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  1. Akatsuki Rankings trier list
  2. Which male Naruto Character is the hottest?
  3. Sasusaku still happening?
  4. Parental Bonds: Naruto + Tsunade Fanclub
  5. When Friendship is enough~Naruto + Sakura Fanclub
  6. Who loves Tenten?
  7. Who would you most like to spend a weekend with?
  8. Character Trivia!!!
  9. fire style
  10. Hinata's first kiss
  11. Official: Kushina Uzumaki Fan Club
  12. Sign here if you think haku was underappreciated
  14. Guess The Character Above You!
  15. Who would win a fight?
  16. who is hotter? Sakura or Karin?
  17. what do you think of Sakura and Hinata as a couple SakuHina lol
  18. Official: Raikage Fan Club
  19. Naruto Character Cherades!! (Rep Rewards)
  20. I don't get the NejiHina pairing...
  21. Jiraiya and Naruto as a training combo?
  22. Describe the Hyuga clan in four words or less.
  23. What feelings Hinata would expect if she saw Naruto reading Make-Out Paradise
  24. Where are Sai's parents
  25. What are some good naruto pairings with love songs?
  26. Zabuza'z Family
  27. What if NaruHina finally happened? :) <3
  28. Anybody besides me like Iruka?
  29. Kunai or Shuriken?
  30. Happy birthday, Kabuto
  31. Iruka and Anko as a couple?
  32. Shikamaru and Naruto
  33. Ino or Sakura?
  34. Is Kakashi a pervert for reading Make-out paradise?
  35. Did Danzo.......
  36. Tsunade????
  37. how long......
  38. Fav People
  39. what do you think?
  40. the 6 swordsman of the mist?!
  41. Make-out Paradise?
  42. New Outfit for Sakura
  43. where are...
  44. Anti-SasuHina
  45. what would happen if Sasuke ended up with Hinata?
  46. Naruto or Shikamaru
  47. If you could meet anyone naruto character who would it be?
  48. What should Kurenai name her child!?
  49. Where would you rather live, the leaf or the sand?
  50. Rate the weapon ^ you
  51. Which guy would accompany Hinata for her 1st date?
  52. If Kurenai had short hair
  53. Gamas
  54. How pretty Rin would had been if she were alive.
  55. Would u kiss oRouchimaRu?
  56. If Karin and Naruto dated
  57. What Would You Do With 10 Shadow Clones?
  58. Biju genders
  59. Suigetsu/Kairn???
  60. Which of the 7 swordsmen of the mist would win
  61. Haku....
  62. Top 10 male/female characters
  63. Tsunade's Face
  64. Sakura, Kabuto, or Tsunade
  65. Rate The Naruto Weapon On Top Of You.
  66. Lol....Funny Naruto names
  67. Who's the character you respect the most?
  68. Yondaime's "Flying Thunder God" Kunai or Samehada (Sharkskin)
  69. Hidan's 3-Bladed Scythe or Sasuke's Kusanagi (Grass Cutter)
  70. Enma Kongou-Nyo Form or Kusanagi (Grasscutter)
  71. Which village is stronger
  72. Kurosuki Raiga's Swords or Nidaime's Raijin Sword
  73. Which Character Would You Like To Be And Why?
  74. Is Konohamaru's dad Asuma?
  75. what would you do if Sai Ended up with Ino
  76. Has anyone noticed?
  77. NaruHina's kids' nanny
  78. Genma
  79. How do you react if Sai and Hinata fell in love?
  80. Anti pairing alliance fan club
  81. Team Guy
  82. Characters with more than they let on?
  83. About pain...
  84. How to solve their differences
  85. Beach walk with a Naruto character
  86. Shikamaru and his daddy
  87. Is The Senju Strong If They Didnt Have Strong Body's From The Sage's Desendents?
  88. Mrs. Sage of Six Paths
  89. Would you kiss sai?
  90. There's no way Naruto is going to become Hokage
  91. What do u think about..
  92. Support!!! (naru/sasu/sasu/naru)
  93. Anybody else?
  94. who DO you love to hate?
  95. Hidan Haters Club
  96. Do You Think That Naruto Will Be Able To Control The 9-Tailed Fox?
  97. Will Naruto And Hinata Go Out Or Naruto And Sakura?
  98. Neji or Choji
  99. Tailed beasts confusion...
  100. Weasel-sama.
  101. List the crazy characters
  102. List Your Favorite Characters ( 1-5 )!!!
  103. Naruto And Kyubbi Should WORK Together.
  104. Yuukimaru
  105. Official: Hashirama Senju Fan Club
  106. Hashirama Senju Fanclub
  107. Your best Hokage
  108. Kurotsuchi or Anko
  109. Describe Utakata in six words or less
  110. How cute is Itachi?
  111. oberservation
  112. トビのしわ
  113. Happy Birthday,Tenten
  114. Did you think Deidara was a girl?
  115. Sharingan Eye vs. Byakugan Eye
  116. "My man" - Deidara
  117. If Choji Lost Weight, Would He Be Able To Use Expansion Jutsu?
  118. Did you think Haku was a girl?
  119. What IS the make-out Paradise book about?
  120. Chidorishuriken
  121. Chojis jutsu
  122. Orochimaru: Stock Character or not?
  123. Not cool, people. Not cool.
  124. Everybody needs something to be strong
  125. who would u wan to train u
  126. Favorite Deidara Explosion?
  127. akatsuki
  128. most neglected naruto character?
