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  1. Ultimate fan of naruto!!!!
  2. Happy birthday, Itachi!
  3. Byakugan Powers
  4. If you could make a doujutsu
  5. Rasengan
  6. The kohohamaru 3 ( some spoilers)
  7. Kurenai's birthday!
  8. ?Question?
  9. Who supports this theory? (NOT Tobi is Madara.)
  10. Naruto Trivia Challenge
  11. If you could combine any two naruto characters together who would u combine?
  12. Who would Tobi/Madara best go with?
  13. I know how to defeat Tobi!
  14. if kakashi had blonde and big hair....
  15. Sakura vs. Ino(Yo Momma style)
  16. Naruto and Sakura?
  17. Which one is better:Sexy Jutsu or Harem Jutsu?
  18. Forum Family
  19. One character you never want to get on their bad side.
  20. do u think guren
  21. What would you do if Naruto came to your house and needed your help?
  22. for people who love neji...
  23. Best Puppet Technique?
  24. Bingo Book
  25. Your Bingo Book
  26. Where Are Sakura's Parents?!
  27. Mrs. Uzumaki
  28. Sasusaku Fans and non Sasusaku fans Alike
  29. Orochimaru, love or Hate him
  30. For the ROCK LEE lovers! :)
  31. Is it possible for Sakura to have romantic feelings for both Naruto & Sasuke?
  32. Naruto stupid or color blind?
  33. Naruto=Sonic Rip-Off
  34. Asada Hiruka's Iruka Truth
  35. Asada Hiruka's Hinata Truth
  36. Your favorite Pain Path?
  37. Levels of Naruto Obsession.
  38. which character's dress would look BEST on you??
  39. which naruto character do u look like the most?
  40. I wonder what Itachi looks like when...
  41. Who is the best Naruto couple?
  42. Who is the hottes(girl or boy) on Naruto
  43. Latent "Bananas" Characters In Naruto
  44. ROCK LEE or SHINO?
  45. Best Summoning?
  46. If Sakura made out with you?(Boys only)
  47. (Girls only) If Rock lee kissed you and you loved it
  48. Naruto Shippuden Character Hair Color. :D
  49. FAVORITE RASENGAN EPISODE (may contain spoilers)
  50. uzumaki clan??(may contain spoilers)
  51. Who Do you Hate more Danzo or Sasuke?
  52. NaruSaku,NaruIno,NaruHina or NaruSasu (do you think this has spoilers??)
  53. What character are you most afraid of?
  54. favorite character
  55. Which Character do you think you look like?
  56. Was Orochimaru Cheated
  57. Kiba's mom's dog.
  58. Don't u think there should be an m.o.p. book?
  59. Question?
  60. Deidara and Tobi
  61. Would you watch if Naruto and Hinata fell in love?
  62. Happy Birthday Kimimaro !!
  63. who would win Itachi or Neji?
  64. in wat episode did kiba get akamaru?
  65. The truth about Haku.
  66. Im Bored so random question what do evry1 think about narutos stupid sexy jutsu?
  67. What's up with Tobi?
  68. Gaara... love...?
  69. DeidaraFanGirls:UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!! (spoiler alert!)
  70. Extreme naruto rumors!
  71. What is the best revenge plan?
  72. is konan dating ......
  73. Emoliciousness.
  74. how would u feel to be animated?
  75. Naruto Uzumaki or Naruto Namikaze?
  76. Naruto - A Senju?
  77. 100!
  78. Sasuke in love with revenge
  79. Naruto Band
  80. Which akatsuki member is cutest (girls only srry guys)
  81. Official: Orochimaru Fan Club
  82. Peins First Full Anime Appearence
  83. What do you think the most powerful summoning is?
  84. Your Top 5 Most Hated Characters and People You Want To Kill
  85. Which naruto character is the evilest, prettiest, and strongest
  86. What do you think about Sakura?
  87. How Sexy do you think Sakura is?
  88. Hey Sexy Do You Think Konan Is?
  89. How Sexy do you think Anko is?
  90. How sexy do you think Kurenai is?
  91. How Sexy is Temari?
  92. How sexy is Shizune?
  93. How sexy is Tsunade?
  94. couples couples couples. give ur opinion of the best couples.
  95. How sexy is Ino?
  96. How sexy is Hinata?
  97. How sexy is TenTen?
  98. gaara
  99. i Wound gaara Mind
  100. How ugly do you think Sauce-gay (Sasuke) is?
  101. The Ultimate Art Competition!
  102. A ramen eating contest.
  103. Do you think Orochimaru will ever return?
  104. Has anyone seen this site's map?
  105. Official: Hiruzen Sarutobi Fan Club
  106. Can anyone beat Naruto SM?
  107. How sexy is Kakashi?
  108. How Sexy Do You think Karin Is?
  109. What's your OTP?
  110. do you like kakashi?
