21. Who is hotter? Naruto or Sasuke
  22. in a redo of the chunnin exams with every knowing their new jutsu who wouldve won
  23. who wuld win Tournament
  24. sakura vs hinata
  25. A dinner with Hinata
  26. anbu vs the akatsuki
  27. should shikamaru and choji not be freinds? what would happen if they werent friends?
  28. Saku-cho! together! what would happen?
  29. Which girl has a strong love for Naruto?
  30. How to kill Danzo...
  31. Fights i wanna see
  32. Deidara
  33. Sasuke name
  34. Sai. Will he get a girlfriend?
  36. naruto or sasuke
  37. SASUKE ? :) what do u like him the most :D
  38. If Sasori Is Not Dead , who will he be with ?
  39. NaruSaku or SasuSaku
  40. who's more better itachi or sasuke
  41. What is your favorite Jutsu?
  42. How to kill Sasuke...
  43. Tenten and Yuffie?
  44. Japanese Voices: Sakura and Tenten
  45. Who was Kurenai's real love?
  46. Did you think...
  47. i do not like sasuke
  48. Hinata
  49. Hidan Fangirl UNITE!!!
  50. Sasori and Deidara
  51. Most overlooked characters
  52. Will Kakashi find his dream girl?
  53. Would Naruto deal with a girl's cuddling?
  54. Who Do You Think Naruto Should End Up With?
  55. Will Hinata looklike Kushina?
  56. Who Would You Want To Be Hokage Besides Tsunade?
  57. Naruto's team never loses
  58. Sasuke Haters Unite!!!!!!!!!
  59. who is stronger gaara or kazekage gaara?
  60. narusaku fan!!!!!( no haters plz)
  61. the "everybody hates Danzo!" thread. come, ye danzo haters!!!!!
  62. The "I love Konan more than Chidori does" thread.
  63. I Love Temari!!!
  64. Sexiest
  65. NarutoXSakura Vs SasukeXSakura
  66. if u culd date anyone on Naruto who wuld it be
  67. Who Is Your Fave Character
  68. Namikaze Minato's real name (yondaime)..prediction..
  69. Choose best pairs
  70. A Gift for my V-Vee.
  71. Deidaras english dubbed voice
  72. What IF Karin Dies ? , WEPEE
  73. SaiNaru Or SasuSui
  74. Suigetsu X)
  75. Sasuke
  76. Who do u think is the strongest character?
  77. itachi vs sasuke again in shippeden
  78. who do you think could take over the entire sand and leaf village
  79. (uchiha clan talk)and who do you think the naruto series will be better of without
  80. Itachi
  81. what characters shoud and should not be in the new naruto games
  82. nike shoes jordan shoes t-shirt jormoo.com
  83. what naruto version is preferebley the best japenese or english version and voice ove
  84. everything naruto talk (jutsus everthing new and old)
  85. what character do you think can kill all of the naruto characters in one night
  86. sasuke,itachi,or tobi
  87. naruto role playing game
  88. should kagara and bando be real characters (from naruto clash of ninja revolution 2)
  89. Favorite Main Character?
  90. What do you like most about Kakashi?
  91. Jiraiya is here!
  92. the murder of sasuke
  93. Temari and who??
  94. kakashi's chidori or sasuke's chidori
  95. which would you prefer having ....
  96. Emoest character?
  97. you might find this intresting
  98. Favorite Sasuke Jutsu?
  99. Favorite Itachi Jutsu
  100. Who's in the yuri mood today?
  101. Which kunoihci would offer Naruto's hand in marriage?
  102. !NejiTen!
  103. Who deserves the spotlight?
  104. Jugo's nick name
  105. What is ur fave jutsu( on Naruto, Shippuden, or Manga)
  106. interesting characters
  107. Who should die first?
  108. [SPOILER] Wow...I have to say
  109. For Yuri fans(only)
  110. For Yuri fans(only)
  111. Neji Lovers?
  112. executioners blade or samehada?
  113. Why SaiIno will never happen
  114. Anti SasuSaku FC (Likers/bashers not tolerated)
  115. Chakra Nature Choices
  116. Sharingan or the Byakugan witch is powerful enough to take over all
  117. What's the best chakra element?
  118. Lets face it. Kakashi wasnt born to kill.
  119. Ino and who?
  120. What would be your Clan??
  121. Shikamaru and Temari a cutie couple?
  122. Neji and Tenten Cute Couple?
  123. Come here to find out past Kage's. The History of the Kages.
  124. Shikamaru and Temari a cutie couple?!?!?
  125. Which guy is right for Hinata?
  126. why didn't jiraya use sage mode?
  127. Gaara is fast.
  128. Naruto Meets Fandom
  129. Kabuto and Orochimaru (May contain spoilers)
  130. caution: please don't feed the wild Suigetsu XD
  131. Naruto shippuden chapter 458!!!!!!!!
  132. is Suigetsu Sai's "brother?"