  129. Hotaru/Naruto???
  130. Which Characters should haven't been in the naruto series.
  131. Who Tobi really is?
  132. All those dead characters...
  133. Any love for Danzou?
  134. What happened to Yugao?
  135. How you describe Hinata's eyes as?
  136. The Conspiracy Theory: Kisame is ALIVE
  137. hmmm?
  138. Gurens jutsu looks... yummy!
  139. If you could be Kage, which village would ou be Kage of?
  140. What if u go to a food place,and u see naruto and hinata there on there date
  141. what about the KariSasu alliance
  142. Extra byakugan abilities
  143. Isn't It Kinda Kakashi's Fault That HE Taught Chidori To Sasuke?
  144. hidden in the bones akatsuki meeting house
  145. Why do you still like Sasuke(question directed mainly at manga readers
  146. kakashi's year is 2011
  147. Kunoichi's 80s songs.
  148. If u was able to revive any characther,who would it be?
  149. Yet Another Akatsuki "Favorite" Thread
  150. People still don`t get it!!!
  151. Why Is EveryOne Hatin On Sasuke?
  152. Hotaru and Utakata...
  153. Hotaru X Utakata
  154. Hinata tell,s Naruto she love Him
  155. Naruto= Worst Ninja
  156. If you could have any weapon what would it be jutsu & other ninja weapons aply
  157. Itachi's lover?
  158. Who has the best smile?
  159. Do you want to see Karin at a beach?
  160. Who`s a kakashifan or fangirl?
  161. Do think Sai is cool?
  162. if u where in great danger whe would u call for help
  163. what do you think it would be like if Gaara had never been a Jinchurriki
  164. chidori's first appearance
  165. Raikiri. Chidori.
  166. Akatsuki Popularity Contest
  167. Character Talk History Guide
  168. Favorite female Naruto characters
  169. Sage Transformation
  170. Who`s the best sensei?
  171. Was Jiraiya stronger than Orochimaru
  172. Ino talk!!!!!
  173. What things Naruto wouldn't do with Hinata in anger?
  174. What Hinata's future occupation would be?
  175. Favorite thing about Hinata(no haters)
  176. Favorite Jinchuriki
  177. He looks so gay.
  178. Face Paint
  179. About Akatsuki. *Some spoilers*
  180. Deidara- Crazy???
  181. Why does Sasori look so different?
  182. Sasori's Scrolls??
  183. Are Sasori's 100 puppets Human Puppets?
  184. Are Chiyo's 10 puppets Human Puppets?
  185. What if Hinata became a medical ninja??
  186. InoXShikamaruXTemari love triangle
  187. Worst Pairings
  188. has anyone noticed this about the three tail's
  189. why does this always happen in fights?
  190. How does Chiyo do it?
  191. What in the world is...
  192. Desrcibe Hiruko/Sasori in eight words or less
  193. Sasori's water attack
  194. The best things about Lee and Guy
  195. would you makeout with naruto? (girls/guys/aliens only)
  196. What jutsu would NaruHina's kids expect to learn?
  197. Four Man Cell
  198. What characters who died in Part 1 would be a powerful Ninja in Shuppiden
  199. Favorite Plots/Subplots/Stories in Naruto overall?
  200. Who has the creepiest smile
  201. Which people Hinata and Neji would be suited to whom?
  202. ChoSaku
  203. How Sakura and Hinata would react to Naruto's lifeless body?
  204. Deidara x hinata
  205. i have an idea about sasunaru.
  206. any sakura/ino fans?
  207. What If...
  208. If Naruto killed Sakura...
  209. What would you do if Naruto killed Sasuke?
  210. Naruto Episode 111
  211. Happy birthday Kisame.
  212. killer bee = hulk hogan.
  213. ino x hinata ?
  214. why why why
  215. hmm
  216. Sakura has not become an cheerleader (Spoiler)
  217. Tobi or Madara for lunch
  218. What NaruHina's marriage could look like?
  219. Kakashi Fans Unite!
  220. What if there were no pairings in Naruto?
  221. What's Your Top Ten?
  222. kakashi fact
  223. Obito or Izuna
  224. What do yuo think is gonna happen to karin
  225. pervy sage
  226. whats the worst couple
  227. I've recently decided
  228. whats ur favorite character
  229. Which Character do you think looks the.......
  230. Character Questions!
  231. MatsuriXGarra
  232. Birthdays NOT posted on the site
  233. whats your favorite couple and hated
  234. whats your favorite character
  235. Would Naruto love Hinata if the latter's pregnant?
  236. what would u think if Sakura and Naruto DO end up together
  237. Zetsu: One of the Strongest Akatsuki? May contain spoilers
  238. What Happen to ???
  239. If You Made A Clan What Would Name It???
  240. Make Your Own Naruto Character Name!!!
  241. [Silly-boy] Tobi and [the evil] Madara
  242. My cousin keeps saying...
  243. What kind girl Juugo would want to date?
  244. Itachi and crows
  245. Who do u think should kiba be bf with?
  246. Which Uchiha is your Favorite?
  247. Do you think KibaXHina are good together?
  248. Is Kankuro date-able?
  249. Aburame clan vs. Hyuga clan
  250. Naruto (Fourth Tail)