  111. What do you think of Kisame?
  112. Akatsuki ARENA!!!
  113. *FOR GIRLS* (even though im a guy)
  114. do u think everyone's name in the series is right 4 them
  115. The 4th a Gym Leader
  116. hi Areodesy one
  117. what is going now i
  118. how is you Forted caterer
  119. Random conversations about uchihas
  120. gaara vs naruto
  121. Hinata is a berry caned person
  122. Village Hidden in the Darkness
  123. Sora and_____
  124. Which jutsu would YOU learn. (only 1)
  125. Tsunade isn't a hemophobic!
  126. What about Kushina?
  127. Danzo's Throne.
  128. Truth or Dare?
  129. The Ultimate Danzo Hater
  130. The Ultimate Kakashi Lover
  131. Lightning Ninja
  132. What kind of kids Naruto and Hinata will have?
  133. InoCho or InoShika
  134. How Ugly Do You Think Karin is?
  135. NaruHaku
  136. Kakashi and Anko?
  137. What do you think happened to Yuukimaru and his friends?
  138. Which character would you be?
  139. Your own Naruto story
  140. Who is Zetsu.
  141. possible akatsuki dub voice actors
  142. Karin and Suigetsu? Cute couple?
  143. Who is the hottest girl on Naruto???
  144. Sasusaku/Naruhina vs Narusaku
  145. Official: Kisame Fan Club
  146. Who will Ino end up with and why?
  147. Which of the main characters do you think will kill Danzo?
  148. Is Yamato related to the 1st Hokage?
  149. Character Couplings Gone Bad!!!
  150. narusaku or naruhina
  151. witch akatsuki member is better
  152. Danzo Haters Fanclub
  153. Happy b-day Ukon and Sakon!!!
  154. Gaara after being revived?
  155. Where is hdan from?
  156. Official: Temari Fan Club
  157. Akatsuki discussion >.>
  158. Uzamaki
  159. which temari costume do you like better?
  160. I know im in the wrong place but how do u rank up here?
  161. rasengan vs rotation
  162. chidori blade vs the iron sand
  163. The death of Sasuke...??
  164. click here if you want to post was you want danzo to die
  165. Who's your favorite Anbu character?
  166. who would you rather have lead the akatsuki. Dead or alive won't matter
  167. village hidden in the flames
  168. Who would be the best sex-ed sensei? ***KEEP APPROPRIATE***
  169. If you met Sauske what would you ask him
  170. who is the most evil ninja
  171. Sasuke and Izuma
  172. who do you think will kill danzo
  173. Does anyone think that Konahomaru is gonna die?
  174. hows the hottest naruto character
  175. whos the cuttest naruto character
  176. Reanimation Jutsu
  177. Tsunade Vs Jiraiya who U think will win?
  178. *Spoilers* Gaara fans come here!!!
  179. which naruto character do you love
  180. who`s your favorite naruto character
  181. narusaku fanclub
  182. Dosent anyone like Danzo?
  183. Ways To Kill Karin
  184. Anyone out there for ItaSaku?
  185. How sexy is tsunade??
  186. Why does naruto have his mom's last name insted of his dad's???
  187. What is the strangest Yaoi and/or Yuri couple you ever heard of?
  188. Love and Friendship
  189. Official Itachi x Sakura Fanclub
  190. ebisu haters???
  191. Are Kisame and Suigetsu related?
  192. Danzo.....
  193. the medical ninja clan
  194. Tailed Beasts
  195. make-a-clan!
  196. fav aktsuki
  197. Sakura?
  198. make-a-summon monster!
  199. Shikamaru Fans
  200. Fav Village?
  201. who thinks kurenai is hot
  202. Best Coupling Songs
  203. Suigetsu and Shin related?
  204. Who are your most favorite characters
  205. what naruto character would you want to talk to?
  206. Orochimaru died today...
  207. sasuke is cool
  208. Final Episode Ideas
  209. If Konan was in your closet
  210. If Danzo becomes Hokage
  211. Sasuke team
  212. What happened to hidan's schyte
  213. Favorite female character
  214. Favorite enemy
  215. Hidan Vs 4Kids
  216. Who uses the most hair gel?
  217. Gaara is not weaker than Deidara
  218. Post New Jutsu
  219. Uchiha Clan vs. Senju Clan
  220. Who has the best eye color?
  221. Heroes are heroes, but everyone loves a good villain!
  222. Favorite Uchiha?
  223. Naruto or Sasuke
  224. Madara or Sasuke?
  225. Official: Itachi Uchiha Fan Club
  226. Naruto's Version of the Chidori Techniques for Rasengan
  227. 5 steps to kill danzo
  228. Will NaruSaku come true?
  229. The Akatsuki members-The greatest choices for best friend, rival, spouse, and sensei!
  230. pein in epp. 114
  231. Hottest naruto girl...
  232. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  233. desctructo ring vs sage tech rasen shurikin
  234. Character Them Songs
  235. Village Hidden in the Stones
  236. new chidori vs shukakus iron sheild
  237. awesome question
  238. who hates chikara..??
  239. The HidaXKona Fanclub!
  240. The SasXKar Fanclub!
  241. Fourth Hokage.
  242. Juugo x Kimimaru?
  243. Did Sasuke Have to Leave?
  244. Sasuke or Suigetsu?
  245. Which Pet is Better: TonTon or Akamaru?
  246. If you could change any character's hair color...
  247. Which is the best defensive jutsu in Naruto and Naruto Shippuden
  248. Naruto,Neji,Sasuke etc. Who would you rather fight
  249. If one of an akatsuki member changed sides who would it be
  250. Who has the best smile?