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  1. KARIN HATERS!!!!!!(dont diss! if you dont like it dont click it!)
  2. What if u found out ur ramen gone,and u find naruto on the floor?
  3. If Killer Bee found love
  4. How much you miss the 3rd Hokage?
  5. When is Naruto going to find Saskue?!
  6. ;D what about SasuHina?
  7. Fav Naruto Parins
  8. NCCTC - Naruto Chitty-Chatty Talk Club
  9. Future dub voices for american dub
  10. Favorite Entrance
  11. How did Minato and Kushina meet??
  12. Happy Birthday,Sarutobi
  13. If the Mizukage and Naruto made out.
  14. Why Gaara has no last name?
  15. Which name suits the 4th Hokage best?
  16. Which girl Kushina would want as daughter-in-law?
  17. Sasuke haters..unite!!!!!!
  18. Miss it Belive it!
  19. decribe kakashi in one word...
  20. The great naruto debate!
  21. Why Narusaku will never happen
  22. nagato club (for lovers and haters)
  23. Will konahmaru learn RASENGAN!!!!!
  24. How Do You Become Jonin
  25. TobiDeidara
  26. utakata!?!?!?!?! (will contain spoilers beware!!)
  27. Nuetral Sasuke Club! People who think he is okay come and join!
  28. Wood style
  29. Describe Danzo in 5 or more words...
  30. TobiSakura
  31. taka
  32. Favorite Aspect of whole Naruto Series
  33. Who has the sexiest body in naruto?
  34. What happened with Akatsuki?
  35. what village is zetsu from?????
  36. What do you think about Sai?
  37. Deidara's handmouths.
  38. How would you describe your "best day ever" with a Naruto Character?
  39. Official: Utakata Fanclub
  40. To All The Sasuke Haters
  41. Why the Abarame clan wears glasses?
  42. Does Gaara ever use weapons?
  43. who is your Favorite Akatsuki Member
  44. who is your Favorite original Akatsuki Member
  45. A serious question about Karin
  46. WHat about Suigestsu and Jugo?
  47. Haooy Birthday,Obito
  48. hows naruto gonna end?
  49. If the Raikage found love
  50. Akamaru's age
  51. (No Spoiler Hidden Inside) Possible 7th-10th Hokages
  52. who is your favorite Naruto couple
  53. Kankuro, Gaara, Kakashi or Sasori?
  54. who is your Favorite Hidden Leaf Ninja
  55. (Spoilers) Episodes 1-4
  56. The Raiga Kurosuki Fanclub
  57. NaruSaku FAN;s United here (only NaruSaku FAN's alowt here
  58. Whos your Fav squad made up of any characters
  59. Best B( . )( . )BIES in anime
  60. Nicest @$$ in naruto
  61. Is anyone else disappointed about SasuKari? *manga spoilers*
  62. Potential Naruhina Theme Songs (fans only plz)
  63. favorite seven swordsmen of the mist
  64. do u agree with the way the hyuga main branch and second branch is
  65. Hinata
  66. about Sakura's choice *SPOILERS FOR CHAPTER 482*
  67. I Just remmebered! Uzuki Yuugao
  68. Which village Guren hails from?
  69. Ino Outfit
  70. Naruto
  71. Kishi is killing pairings left and right (spoiler warning)
  72. deidara X tsunade
  73. Sasori is a cutie
  74. Naruto Manga 482 one last time Sakura SPOILER
  75. Would Zetsu be all right with no fly-trap?
  76. smexiest english naruto voice
  77. sound ninja 5
  78. what would "the sauce* do if it was a real sauce.
  79. NarutoXIno FC
  80. which village would u want to be kage for
  81. which taijutsu pair do u like the most
  82. Who do you think Naruto will be with in the end.
  83. If Yamato and the 5th Mizukage got married
  84. Ibiki
  85. Whatever happened to Kabuto?
  86. Who would win Sakura or Temari?
  87. Lucario x Hinata
  88. Minato x Cynthia
  89. What other color would Sakura look good in?
  90. When You Saw First Deidara Senpai
  91. SaiTen?
  92. Danzo's clan?
  93. Short or long hair for Sakura?
  94. NaruHina wedding songs
  95. Why some characters have no last name?
  96. Kαяin
  97. NaruSaku FAN Club (Naruto and Sakura) FANS Only
  98. Which Name Suits Sasuke's Name???
  99. Which is the best summon
  100. If Chojuro and Sakura fell in love
  101. predict Madra's Susanno Form
  102. Naruto and You~
  103. if you could binrg a dead character back to live in Naruto Shippuden with character w
  104. What do you think? Sasuke
  105. Sakura **spoiler**
  106. Who would win? Temari or Kakashi?
  107. Female Pain's name
  108. Ino with long or short hair?
  109. Who do you think is/are the most likely to happen couple(s)?
  110. Naruto girls swimsuit poster? (boys only)
  111. Your character in Naruto
  112. Valentines day <3
  113. IF something this strange ever happened xD Guy and Sakura o_O ??
  114. Itachi's lover XD
  115. HakuHina
  116. RichieKaku
  117. BillKaku
  118. VinceSai
  119. NejiHina Fanclub v2.0
  120. Who is the most ugly naruto character
  121. jutsu for you?
  122. with couple do you like that you know never will happen?
  123. Hottest naruto guy is...?
  124. Favorite Ino, Sakura moments
  125. who is the hottest naruto guy?
