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  1. Why do people bash Hidan?
  2. which KISS would be BETTER?
  3. Official: Konan Fan Club
  4. SasuNaru
  5. What if Sasuke Died?
  6. Naruto! Hero? Or Childish Brat?
  7. Who Has The Coolest Hair/Weirdest Hair?
  8. Itachi's Death:Sad or Grateful?
  9. The Four-Tailed Transformation
  10. Uchiha Clan Cool or Bad?
  11. who would u go with ino or tenten
  12. SasuNaru:Only Girls!Don't Like,Don'tDiscuss!!
  13. Naruto,Sakura,Sasuke=Jirayia,Tsunade,Orochimaru
  14. Who Has The Most Worthless Life on the Show?
  15. What Would be The best battle between two people?
  16. The Weirdest Couples
  17. Best fighter in the whole show?
  18. Anko
  19. Is orochimaru really gone? *SPOILERS*
  20. new elements
  21. Would u make-out with Neji?????? (Only 4 Girls)
  23. ShikamaruVShino
  24. Naruto's Next Element
  25. Most Jaw-Dropping Moment in Naruto History
  26. Shikamaru's Shadow Possession
  27. Happy Birthday, Deidara!
  28. What do you guys think about Ebisu?
  29. You be hinata, I be naruto!!
  30. Kakashi or Guy?
  31. Are you like Shikamaru
  32. All village ppl.....let's have a talk!
  33. What is More Believable? NaruSaku or Naruhina?
  34. orochimaru or micheal jackson who do you like
  35. Jutsu Creations
  36. Whos the best sensai
  37. What Style of Music would each Character Listen To?
  38. Sakura VS Ino
  39. The Most Unattractive Naruto Character
  40. KabutoVSOrichamaru
  41. Shizune
  42. Your Favorite Atatsuki?
  43. :/ Short Ranting On NaruHina/SasuSaku. (SasuNaru <3)
  44. Naruto's seal
  45. Whose cosplay would you like to do?
  46. Who's the cutest boy on Naruto Shippuden???
  47. Would you go out with Sasuke???
  48. Official: Rock Lee Fan Club
  49. What is the beat naruto movie?
  50. A date with Kakashi (for girls)/ Sakura (for boys)
  51. Who would be the worst couple?
  52. Do you think there's a chance for sasusaku?
  53. Is there a chance for Sai?
  54. Can guy use Ninjutsu/Genutsu.
  55. Contest Progress Report(New participants may join soon)
  56. favorite naruto character
  57. Is Naruto your Favorite show?
  58. Sasuke and Itachi!!
  59. Kiba Inuzuka and Akamaru Fanclub!
  60. fav justu
  61. Rasen-Shiruken or Chidori?
  62. Sage eyes or kyuubi eyes??
  63. Prom
  64. Inochi or Shikaku
  65. Who is your favorite Narto couple?
  66. Peace or Destruction *Spoilers abound*
  67. They're Cousins?
  68. Your Most Favorite Character
  69. The Hottest Character
  70. Official: Lady Tsunade Fan Club
  71. Who do you sound like??
  73. Who is the perfect couple?
  74. List of Naruto Jutsu's From the Manga and Anime (A-R)
  75. List of Naruto Jutsu's From the Manga and Anime Part 2 (S-Z)
  76. If you create a justu ,what you call it?
  77. Yuukimaru
  78. hottest girl on the show?
  79. whos your crush?
  80. which is the cutest naruto girl?
  81. If you could make a character
  82. whos your faveorite sensei
  83. what is your favorite jutsu used by naruto
  84. Things you like and dislike
  85. Who thinks Tobi is a good boy?
  86. Guy Sensei
  87. If Naruto and Sasuke fight ,who will win?
  88. If Saukra and Ino fight ,who will win?
  89. Who would be the worst match?
  90. what powers would you think naruto would have as a vampire
  91. whos the creepiest sensei
  92. Village Registration: Have you done it yet?
  93. what is your favorite jutsu used by itachi
  94. have to click on here and see this... so click come on click
  95. what animal would the naruto chrecters be
  96. What is your favorite justu?
  97. Official: Shizune Fan Club
  98. Favorite Features about Hinata.
  99. Favorite style of taijutsu.
  100. Which is your favorite of Hinata's Jutsu's or Techniques.
  101. the best jutsu
  102. all of naruto's sexy jutsu v.s all of konahamaru's sexy juts
  103. Anti-GaaMatsu!
  104. whos your favorite chunin(including haku)
  105. Your character/s and their birthdays..
  106. Why do people like Sasunaru-as a couple?
  107. Wich eye techinique do you prefer?
  108. If you could kill a character who would it be?
  109. 4th Hokage vs Pain
  110. Humaliation or Suicide?
  111. The strongest jutsu
  112. oooooo look at this....
