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  1. Character Biography Thread
  2. Kakashi.
  3. Temari.
  4. Hinata.
  5. I just figured out...
  6. Itachi
  7. Sakura
  8. Kankuro
  9. Orochimaru
  10. Hidan
  11. Shino
  12. Tobi/Madara
  13. Sasori the puppet master
  14. Kimimmaro
  15. What Nation are you part of. Make up one.
  16. Kakuzu
  17. Tsunade is Naruto's MOM.
  18. What do you think about the akatsuki character , tobi???
  19. Top Ten Least Favorite Characters???
  20. Top Ten Favorite/Least Favorite Jutsu???
  21. Which Filler Character You Think Needs More Scene Time?
  22. Do you want to see Yugao in a swimsuit?
  23. Tobi's Voice
  24. Which characters would want to go to NaruHina's wedding.
  25. Sai's clothes
  26. Best things about Killer Bee
  27. Minato
  28. Jiraiya
  29. Tsunade
  30. Obito
  31. Descibe Ebisu within four words
  32. Would Hayate like Yugao if he were alive
  33. Rock Lee
  34. What if Hinata was......
  35. konan+pain or naruto+hinata
  36. Misconception about Pain
  37. Character Stats!!!
  38. Who looks better with Samehada
  39. Official: Puppet Masters Fan Club
  40. Have you ever seen Sakura..
  41. who thinks Gaara is so cool
  42. Sage Naruto or Nine Tail Naruto
  43. Kankuro ~Theory~
  44. i have a ?
  45. Who is your favorite character?
  46. Every Naruto Character.
  47. SakuSasu
  48. Bandages
  49. Who's the one of the most sweetest NaruHina fans?
  50. Naruto and ... (Realistically ...)
  51. Sasuke the Jinchuriki?
  52. Yugao/Kakashi
  53. If Naruto had the Nine Tails and Susano'o combined
  54. Eh Tobi's English Voice
  55. Character Love Parade!!!
  56. Kakashi's Substitution Justu
  57. Hidan can actually die?
  58. If Hinata was a Jinchuuriki
  59. If Hinata becomes hokage?
  60. Sasuke Amaterasu/Blaze Release ~Theory~
  61. Favorite Knife/Sword
  62. What the world would be like if it was like NAruto
  63. Diedara
  64. Akatsuki Pronunciations.
  65. Pein Rinnegan ~Theory~
  66. Kakashi Needs Love
  67. I noticed something...
  68. What Character Do You Hate?
  69. Naruto X Karin
  70. If the sand siblings had their own show...
  71. Is...
  72. NaruHina have a baby and its a new jichuriki?
  73. Favorite Robe / Costume .. ?
  74. Which Hokage would you want as a sensei?
  75. If you could be taught by a Naruto character......
  76. Yamato`s English Voice
  77. say your least favorite character and give a reason
  78. The Akatsuki Must be helped
  79. Who thinks the 4th Hokage is cool?
  80. I am a _______ Fan!!!
  81. Favorite non-yaoi Gaara pairings,dood
  82. NaruHina's kids surnames.
  83. How does the Sharingan work?
  84. Kurenai Yūhi...
  85. Naruto X Karin (Spoiler, don't read unless you have read Naruto Ch: 488)
  86. this is where you bring all your hate on naruto if you hate him
  87. I'm starting to...........
  88. The analysis of Sasukes and Naruto up-coming fight.
  89. sasuke and tobi fan club
  90. show a quote of your favorite charecter
  91. Since Naruto Is A Sennin For Learning Sage Mode, Do You Think He Can Awaken The Eyes?
  92. talk about saskue and his future
  93. Who's the most conservative Sharingan user?
  94. Are many of the Shippuden characters a lot older than you are?
  95. talk about tobi
  96. Inevadable Love
  97. Worst Naruto Characters
  98. Who is your favorite and least favorite character?
  99. Which village is the most mysterious ??
  100. Other couples for shika-san
  101. if Naruto whas a Girl?
  102. sage of the six paths
  103. If u stare at shippuden Ino,what would she or you would do and say?
  104. does anyone think
  105. Nemu or Hinata
  106. Ok fellow shinobi. who is it btween this 2-way deadlock. Madara vs. Pein
  107. Do you agree or disagree?Kakashi vs Sasuke
  108. How would you kill your least favorite character
  109. Who Is you Hero?
  110. Proof of NaruSaku/NaruHina/SasuSaku will happen.
  111. How come Tsunade doesn't wear Hokage's robe?
  112. Where you do want to hide if Sakura, Hinata or any kunoichi tried to kill you.
  113. Which Naruto's marriage could have a happy ending?
  114. OFFICIAL Akatsuki Poll
  115. What Tobi will react if you got him a duck and/or a goose?
  116. Inevedable Love II
  117. Favorite pair
  118. Who is your favorite pairing and why?
  119. naruto....
  120. How long will it go?
  121. Rock Lee love?
  122. Kiba's dad?
  123. Who should love garra
  124. Kakashi's Partner
  125. which weapon would you choose?
  126. How Lee would deal if he marries Sakura
  127. what do you think about Pain's idea?
  128. Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura have never killed anyone?
  129. which is stronger?
  130. Which character do you share a birthday with?
  131. who wins best hair in Naruto!!!!
  132. whos the hottest guy in Naruto!!!!