  126. Happy Birthday Tayuya!
  127. Akatsuki Question???
  128. The Truth about Itachi...is not what you thought it was...
  129. Konohamaru's last name
  130. Anko lookalike?
  131. Thoughts on Sasuke
  132. NaruSaku. SasuSaku NaruHina FANS Dateing Service!
  133. do you want a online date? that is the same Naruto couple fan as you
  134. Make a list of.......
  135. Who is your favorite jinchūriki?
  136. Naruto's Elements
  137. Something awesome
  138. If Team Samui found love
  139. Random Sharingan Thought.
  140. sickest character
  141. Lucario x New Pokemon.....
  142. MadaSasu
  143. TsuaKaka?
  144. The Unforeseen Peace Treaty between The Sasusaku Fc and Narusaku Alliance
  145. KabuShizu
  146. ShinoHina?
  147. what do you think will happen to Sasuke in The end
  148. Narusaku fans we need your help!!!!
  150. Rate The Naruto Fight Above You
  151. NaruHina daughter's name (NaruHina fans only)
  152. Cuite jutsu
  153. sasuke and vegeta are they very similar if not whos better(spoilers are weclome)
  154. who would win Sasuke VS Mandara
  155. combination jutsu
  156. Sasuke isn't as powerful as he thinks he is
  157. what do you of NaruShion has a couple (NS Movie 1)
  158. What I Think *Spoilers Abound*
  159. Shock!
  160. Thanks a lot, Kishi.
  161. Which girl would be the best?
  162. the ''im so sick of ppl hatein on characters'' thread
  163. Create a jutsu and rate the ^ Jutsu
  164. A candlelight with a Naruto kunoichi (boys only)
  165. why did danzo want anko dead?
  166. what if......
  167. If Kurotsuchi and Naruto dated for no reasons
  168. What happens to Hinata at the end
  169. Temari's weasel name
  170. Kabuto?
  171. Potential Anti-NaruSaku Theme Song?[NaruHina Fans plzz...]
  172. sakura POV narusaku songs(narusaku and multi shipers only)
  173. Sakura Eyes
  174. did anyone notice danzo used........
  175. Kunoichi FC
  176. should sakura not be with ANYONE in the end
  177. jinchiriki who controlled their tailed beast
  178. Konohamaru's team
  179. Is Konohamaru too young to understand love?
  180. KibaHina :/
  181. Are Naruto and Edward From Fullmetal Alchemist Similar?
  182. Fullmetal Alchemist...Favorite Yaoi Pairings?
  183. Sasuto and Narusuke
  184. Which character do you miss most?
  185. Sasuke=Randy Orton + John Cena + some annoying emo
  186. Sasuke (evil or good)
  187. Favorite Character And Their Jutsu!?!
  188. What the Raikage did to the hyuga clan get u mad like it got me?
  189. Torune and Fu FanClub.
  190. Favorite non Naruto yuri pairings.
  191. Anti -SasuSaku club! (Come here to rant, discuss, and argue)
  192. Shiho and Naruto
  193. Which land has the worst reputation of being untrusted?
  194. Attacks and skill ~sasuke~
  195. Shadow Clone Who is better?
  196. Akatsuki losing their coats and then die
  197. How old is the Sound 5
  198. Favorite HOkage
  199. My Character
  200. What's youR favoRite pokemon
  201. Characters That "I" think need more credit
  202. Sakura 's development (STRICTCLY NARUSAKUS plaese i dont want CONFLICT)
  203. Uzumaki Naruto is a fail excuse for a character.
  204. yagura three-tailed giant turtle
  205. Sasuke
  206. Hinata's Perfect Guy
  207. Sasuke's perfect girl.
  208. The Kage fanclub!
  209. InoShika\ InoCho\ ShikaCho
  210. I want to see more...
  211. Do you agree...
  212. if you clould kill one Naruto Character who would it be?
  213. What if a battle was switched
  214. If you could meet one character
  215. Ino or Hinata hair
  216. Sakura/Kankuro
  217. O , O GaaraHina! 0 , 0
  218. Who are Sakura's Parents?
  219. Shikmaru's Perfect Girl
  220. Which Character You Want To Kill The Most And Why?
  221. GAARA!! and Sasuke is pretty awesome to.
  222. deidara SUCKS!
  223. something i just relized about team 7
  224. To all who like Minato the best of the Hokages
  225. Is the Rain village untrusting?
  226. How the Hyuga clan would react to Hinata's wedding.
  227. The NaruHina/NaruSaku Agreement
  228. Don't You Think The Uchiha Clan Is Weak Without The Sharingan?
  229. Deidara
  230. Tsunade's coat
  231. Natuto's Apimpnamedslickback
  232. How did the Senju Clan become extinct?
  233. What do you like Best about Sakura
  234. Do you even care about who's going to end up with who in Naruto Shippuden
  235. E x Mei
  236. MeiHaku
  237. FavoRite tie jutsu
  238. FavoRite ninjutsu
  239. favoRite genjutsu
  240. KashiRuka and SasuNaru fan club!!!(Dont like dont enter)
  241. fav character
  242. Does Guy like someone?
  243. Naruto clash of ninja revolution 4?
  244. Tobi
  245. Which Characters Would You Pick As Your Partner?
  246. who do you think Naruto will end up with in the end?
  247. What do u think of Bando
  248. Akatsuki Rankings trier list
  249. Which male Naruto Character is the hottest?
  250. Sasusaku still happening?