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  1. if you could create a naruto weapon
  2. garra without the sand spirit
  3. Does Kurenai fight at all in part 2?
  4. What is obito's relation to Kakashi?
  5. 10 tails owner
  6. Who is better Naruto or Sasuke?
  7. Mixture Jutsu
  8. worst character
  9. Best character
  10. whose character's hair style would you want?
  11. ****Spoiler Warning**** Who is the real Akatsuki leader
  12. Sasusaku or Narusaku?
  13. What is your favorite Sakura couple?
  14. tobi?
  15. Narutos favorite game
  16. Orochimaru: Male, Female or Micheal Jackson
  17. Jobs for Naruto charecters
  18. when does naruto shippden start?
  19. Tobi= Annoying or Funny?
  20. Lee= Weird or Awesome?
  21. Marry: Sasuke or Neji?
  22. Chidori stunt
  23. Who you would like to see in a Gorrila costume.
  24. Sharigan
  25. Naruto obsession test
  26. the love triangle
  29. WHO IS TOBI ????????
  30. Poll---who is better?---
  32. who is your favorite naruto character?
  33. If u had a choice who would u be for a day
  34. Which character are you?
  36. If you could be a naruto ninja who would you be
  37. what would your naruto character look like
  38. Best eye technique (spoilers)
  39. which character would you be buddies with.
  40. What do you think naruto characters would do for a holiday?
  41. if you could invent a style what would it be?
  42. who's the worst hokage?
  43. Naruto Shippuden Tier List
  44. Tenten fans!
  45. WHo do you think is Stronger OLder sasuke or Older Naruto??!
  46. Jutsu swap
  47. Neji Fans
  48. Sasuke's Hair.
  49. Sasuke: Emo or not?
  50. If u could go anywhere, where would u go?
  51. Sasusaku fans only!!
  52. If you could make a clan....
  53. Sakura Match-Ups
  54. fav coupule
  55. Are there any ACTUAL couples in Naruto?
  56. ino medical ninja
  57. What is your favorite nickname in Naruto?
  58. Kakashi's Mangekyo Technique
  59. The last Mangekyo Technique (spoilers)
  60. best summoning jutsu
  61. Which will be the summon of Konohamaru?
  62. which akatsuki do you like best
  63. what are the points of groups.someone tall me please.
  64. If Naruto had an older sibling....
  65. If you could be related to ANY Naruto character,who?
  67. Itachi like him or dislike him.
  68. Naruto character shinobi
  69. What is a senpai?
  70. If you could choos a father frome naruto how would you chos
  71. ANY NARUSAKU FANS!!!!!!?
  72. pain!!!!!!!???? who is he
  73. What kekki-genkai would you make?
  74. witch character is the worst and why.
  75. *****SPOILER***** Nagato
  76. What do you think about Anko?
  77. What do you think of Minato???
  78. haku girl or guy
  79. Sakura useless in orginal Naruto?
  80. sauske emo or just depressed
  81. 3 tails or 4 tails kyubbi (warning spoilers)
  82. Emo: Sasuke or Hidan
  83. When Will A Anime Convention Come to the USA?
  84. Where would they live
  85. Sauske or naruto who is stronger
  86. 4th hokage alive or dead!?!
  87. ***SPOILER***How Do You Feel About Jiraiya...
  88. Anything rassengan or rassengan related!!!!!!!!
  89. whos stronger naruto, sasuke,or kakashi?
  90. Romance in Naruto: Yay or Nay?
  91. what element would you have to use jutsu
  92. If itatchi didnt have the diesease do u think he woulda won
  93. --------SPOILER------ Do you think Kakashi is going to die?
  94. --------SPOILER------ Do you think Kakashi is going to die?
  95. sharingan genjutsu
  96. Guy gay or not u decied
  97. best of the evil
  98. Pein And Itachi. Who Wins? -Possibly Spoilerific-
  99. orochimaru like him or hate him
  100. Sasuke vs The People
  101. Fave
  102. spoiler******************************************* *TOBI IS**
  103. kabuto + orochimaru= secret lovers ?
  105. Naruto and Hinata
  106. Official: Sasori Fan Club
  107. element question?
  108. Orichimaru cheap against naruto 4 tails?
  109. Whatever you'd want
  110. what do you think about naruto and sakura?
  111. cutest guy?
  112. Dinner with a Naruto character
  113. If you were a jinchuriki.
  114. have to read this please: this is about sasuke.
  115. If your favorite Naruto character was real...
  116. Akatsuki and there AWSOMENESS
  118. did you think shino was dirty when you first saw naruto?
  119. Is Pain the best, or the worst?
  120. is Zetsu two people?
  121. Hyuga or Uchiha?
  122. Someone's kid
  123. Should Shikamaru be with Ino or Temari?
  124. Who will the sixth, seventh, eighth, and nineth Hokages be?
  125. who is youre favorite jinchuuriki?
  126. sauske a mini itatchi?
  127. Who would win, Team 7 or Hawk?
  128. well yahh i'm only on ep. 39...is anyone else here on there?