  113. Nagato's Past: Intresting or Boring?
  114. Do you think it would matter if Kakashi died?
  115. Does Naruto ever get credit for the things he does?
  116. still no naruto
  117. ShikaIno ROCKS AND YOU KNOW IT!!!
  118. who is hotter,hinata,sakura,or ino
  119. Currently who is stronger, Sasuke or naruto?
  120. Make a couple with someone from another anime!
  121. Have you ever had a dream(weird or other)about Naruto?
  122. Who would have hollow powers if they were in Bleach?
  123. Who Do You Like better Itachi Or Kisame?
  124. The Race Across the Ninja World (No Teleporting or Clones)
  125. The Shounen-Ai Fanclub
  126. Hidans Curse Ritual????
  127. hottest charactacter in naruto
  129. Naruto=Bleach. Death Note = Code Geass
  130. Is Naruto a Perv?
  131. TRIBUTES Do you like them
  132. The new Three Sannin?
  133. Hinata Haters
  134. Hinata's clothes
  135. Zetsu...
  136. rasenshuriken or chidoriblade
  137. HidaKona
  138. Deidara joining Akatsuki
  139. hottest charactacter in naruto(revised)
  140. Which ninja pet or Kekkei Gengai
  141. If you had a village how would it be like?
  142. Can a ninja?
  143. who is hottest
  144. The Shoujo-Ai/Yuri Fanclub
  145. Sasuke vs Neji
  146. If Naruto characters could host there own show...
  147. Red Rasengan vs Black Chidori
  148. Kakashi vs Jiraiya
  149. The coolest naruto guy
  150. Pairing Peace Fanclub
  151. If you could bring back to life a character who would it be?
  152. is tobi...? *SPOILERS?*
  153. Sasuke and Hinata.
  154. If you could change a character's outfit how would you do it
  155. Shippuden or Original Outfits
  156. Jiraya and Kakashi
  157. What do you think of Sakura outfit?
  158. Super-powered Naruto
  159. How old is Madara Uchiha?
  160. Will Naruto and Saukra get married?
  161. Tsunade? Debt? Shizune?
  162. Make Up the Weirdest Naruto Theories Possibe
  163. The Worst Character
  164. Character Occupations
  165. Naruto and Hinata.
  166. Konan
  167. *****SPOILER***** Kakashi.
  168. If you could create a jutsu what would it be?
  169. If you could be a charcter from Naruto who would you be?
  170. Who is the hottest boy on the show?
  171. If you want to learn a justu,what justu is that
  172. why do u hate hinata
  173. Twisted or Normal?
  174. What will Sai do? *MEGA SPOILERS*
  175. My tobi Theory
  176. Weapons Store Idea
  177. Kunai vs shuriken
  178. My pain theory
  180. Who is the hottest guy in Akatsuki?
  181. who thinks Sasuke is a noob?
  182. I'm sorry Sasuke and most of the Atatsuki.
  183. Is Gaara a Jinchuuriki anymore?
  184. Naruto's true feelings?
  185. Did Jiraiya train like everyone? (might have spoilers?)
  186. How much do you love Kakshi
  187. do any body like puppet users
  188. Poor Jiraiya *Spoilers* Kind of...
  189. Which character has the coolest and strongest abilities?
  190. Who´s your favourite Jinchuuriki?
  191. Strongest character
  192. who would win sasuke or naruto?
  193. do you love sasuke then post here!!!
  194. who loves sasuke but hates karin..
  195. sasuke and kurin
  196. Who do you think sasuke will marry? Sakura, Ino,or Hinata
  197. how old was the first and second hokage when they was killed
  198. what character are you most like??
  199. The top 5
  200. Different From the Outside, Same Inside
  201. What would you think if...........
  202. Would Kakuzu and Hidan make a good couple? Why or why not?
  203. WHAT DOES "CHAN" MEAN????
  204. Most of the Birthdays
  205. Weakest character(s)
  206. Character theme songs.
  207. How would you stop the Akatsuki?
  208. Orochimaru Fangirls
  209. Jairaya
  210. SasuxSaku and SasuxHina I dont think so
  211. Hidan's english voice
  212. Which is your favorite out of mine?
  213. Happy Birthday Kankuro
  214. Who is the strongest Akatuski
  215. Best Battle ever!!
  216. Who is your LEAST favorite Akatsuki member?
  217. Is Naruto strong enough to be Hokage
  218. The creation of the tailed beast...
  219. what is your dream date like?!
  220. Who do you feel sorry for in the main cast?
  221. Naruto x Who???
  222. A summoning animal
  223. The beast rasengan
  224. Rasenshuriken!!!!
  225. Who is your favorite Naruto charcter and why?
  226. hinata and naruto
  227. Strong and Weak
  228. WHO IS TOBI ?!
  230. Who do you think is the best partner for Tenten?
  231. What would be the best Same Gender Pairing? 0.o
  232. naruto 3 sanyins
  233. If the 9 tails became unleashed, who would kill it?
  234. If any Naruto character could be a pokemon....
  235. Ino is hot! Who agrees
  236. Worst Battle ever
  237. village hidden in the flames
  238. What is your favorite weapon in Naruto
  239. rinnegan vs sharingan
  240. Hinata and Sasuke topics
  241. Make Fun of Characters
  242. Will Kishi even put pairings in Naruto??
  243. Who Would Be Your Boyfriend? Deidara or Tobi?
  244. tobi discussion
  245. Next Hokage?
  246. 10 tailed wolf
  247. NaruHinaSasu do you think its good?
  248. A character worthy to be included in a game?
  249. Should Kin, Dosu, and Zaku be featured in a game?
  250. NaruSaku or NaruHina