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  1. Who do you think spends the most time training?
  2. Who's stronger Lee or Sakura
  3. Karin in 115
  4. Karin
  5. Temari or Kiba?
  6. Madara or Danzo?
  7. Sai vs. Sasuke or Sai vs. Danzo?
  8. Will Hinata and Naruto get married?
  9. Does anyone else see that...
  10. About Sasuke...*maybe some spoilers*
  11. which clan wud u choose?
  12. a New HInata avatar
  13. What Naruto needs not to screw up on his first date?
  14. Who thinks that Sakura belongs with Rock Lee?
  15. Who thinks that Ino goes with Sasuke? Not a SasuIno fan don't comment!
  16. Guy and Lee
  17. NaruSaku or LeeSaku
  18. Rock Lee vs Neji Hyuga
  19. Sakura VS Ino
  20. Who's a.... NARUHINA fan!!!!! Discuss how you feel about them!!
  21. Who likes the Hidden Leaves Villiage's handsome young devil: *Rock Lee*^^
  22. Danzo HATERS READ!
  23. Is Zetsu really a cannibal?
  24. Who thinks Sakura is sexy?
  25. who's cute or uncute
  26. Which Characters Do You Consider "Awesome?"
  27. What Character Do You Look Most Like?
  28. what's the deal with haku and zabuza
  29. Danzo Appreciation Thread
  30. best rasengan user
  31. Chobits or DearS
  32. Lee and Sakura together
  33. What are your favorite love triangles and squares?
  34. Who loves Haku-kun and wishes he didn't die?:(
  35. Deidara's eye?
  36. What do you think of the Sand ninja?
  37. Who would you be affliated with?
  38. which character would you like to have as a brother or sister??
  39. How sexy is Konan? (Boys only)
  40. Who Do You Think Should Date Sasori?
  41. Do You Think Hinata Should Tell Naruto That She likes him?
  42. Which Sasuke costume is your favorite?
  43. My Character Theme Songs (Post Yours!!)
  44. What Would You Do If Naruto or Kiba Pulled a Prank On You?
  45. Which Pain Summons Do You Like Best?
  46. What do you think of the Hyuga family?
  47. Danzo
  48. Who's the hottest guys? Akatsuki
  49. naruto
  50. What are your fav episodes from the original NARUTO?
  51. The Best Naruto Movie
  52. The Best Naruto Movie
  53. Best Rock Lee fight
  54. Who's hotter: Sasuke or Itachi
  55. Chakra Elements
  56. Konoha animal ninja
  57. Whos your favorite akatsuki member?
  58. which naruto character would you fight
  59. Sai (May contain spoliers)
  60. Favorite Kohana Ninja Team
  61. wat will happen with naruto and hinata??? *spoiler*
  62. Why do people hate Karin?
  63. who is your favorite character,Why?
  64. Contest! tell everything you know about hinata past presesnt and future.!
  65. Whos the hottest character on the show?
  66. village hidden in the chaos
  67. Which village Zetsu hails from?
  68. Will Madara (Tobi) attack the Leaf Village?
  69. Who'll be Naruto's first love?
  70. If u were about to die and could call on on squad for help which one
  71. Favorite Naruto couple
  72. Which Characters Scare Little Kids?
  73. Do you think Naruto and Hinata will get together?
  74. uchihaclan
  75. Which is the koolest naruto weapon
  76. Who Would Most Likely Have A Tooth Gap in Naruto?
  77. What's You're Favorite Sakura Episode?
  78. naruhina or shikamari
  79. strongest summon
  80. whats your favorite jutsu test
  81. Favorite member of Hawk(Taka)
  82. favorite orochimaru follower
  83. Favorite sannin summon?
  84. Official: Suigetsu Fan Club
  85. If u had sage powers what would they b of and y?
  86. Where Konan is from?
  87. The Official KonanxItachi Fanclub!
  88. Would Naruto be mad if you were to exile Hinata?
  89. Shikamaru/Temari possible love
  90. who loves sasuke but hates that ugly pig karin!
  91. If Naruto Was Real
  92. Which charcter has the coolest hair color?
  93. Sasusaku Children
  94. Character's look alike???
  95. Happy birthday, Neji
  96. The 4th Hokage
  97. Does Gaara have a chance with a girl?
  98. Which village would you wage war on?
  99. another "what if"
  100. Will Sakura ever have a boyfirend?
  101. New seven swordsman
  102. Favourite Kage
  103. Guesses About The New Characters
  104. Tsunade VS The New Mizukage
  105. The New Mizukage fanclub
  106. a rock or Danzo
  107. What if naruto was never invented????
  108. Will NaruHina Come true?
  109. What's your Favorite Village?..
  110. what is the best characters weapon?
  111. Hanabi or Ino?
  112. If you could name any naruto character a color and a dress
  113. What if the akatsuki were the main characters of naruto?
  114. What is your Favorite Jutsu?
  115. What is your Favorite Weapon?
  116. What is your Favorite Summon?
  117. who's the freakiest akatsuki member?
  118. what you think about the akatsuki
  119. Will Lee ever get a girlfriend?
  120. Who thinks Sakura should have kept her shy personality she had when she was little?
  121. Who should be Tenten's bff?
  122. NejiTen or LeeTen
  123. Which Akatsuki member do you favor?
  124. LeeTen or LeeSaku
  125. Has anyone actually had a GF/BF in Naruto?
  126. whats a bingo book?