  133. Would Lee be Lee if he didn't taught taijutsu?
  134. Which character you rather tar and feather
  135. would Sakura sacrifice her happiness for naruto to be with someone else
  136. Eight Span Mirror not invincible?
  137. Hidan's Birthday
  138. Suigetsu...
  139. Do you like Itachi?
  140. Would you join the Akatsuki?
  141. Who is your Favorite character???
  142. Itachi or Kisame?
  143. What reactions Naruto will be if he sees Hinata with her baby?
  144. Would you want to put a chicken suit on Sakura
  145. What is the Worst Ninja Village
  146. If you had a chance to be in the Naruto world who would yuo be friends with and who w
  147. Who would be your best friend and enemy in konaha?
  148. If Kakashi had a girlfriend do you think he'll stop reading make out paradise?
  149. Best NAruto couple
  150. Hashirama semju donned plot armor like a champ?
  151. The Hyuga Fan Club
  152. Character Talk
  153. Rinnegan Vs Byakugan
  154. Sasori is NOT invincible!
  155. Anti Shipping Club
  156. Minato inside Naruto
  157. Why all the hate on Sasuke
  158. Sasuke Assumption. Kinda Crazy, but hey. PLEASE READ!
  159. What we like about Sasuke uchiha
  160. Hidan...
  161. I think I know what the last episode of Shippuden will be.
  162. What We Hate About Sasuke
  163. what do you about the new Kabuto?
  164. What if Rocklee or Might guy became Hokakage?
  165. Take a guess on what episode you think Shippuden will end?
  166. Have a Crush on a Naruto Character?
  167. *Spoilers Ironically*
  168. Hidan-Kun! <3
  169. Character Nicknames
  170. Sakura Family
  171. anko's cursed seal of heaven
  172. Whos your favorite Naruto sensei
  173. I'm so sad.....
  174. Does Naruto need a custom weapon?
  175. Anti Narusaku FC - Only haters please!
  176. What Do You Like About Karin!!!!
  177. What's your favorite weapon
  178. Who Would You Want To Be =)
  179. Where are these villages?
  180. would it be a good couple if Naruto ended up with Ino
  181. would it be a good couple if Naruto ended up with Temari
  182. would it be a good couple if Naruto ended up with Tenten
  183. would it be a good couple if Hinata ended up with Sasuke
  184. would it be a good couple if Hinata ended up with Gaara
  185. would it be a good couple if Hinata ended up with Lee
  186. Ninja Beauty Pagent
  187. What made you first start watching/reading Naruto?
  188. is jiraiya alive?
  189. Did anyone else like Gaara BEFORE he turned good?
  190. Character creator:)
  191. what if hinata ended up with kiba?
  192. Sound pairings
  193. Snake Sword vs The Shark Skin Sword
  194. What do you think of Shiho in Shippuden?
  195. Deidara Ino FC no haterz
  196. Sasuke gettin annoying
  197. How Naruto would deal if he married Ino?
  198. How Hinata would purpose to Naruto?
  199. Tailed Beast Fan-Club
  200. how's your favorite character
  201. even if deidara was a girl or a boy
  202. how tailed beasts look
  203. Why some characters don't have last names?
  204. What would Tsunade look with out her face jutsu
  205. Happy birthday, Hidan
  206. recycling bad guys
  207. What Do U Like About Hinata
  208. <3 2 Ino FC <3
  209. I need help writing my fanfic! (Just a question) about the American Naruto!
  210. Kusanagi Sword (Sasuke)
  211. Kabuto's plan?
  212. Can't we just call him "Kabuto"?
  213. Sasuke's Susano'o is Better then Itachi's Susano'o ~Theory~
  214. If Sasuke marries Karin instead of Sakura
  215. What Ninja would you be?
  216. Yakushi Kabuto vs Shimura Danzou
  217. Sasuke as of 488
  218. What if Naruto...
  219. 'Colors' of the New Characters *Spoilers*
  220. Kankuro or Sasori?
  221. Justu list with detailed descriptions!!
  222. Hiruko (missing nin)
  223. Naruto or Ichigo
  224. Create Your Own Mode
  225. Would you like this to happen?
  226. How come Temari rarely use shuriken or kunai
  227. favorite clan
  228. How ninja would react to Sasuke and Naruto's death?
  229. kunochi
  230. who's better Naruto or Sasuke?
  231. Kakashi or Gai
  232. Raikage's Japanese voice sounds wierd
  233. Is sasuke in love with Ino or Sakura
  234. Isshin Kurosaki & Minato Namikaze
  235. Which Character Name You Think Is The Weirdest???
  236. What happened to Hinata?!??!?!
  237. Official: Menma Fanclub
  238. Had Sasuke stayed in the Leaf, would he help Naruto in winning Sakura's heart?
  239. Would You Lead The Akatsuki Organization???
  240. What reactions if you see Shikamaru and Shiho married
  241. Who's your favorite akatsuki member?
  242. i HATE Danzo,HATE HIM
  243. Anti-Danzō Shimura Club!!!
  244. Does this bother anyone else?
  245. When did u first discover Naruto
  246. scene in chapter 490 *spoilers*
  247. What are your top favorite jutsus
  248. What are those lines on Naruto's face?
  249. Character Quote List!
  250. What would happen if Naruto and Lee were a couple?