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  1. come here Sasuke fans!!!!!!
  2. Naruto Characters That Should be Included
  3. Akatsuki Talk
  4. what do you wish he would do?
  5. Naruto Music Videos
  6. Ino vs. Sakura
  7. Nejiten fanclub!
  8. picture
  9. tailed beasts
  10. puppet creations
  11. Naruto Mom and Dad
  12. The Truth Behind Madara
  13. The Life Of Obito
  14. what about chris sabat( vegeta) does the voice of hidan
  15. Fave Characters
  16. does naruto become...''spoiler''
  17. tobi - obito
  19. What is your faovite naruto mode?
  20. What is your favorite type of chakra?
  21. What do you think 5,7,and 8 talied naruto would look like?
  22. Character Roster
  23. what do you think the power of naruto is in sage/fox mode
  24. Free for all -kages battle
  25. What's with the zero tailed beast
  27. What would you do if Sakura came to your house?
  28. Naruto? A chick magnet?
  29. Elements
  30. What if Naruto could use this move in battle... (UBER)
  31. People who HATE Orochimaru!!!
  32. which village would you most likely want to be born in
  33. which character is your favorite
  34. what rank would you most likely want to be
  35. which tailed beast would you like to be
  36. which team would you like to be in
  37. who would you like to face in the chunin exam
  38. Naruto and Sakura or Naruto and Hinata?
  39. which shippuden episode is your favorite
  40. What would you do if you saw Orochimaru following you?
  41. Who do you hate the most?
  42. is hidan really inmortal?then why kakuzu said there is no
  43. Did anyone catch this?
  44. naruto shippudn episode 67
  45. Feel The Pain!!
  46. Who thinks Naruto is a noob?
  47. if the whole world was just like naruto what rank wud u b
  48. Which character do you want to have as a bf/gf
  49. If u were your favorite character
  50. Who do you think is uglier?
  51. If you met Orochimaru...
  52. Pain/Nagato
  53. Do you hate Sasuke or love him?
  54. Who with NaruHina?
  55. who is ur fav person in naruto?
  56. Who is your favorite Naruto couple?
  57. Kakashi
  58. WHO's you fav character
  59. Favorite hawk member
  60. Kakashi Question in the manga!!!!!!!!!
  61. is kakashi hatake better than itachi uchiha?
  62. sasuke becomes an akastuki (can't spell)
  63. If you switched places with Orochimaru...
  64. What character is your birthday cloest 2?
  65. What would you do if Kakashi came to your house?
  66. Naruto Idol
  67. Who Do You Like More Short or LongHaired Sakura?
  68. Interview with Naruto Uzumaki! (Minor Spoilers)
  69. would do be best to fight naruto
  70. tobi
  71. Anti-Orochimaru
  72. which hokage is the best
  73. If you think Tobi is Obito, click here.
  74. Somebody would be jealous if you dated and kissed Naruto
  75. First Kiss (peteiha nehetu)
  76. If the Akatsuki ruled the world
  77. Who is the best couples ever?
  78. why are all the great characters dying in this show
  79. Ino and Kiba together at the end of shippuden n.n
  80. Konan as art
  81. IS pein the 4th hokage? my bro wants to know.
  82. Tenten: Who Should she be WIth?
  83. Sai
  84. Manga Naruto
  85. Whos the best Sensai
  86. Who is the best naruto couple
  87. Whats up with Iruka?
  88. Character Puppet
  89. What's up with that?
  90. Who's art is better, Deidara's or Sasori's?
  91. Interview with Sasuke!
  92. New Jutsu!
  93. The truth of Sasuke: Comedy show
  94. Why don't people like Orochimaru?
  96. Which character would you change?
  97. If you could create your own kekkai-genkai, what would it be
  98. Project Naruto
  99. Doesnt it suck that gaara *SPOILERS*?
  100. who is rikudou?
  101. If you were Sasuke...
  102. new demons/ biji
  103. Which character would you want to be related too?
  104. somebody to love
  105. Is Hinata The most overated charecter in the show
  106. I'm lost... This may contain spoilers for some!
  107. Post your new jutsu here!
  108. Who would Naruto be with?
  109. Kakashi's Books
  110. If you could summon an animal
  111. why are there no couples in naruto?