  129. Barrages/ Rendans of the Naruto world?
  130. Naruto's Rank
  131. *****SPOILER***** Nagato's Machine
  132. if you can battle any naruto hero or villan who would it be?
  133. Anti-Narusaku Pro-Naruhina!
  134. Which would win, Itachi's Mangekyo, or Sasuke's?
  135. who is that sharp-toothed guy suigetsu????
  136. if you were in the akatsuki what jutsu would you use
  137. who do you like better
  139. Hottest Naruto Girl?
  140. Who should Neji be with?
  141. Who do you think that Naruto should date? Hinata? Or Sakura?
  142. Who should Choji be with?
  143. Who should Itachi be with?
  144. Do you think Shikamaru and Temari will ever get married?
  145. Who should Gaara be with?
  146. what would happen if hinata died
  147. villan who
  148. deidara hi five
  149. Dateable Naruto Characters
  150. what if sai...
  151. the akatsuki
  152. Shippuden in The world where would they live? (Not japan)
  153. Monopoly
  154. Naruto Future!
  155. what is your favorite naruto shippuden/ naruto jutsu
  156. HINATA: I love you (Naruto)
  157. naruto's kid
  158. whose a fan of kakashi here?
  159. who is your fave akasuki charecter
  160. Which is better 9 tailed rasengan or giant resenshiriken
  161. Ino hater?
  162. Sakura and Kakashi are in love whith each outher
  163. What if Sakura was different in original Naruto???
  164. Anyone like SasuSaku??
  165. Naruto and Hinata making out?
  167. sasuke
  169. whats your favorite somining
  170. Fave Nature Type (s) from Naruto
  171. What would you do if Hinata come to your house?
  172. if you saw tobi
  173. Which Akatsuki should Konan date (dead or alive)
  174. if naruto shippuden and sasuke shippuden fought at fullpower
  175. how does pain... *SPOILER*
  176. why did itachi...*SPOILER*
  178. does sakura kiss naruto
  179. What is your favorite Naruto Shippuuden couple
  180. if you were jiraiya.......
  181. Who would win in a fight Sage Naruto or Marada Uchiha
  182. Sasuke and Sakura engaged
  183. Island
  184. lee
  185. what is the strongest summoning jutsu
  186. whose a HOTTIE????
  187. SasuNaru/NaruSasu
  188. The Sensible Pairings (i.e. The Ones that Make SENSE)
  189. If you were at Six Flags with ONE Akatsuki member.....
  190. Which Akatusuki guy will you go into the tunnel of love with
  191. If Hidan was in your closet...
  192. who is pain?
  193. Jugo and Pain -Beware there may be spoilers-
  194. if you saw your fave pairing
  195. Naruto
  196. What is so good about Sasuke?! (Um... No offense)
  197. MinatoXKushina
  198. Why is Sakura in NARUTO if she is barely needed?
  199. Who is your favorite NARUTO couple?
  201. Who's better, Kiba or Akamaru?
  202. Will Kankuro ever end up with anybody?
  203. who would you like to meet?
  204. Who wonders what Shikamaru looks with his hair down?
  205. Do you like the couple KonanxPain?
  206. If the Uchiha massacre never happened....
  207. if you had a kekkai genkkai what would it be and why?
  208. Does anyone hate Shikamaru?
  209. Naruhina!!! chat about your favorite couple!!
  210. Which Akatsuki do you think looks cute?
  211. Character Strength Comparison Analysis: a few minor spoilers
  212. Akatsuki
  213. if you could be anyone in naruto--then who?
  214. Neji
  215. Akatsuki Hotties **Spoilers are very likely**
  216. Click this page if you love -Naruto-Naruhina-or anything nar
  217. which character you wish to be a real person (HUMAN)
  218. kakashi
  219. Why does everyone hate sasuke?
  220. What Would You Do Part 1 (Naruto Shippuden Questions)
  221. did gaara ever get his jinkuriki back?
  222. if u made your own ninja from naruto what will he be like
  223. who is hotter sakura or Ino
  224. what is your favorite team
  225. Official: Akatsuki Fan Club
  226. Any Yondaime fans?
  227. Hinata!!!!!
  229. Neji cutting Hinata's hair in original Naruto??
  230. Are there any ROCK LEE FANGIRLS OUT THERE?!?
  231. Which villian will live and which will die?
  232. best akatsuki ever
  233. Any Kakuzu or Hidan fans out there?
  234. Official: Shikamaru Nara Fan Club
  235. Sasuke
  236. Ideas for new Jutsu
  237. SasuSakuHinaNaru
  238. guren
  239. Neji kiss (for girls)
  240. Karin
  241. Why NOT hate Sasuke?
  242. EMO kids
  243. If you can take place of one character in NARUTO
  244. the ultimate tag team
  246. Post here if you think its SakuSasu :D
  247. post anything u want but if u do it will be a thrill ride!!!
  248. sasuke is not emo or gay...
  249. Whats your favorite chakra type
  250. Elemental Hand Seal Repost