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  1. do you think nagato is...........spoiler
  2. New Characters
  3. did tenten and rocklee ever kiss
  4. Tobi or Madara
  5. Sasuke and Karin
  6. Naruto
  7. Naruto
  8. Naruto
  9. Official: Sasuke Uchiha Fan Club
  10. what would happen if naruto didnt have the 9tailed fox
  11. Hinata rots in heck
  12. weapons
  13. mision complete
  15. Name confusion. ~Slight Spoiler-
  16. NarutoXShion
  17. If Kakuzu was your bathtub in a bikini on.....
  18. Couples Doujinshi
  19. Naruto World
  20. New Naruto Villages
  21. Character Riddle
  22. best name
  23. Sakura's hair
  24. Official: Minato Fan Club
  25. The White Fang
  26. LISTEN UP, FANS OF THE SHOW NARUTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  27. SuigetsuxKarin
  28. Who do you think is Sakura`s perfect match?
  29. Fav Sasuke pairing
  30. Prom with a Naruto regular
  31. Would Deidara look good as a Girl?
  32. What Naruto Character Would You Date?
  33. fav jutsu
  34. who is the coolest naruto character.
  35. [Official] Pain Fan Club
  36. Sound Ninja Poll
  37. Official: Kakashi Fan Club
  38. Official: Sai Fan Club
  39. Official: Gaara Fan Club
  40. Official: Kiba Fanclub
  41. Official: Neji Hyuuga Fan Club
  42. Official: Sakura Haruno Fan Club
  43. Official: Shino Fan Club
  44. Official: Hinata Hyuuga Fan Club
  45. If you were a Akatsuki member
  46. Where, exacty, is Yugakure?
  47. Official: Tobi Fan Club
  48. Akatsuki
  49. if you could have two naruto characters be ur best bud !who!
  50. Sasusaku, and Naruhina Fanclub!!!
  51. Iruka jutsu?
  52. Favorite Naruto Mode
  53. Official: Deidara Fan Club
  54. Your Best Friend
  55. You Best Friend (On Naruto)
  56. Naruto Water Style Jutsu's ....
  57. Swordsman of the Mist
  58. Chouji Akimichi fans?
  59. Tobi's In Love With Deidara! (Spoiler!)
  60. neji
  61. naruto's world
  62. who is boring?
  63. new name
  64. Kankuro fan boys
  65. fusion?
  66. who can copy hinata's voice?
  67. is gaara .................................?
  68. eyes
  69. If you got attacked by the Akatsuki...
  70. Your Favorite Team???
  71. New tailed beasts
  72. Favorite Hinata couple!
  73. what do you think?
  74. Which Character Do You Hate the Most???
  75. Kakashix?????
  76. What type of hair you love (naruto characters)
  77. Sakura's Parents. Who Are They??
  78. what charcter(s) are your faves
  79. If you could go to a vilage wich one would you see
  80. Does Sasuke Come Back To The Hidden Leaf Village?
  81. Favourtie Hidden Villages
  82. Which Akatsuki Team do you like Best?
  83. Most strange character
  84. Who is perfect for Naruto ?
  85. I miss the old Sasuke :(
  86. strongest person in naruto
  87. Do you think Sasuke should come back in the end?
  88. Is the 1st Hokage a Hyuga?
  89. Official: Naruto Uzumaki Fan Club
  91. naruto joins akatsuki?
  92. When you see a character from Naruto
  93. What's your summoning jutsu
  94. who do you think is better
  95. If a Uchiha and Hyuga got together
  96. Your awesomely new jutsu
  97. Would You Date Itachi?
  98. If you had a choice what clan are you in your rival gf etc,
  99. Temari or TenTen
  101. Sakura's Hair Poll
  102. Does anyone like kisame?
  103. The hottest girl in Naruto to you
  104. Cutest Child in Naruto.
  105. Kisame Vs. Zabuza
  106. Evil Jutsu
  107. NejixTenten
  108. What animal would you summon?
  109. if u could date any character from naruto would it be!!!??
  110. he would u rather date deidara hidan or sasori?? hmm??
  111. If you had 2 choose between 2 girls/boys in naruto
  112. Would Deidara win?
  113. who would win
  114. help me.....
  115. The Strongest Genin
  116. The lost Uchiha
  117. Ino pigy oinker haters come in
  118. Village Hidden in the Moonlight
  119. which character is the BESTEST??
  120. orochimaru should change his outfit.....
  121. Kakashi's mask
  122. funny nicknames
  123. Orochimaru,"I will make you strong, come with me!"
  124. Who do you like better?
  125. what do you think the rinnegan does?
  126. Would Kakashi n Anko be a good couple
  127. ***SPOILERS***KAKASHI???