  127. Do you think Tsuande will ever recover?
  128. Akatsuki members.
  129. which two characters would u like to see fight in the series??
  130. Quick question on Orochimaru
  131. Shikamari or ShikaIno
  132. Gaara/Matsu
  133. Who else is a NaruHina fan?
  134. Naru/Hina Manga
  135. Who looks the most Japanese?
  136. Favorite Blonde-Haired Character
  137. Worst Hair
  138. Who makes the most epic fails?
  139. Favorite Ninja Dog?
  140. Kisame Hoshigaki
  141. Character Riddle 2
  142. Is there any Sasodei fans out there????
  143. shiho.... who is she?????May contain spoilers!
  144. Which is better? A Punch or a Kick?
  145. KibIno fanclub(no haters)
  146. Gaara needs love too you know!!!
  147. Arrange The Konoha 9
  148. what Naruto or Naruto Shippuden character do you wish was real
  149. Hinata
  150. Favorite Red-Haired Character?
  151. Who wears blue the best?
  152. What if being a ninja was real?
  153. Who's the real leader of the Akatsuki?
  154. Who do you send if Naruto were taken hostage?
  155. Will Sakura fall in love?
  156. Kakashi's mentoring ability?
  157. Lord Orochimaru :3
  158. Will NejiTen come true?
  159. Unecessary characters
  160. Official: Madara うちは Fan Club
  161. Itachi's true strength
  162. sasusaku fanclub (don't like don't enter)
  163. ~The LeeSakuClub~
  164. Happy birthday, Kiba
  165. The Elemental Clan
  166. Will it happen? Hinata and Naruto
  167. will naruto and sakura hit it off, or hinata?
  168. Just who is the ultimate Naruto character?
  169. Most Humorous character
  170. Leesaku Children?
  171. What clan would you be in, and what one would be your rival?
  172. what jutsu emmbed weapon would you make. Describe please.
  173. Will the Akatsuki allow Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man as member?
  174. People who belong to a village
  175. want to know
  176. Naruto's Inner Circle
  177. Do you like Sai?
  178. Will Shikamaru get a girlfriend soon?
  179. Which character would be your worst rival?
  180. Cracktastic Crack Couples~
  181. sasukes Sharingan ?
  182. *Spoiler* DANZO!!!!!!!!
  183. If you were a naruto character.
  184. mangekyo sharingan's ability?
  185. What will you do when pakkun is right behind you
  186. The ultimate ninja
  187. Which character do you like best?
  188. what about gaara's powers?
  189. Which character do you like the best? 2
  190. Which character do you don't like?
  191. Kisame Sword
  192. Which kunoichi as model you want to draw?
  193. Pick a Naruto regular to travel with you
  194. if you had chakra what jutsu will you make
  195. Orochimaru? Nagato? or Madara? THE COOLEST NARUTO VILLAIN!
  196. Could it be? BlackChidori's 2nd Official Naruto Trivia Contest?
  197. Do You Like Suigetsu or Sasuke,Tell Me Why
  198. Your version of the Rasengan
  199. SasuSaku or SasuKari
  200. Anti-NaruSaku Argument/Rant
  201. Will SakuSasu come true?
  202. Plz Let Me Know What You Think
  203. Favorite Jinchuriki?
  204. Favorite Biju?
  205. Who likes Yamato?
  206. Best Kakashi Pairing
  207. Would you overthrow Danzo as Hokage?
  208. [SPOILER] Um...wow...Danzo
  209. Deidara's Village
  210. SPOILER Mystery Party
  211. Zetsu's true power!!! *#**SPOILERS!!**#*
  212. Mystery characters
  213. Unknown/mysterious characters? Possible spoilers!
  214. Sasuke singing
  215. elemental jutsu!!
  216. Which Naruto character is moe?
  217. Will NaruHina come true?
  218. Who's The Strongest Charecter In Naruto?
  219. Rin, Sakura,Ino,or Hinata?
  220. SasuHina? SasuSaku? NaruSaku? NaruHina?
  221. Favorite Naruto Character?
  222. which naruto guy would you date?
  223. Best Kakashi fight.
  224. 5 word chat
  225. KibaIno?
  226. Is danzo madara!? Or maybe obito!!!!!!!!!!!
  227. Who should Shikamaru be with?
  228. what do you think is a better catch frase for naruto?
  229. Least Favorite Ninja Village
  230. Minato and Naruto
  231. Can Siugetsu Do Water style?
  232. Official: Zetsu Fan Club
  233. Who likes this couple?
  234. Should sasuke die?
  235. Favorite Unlikely or impossible couples?
  236. OroHina?
  237. Bridget Jone's SPOILER!!! (about Danzo)
  238. KakashixRin
  239. a rock,The Rock,or Danzo
  240. is sasuke, naruto & sakura younger versions of orochimaru, jiraya & tsunade?
  241. kabuto & orochimaru****spoiler****
  242. Custom Weapons?
  243. Is Sasuke related to Madara (Tobi)?
  244. Will Hinata consider Naruto as her boyfriend?
  245. SuigetsuxKarin
  246. ideas on sakura and naruto
  247. ideas on naruto and hinata
  248. ideas on sakura and sasuke
  249. hottest naruto girl shippuuden and original
  250. Who Do You Like Better: Danzo or Karin?