  133. Shino Negi Shikamaru
  134. Question about Gaara
  135. The Seven hidden mist swordsmen
  136. Favorite Akatsuki Yaoi pairs!
  137. NaruHina CAN'T happen (NaruHina fans come here as well as NaruSaku)
  138. shippuden shikmaru VS Shippuden gaara
  139. narusaku might come true!!!
  140. Kinda Confuse?
  141. Oh...Em...Gee.......Danzo...And SakuNaru....?
  142. Who still likes SasuSaku and NaruHina?
  143. itachi
  144. my jutsu/attacks!!! *kekkei-genkai abilitys
  145. Which girl is right for Naruto?
  146. Would Neji accept Naruto if the latter marries Hinata?
  147. Which girl would use the Uzumaki surname if married?
  148. sai's english voiceover?
  149. Is Konan pretty with her flower or without?
  150. what do you think happened to kabuto?possible spoilers
  151. chojino? or shikatem? which one or both?
  152. Official: Obito Uchiha Fanclub
  153. Itachi:Love,Like,Or Hate Him?
  154. How old Is Pain?
  155. Which character do you want to be in show more?
  156. if u culd make up and use ur own specialty jutsu wat wuld it be?
  157. What is the most balanced Jutsu
  158. Rin ....
  159. NaruHina and KibaHina
  160. What if....
  161. CHaracter Egos: biggest and smallest
  162. sasori and deidara fanclub
  163. if you could make your own jutsu/summon what would they be?
  164. Biggest Sasuke Fan GIRl
  165. Sakura
  166. Ino or Sakura
  167. kiba and....
  168. crack couples or regular couples??
  169. Naruto and Hinata's Baby
  170. Which Naruto's love interest would have kids with him?
  171. SPOILERS: Anyone like MinaKush?
  172. What's with Tonton?
  173. "what if" by another person
  174. MinaKush or KurenAsuma
  175. Chakra Sensing Abilities!
  176. The Greatest Ever!!! Contest.
  177. Tobi Is A Good Boy!
  178. Please defend Sasuke
  179. Everything about Rin. *possible spoiler?*
  180. what's your top jutsu from lee!
  181. bored? talk here
  182. Happy Birthday, Tsunade
  183. Sasuke (Warning:Spoilers Here)
  184. can anyone tell me what so great about diedara?
  185. What made the akatsuki soo scary before practicly everyone died
  186. Sakura's varuios couples
  187. I'm a wuss!!! Possible spoiler about Jiraiya
  188. Who Is Your Favorite Character?
  189. Who's your favorite Akatsuki member[s]?
  190. Have you ever wished to be in the Naruto World?
  191. Would you join the Akatsuki?
  192. SasuSaku Still Has The Upperhand by Katy Waldorf on manga fox ♥
  193. Character Vote!!
  194. Will Naruto understand girls?
  195. I believe I figured out who danzo really is!!! (spoiler)
  196. Describe Danzo in one word.
  197. Will Naruto/Hinata look like Minato/Kushina?
  198. Shikamaru's views
  199. Favorite couples!
  200. Itachi + Konan
  201. Who should Lee be with?
  202. Tailed beasts what r they
  203. Was Orochimaru stupid or what ?
  204. Obito is DEAD!
  205. ANTI-MATSUxGAA club ( if you like them don't enter!!)
  206. Can Sakura summon Slugs
  207. i finally figured it out!!
  208. How did Danzo become Hokage?
  209. What if the Naruto Character were real?
  210. Who's Your Fave Pairing
  211. Who's Your Fave Pairing
  212. who is tobi ?obito or madara
  213. who has coolest hair
  214. why dont they make they make kakashi the new hokage?
  215. ever think this
  216. About Itachi (spoiler if ya don't read manga)
  217. Its your last chance!!!
  218. Character that everyone likes?
  219. Naruto and Konan?
  220. Will Shino get a girlfriend?
  221. Choji and Shikamaru
  222. Will Hiashi accept Naruto?
  223. SASUKE IS GOOD....but not that good
  224. Guess who Danzo and Madara are? Not Obito!!!
  225. EMS VS rinnigan
  226. does anybody have a similiar life like the naruto characters?
  227. if u were saskue would u ...??hehehehe
  228. who is the cutest couple
  229. kabuchimaru:seriously creepy or totally awesome?
  230. Keep Your Own theory To Your Self..PLZ
  231. sasuke awsome or not
  232. things that make naruto shippuden more cool.
  233. Anyone like SasuIno a little?
  234. Kisame
  235. the 4th mizukage
  236. This Is The Uchiha Guide.
  237. do you think sasuke gonna be friend with naruto again?
  238. What is that jutsu
  239. Danzo or Tsunade
  240. kankuro (hot or not)
  241. What happens if any of main Leaf kunoichi were to be exiled?
  242. Do you think Kisame knew....*Spoiler*
  243. Ino!!
  244. Are you in favor of Naruto/Hinata?
  245. Guy or Kakashi
  246. Does Danzo remind you of a certain dictator?
  247. Favorite Season theme song?
  248. why does deidara say un after everything???
  249. SasuSaku children
  250. Do you think......