  112. Mom
  113. Favourite Naruto Soundtrack
  114. Sai funny
  115. which character had the funniest scene
  116. kabuto
  117. Which would you have Sharingan, Byakugan, or a Biiju?
  118. Who do you want to meet in real life and why?
  119. WOW
  120. Kakashi... the universal character??
  121. Really Big Spoiler: Don't Enter Unless You're Ready
  122. Narusaku Fans!!
  123. What are your favorite jutsu?....
  124. Which Characterand arc?
  125. Which Village?
  126. Which of these villages sound coolest
  127. What would happen if Kabuto came back to the leaf village?
  128. Question About Oorochimaru
  129. If u could be uh Character iin Naruto who would u be n who
  130. SasukeFanGiirls: would u marrie with him n make uh fam~~~
  131. I love Deidara n I hate Sasori!!!!!!! who do u???
  132. What blood type are you?
  133. who is your fav akatsuki character
  134. Itachi, evil or not?
  135. Who would Sasuke be with ?
  136. What is your favorite type of jutsu?
  137. Ever wonder if kakashi has some girl in him?
  138. Watch girly kakashi!!
  139. do you hate rock lee and gai (may contain spoilers)
  140. Things Characters Say that you Like.........~~~~
  141. What do you all think of Choji? Love him or Hate him?
  142. Who likes Kakashi? ^_^
  143. Most insane characters
  144. Manga
  145. GUYS and GIRLS who would u kiss n why?
  146. You think Naruto will ever meet his mother?
  147. Make~Out~Paradise Question??? about Kakashi
  148. Ninja Villages.. Who's from where again??
  149. Mangekyou Byakugan!
  150. Itachi... *Spoilers*
  151. Fugaku and Mikoto are so hilarous and meant for eachother...
  152. Who's hotter.
  153. Post Your Own Naruto Character Here!!
  154. Talk about Pain
  155. What do you think of hinata?
  156. Make out.
  157. Konan *spoilers*
  158. Will anyone agree with me?
  159. Women makeout
  160. Who should SASUKE Be with?
  161. Anybody here that would cry if Sasuke died?
  162. how will sasuke attack the villige
  163. Child Of Prophecy.
  164. The GAMABUNTA thread
  165. rock lee
  166. naruto
  167. Who should Kakashi be with???
  168. Have you ever wondered...
  169. do you think naruto surpased sasuke
  170. Who who Sakaru be with ?
  171. alsup22 jutsu
  172. belief
  173. *spoilers* need help finding out something about a character
  174. Remember when Naruto and Sasuke kissed?
  175. Yet another 'Who would win in a fight?'
  176. How long were they Hokage?
  177. The new Naruto
  178. If Zabuza is hiding in your closet...
  179. Who Drives U CrAzY!!!! (^_^)
  180. who knew about the AKATSUKI ?can you guys tell me about that
  181. who has the cooliest ms of them all
  182. Who else here hates Sakura
  183. Who killed the First and Second Hokage
  184. Fuka
  185. Happy birthday Mikoto Uchiha!!
  186. Who do you think is the prettiest girl in Naruto?
  187. rakyugan: future seeing kekkiegenkai raiga clan
  188. Who loves Deidara?
  189. What do you think of....
  190. Favorite Naruto yaoi couples (no haters allowed!)
  191. Naruto GETTING really annoying?
  192. With Straps or Without Strapes?
  193. Who is your favorite Akatsuki member?
  194. Real Leaf Village
  195. vs
  196. close to the truth
  197. Who is the wimpiest character in the history of Naruto?
  198. who would you be.
  199. who would you be.
  200. who would you be.
  201. who would you be.
  202. What happen to Sasuke?
  203. Who should kiss in shippuden?
  204. Who would Kakshi be with?
  205. Act like Sasuke contest
  206. Sasuke acting competition
  207. Who has the scariest/creepiest jutsus in Naruto?
  208. What do you think the most powerful jutsu in naruto is
  209. The People VS Danzo
  210. Which Uchiha do you like?
  211. Ten Ten or Ino
  212. Orochimaru haters unite
  213. Who's more evil
  214. kakashi alive!!!
  215. What jutsu would you have if you can only have one
  216. Naruhina
  217. Who do you love the most in Naruto?
  218. Gamahina
  219. *Contains spoilers* Uchiha vs. *Spoiler*
  220. TonTon the Pig. Boy or Girl?
  221. Summoning jutsu : Turtle
  222. Official- What's Your Favorite Kakashi Episode?
  223. Ways to Kill Danzo
  224. Who do you think is hotter??? Itachi or Sasuke?
  225. What about Kankuro?
  226. Any Danzo fans?
  227. Which is better:Byakugan or Shringan?
  228. This may have been asked already but...
  229. What do you think of Sasuke?
  230. which character had the most intense scene in naruto
  231. The Akatsuki is SCREWED
  232. Reorganizing Akatsuki
  233. Sign up for the Ultimate Naruto Showdown!
  234. SAI no more
  235. Married?
  236. What's that jutsu?
  237. Is Sasuke emo?!
  238. Nara Clan vs. Yamanaka Clan
  239. neji useless in part 2.
  240. Which Naruto character do you have a crush on?
  241. Who agrees that Sasori + Pain = PWNAGE?
  242. if u can be any character who would u be and y would u be him or her
  243. This is why people says gaara like cookies
  244. Favorite Tail beast
  245. Which Naruto character would you most likely be?
  246. Ino useless
  247. favorite character
  248. list of ninjutsu and hand seals, and pic of the hand seals.
  249. Sakura Has Gotten Stronger
  250. Ultimate fan of naruto!!!!