  128. If you could learn any jutsu what would it be?
  129. Why does everyone like Hinata so much?
  130. Sakura v. Hinata
  131. Itachi- friend or foe?
  132. sasukes hair...... theory....(read my post first)..
  133. Favorite naruto character
  134. random stuff
  135. make a new villian
  137. how old is naruto
  138. Shikamaru Nara Fans Unite!.....Tomorrow.
  139. do you think it was fair that this guy died? spoiler alert
  140. Favourite Akatsuki Member
  141. Wich character has the best hair?
  142. what if naruto came to ur school
  143. i hav an idea for battle rules
  144. ***SPOILER***I won't believe that kakashi...
  145. What about Kakashi and anko
  146. What would be the name of your sommoned animal?
  147. What happened to the 2nd Hokage?
  148. What are all the Biju/Tailed Beast?
  149. Make-Out
  150. What naruto character would you do what with?
  151. Who's your fave akatsuki member?
  152. who should kiss naruto?
  153. what would you want to happen to a character you hate?
  154. Naruto's an idiot.....No, maybe not. But he's a ninny!
  155. The real meaning of the word Naruto
  156. Gaara's powers in Naruto Shipuden????????
  157. Why is Sasuke less popular in the US than Japan?
  158. What jutsu for what character...?
  159. Why does everybody hate Hinata so much?
  160. Naruto's real best friend
  161. Beach Day Naruto Style
  162. Show Off your attacks:
  163. Konohamaru: Love him or hate him?
  164. You get home and find naruto characters in your house...
  165. Your Fav Made Up Move
  166. who would win in fight tenten vs hinata
  168. If your fave naruto character had a job in the real world
  169. Hidan
  170. Which couple would you like the best?
  171. Sasuke, Naruto, Or Deidara!!!
  172. who is cute?
  173. What's your favorite character?
  174. Join the Tasogare clan
  175. If you could have or make up your own kekkei genkei...
  176. Official: Tayuya Fanclub
  177. Hidan's Scythe
  178. What would you name your favorite weapon?
  179. Kimimaru fan.
  180. Tailed Beasts and Akatsuki
  181. Do you think naruto and sakura will ever get married?
  182. Which caracters from Naruto could beat Sasuke teamed up /not
  183. Thing That Doesn't Make Sense.
  184. who is cute to you?????????????
  185. Official: Hidan Fan Club
  186. What is your favorate character and why?
  187. Favorite naruto character
  188. Naruto Trivia
  189. If you can have any kind of justu what would it be??
  190. BlackChidoris 1st Off. Trivia Con: Final Results!!!!!
  191. does sasuke deserves to be forgiven by hidden leaf village?
  192. Shino lovelife
  193. What is your favorite charkra combonation.
  194. which character's voice is de best?
  195. I got dibs on temari but teamri fans can talk here.
  196. Elemental Rasengan
  197. What would you do....
  198. Hinata's mother
  199. New Jutsu
  200. Would you have Sharingan eyes or Kyuubi eyes
  201. Choji
  202. Make up a Summoning Jutsu!!
  203. Hinata's Overrated
  204. What is your favorate battle from Naruto Shippuden?
  205. Gaara for president
  206. What girl character is your favorite ?
  207. Who is your favorite character?
  208. jacked 12 yr olds
  209. Attention Water Style Fans
  210. Would Kiba and Tenten make a cute couple?
  211. who would be hotter
  212. who would be hoter
  213. i guess
  214. Hinata is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet? AGREED?
  215. If you could hang out with any character who would it be?
  216. Who would win in a fight Naruto or Itachi?
  217. Which techniques do you like?
  218. Who is the strongest shipuden girl
  219. Who's your Favorite Shippuden Guy?
  220. AnkoVsTemari
  221. Any "Official" Couples
  222. if the akatsuki had you make a plan to capture the 9tails
  223. Who is the greatest?
  224. death note
  226. who reads the full metle alchamist manga?
  227. sasuke and sauce are very familiar words!!
  228. Your parents in naruto
  229. Hinata's Hair
  230. Favorite Akatsuki couple?
  231. who is your fav. charecter?
  232. Mini-corners for villains
  233. make out paradise
  234. jirayas books.
  235. If you could learn from any of the jonin in the narutoverse
  236. Which Guy Ninja is Awesomer
  237. Naruhina vs. Narusaku vs. Sasusaku
  238. Sakura hot cute girl or ugly peppy brat?
  239. Who is your fav Akatski Member
  240. Whos the hottest Boy/Girl on Naruto?
  241. How did you come to like your favorite charactor
  242. Naruto: Grown or still a brat?
  243. How did akoamaru get so big
  244. Rock Lee and TenTen:Lovers or Friends?
  245. hinata:hot or not?
  247. Which character's personality matches yours most?
  248. Pein or Pain?
  249. SakuLee
  250. HidaSaku