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  1. Who Loves Gato
  2. who thinks juugo is cool
  3. Where is Kurenai's kid!?!
  4. Itachi Had A Lover ?? *spoiler i think?*
  5. If...
  6. Anyone like Juugo
  7. Any shizune fans?
  8. Bad or good
  9. who mises dedara
  10. Who is the sexiest charecter ever
  11. What popular character do you hate?
  12. Why Rasendori Would be impossible.
  13. Giant Shuriken Comination Tecnique
  14. What if someone said to Naruto "I hate ramen".
  15. What if the akatsuki did not dress in cloaks but regulary?
  16. Gaara!!!!!
  17. Look at this one!! It is awesome!
  18. Talk about Sasuke?
  19. I think I know who Madara really is.
  20. What are some of the WEIRDEST crack pairings that you think could work out?
  21. What would of Naruto's life been like if he was born in Kumogakure?
  22. Sasuke is....?
  23. Happy Birthday, Guy
  24. What If "Naruto" was switched
  25. Of all the male characters...
  26. Monzaemon Chikamatsu
  27. Favorite yuri couple
  28. Who is Cuter?
  29. This would be cool....
  30. Do you hate the Failchihas?
  31. Rate the Naruto jutsu above you
  32. Naruto and High School
  33. Konoha advertising?
  34. This is so frustrating...
  35. Shikamaru Discussion
  36. Gaara Discussion
  37. naruto couples
  38. who will shino end up with
  39. sasuke and his team
  40. Uniform teams?
  41. Massive Rasengan V.S Grand Fire Ball Jutsu
  42. Would you if you could....
  43. Sasuke Uchiha good or evil
  44. Hien Vs Chidori Current
  45. Who will he choose?
  46. What about Hinata and Naruto?
  47. Anyone like Rock Lee?
  48. Guess who have the highest stats number in the Akatsuki..
  49. Who Is The Smartest Character
  50. Who Is The Dumbest Character
  51. do u think deidara should have killed sasuke?
  52. when u saw deidaras hands....
  53. Who do you think will be the next major antagonist to die from Naruto?
  54. Suigetsu and Karin
  55. Who is conservative?
  56. The One Who Caused NaruSaku Problems!*Spoilers*
  57. The Secret behind Pein
  58. Would You Wanna Be A Ninja?
  59. lets talk about danzo
  60. Temari cute in a swimsuit?
  61. Sasuke Debate Thread (Sasuke fans and Sasuke haters both)
  62. New Hokage! *Chapter 447 Spoilers*
  63. could amaterasu burn kirin??
  64. Does Sasuke even like girls?
  65. if you dislike danzo come here and talk about it
  66. Who Is The Smartest Character in Battle?
  67. The Devotion For Nothing Anti SasuSaku Club
  68. Kurenai, Hot or Not?
  69. Who do you think Kakashi likes?
  70. NaruSasu?
  71. Talk about Naruto?
  72. Talk about Sakura?
  73. Orochimaru
  74. SasuSaku/NaruSaku/LeeSaku/KonaSaku/OroSaku/KabuSaku/RukiaSaku debating thread
  75. Naruto Wasn't Made For Romance; Sorry.
  76. Who's the smartest one? *In order
  77. Which Character do you hate THE MOST!
  78. Epic fights
  79. Make ur own jutsu
  80. Whats Sakura Nature type?
  81. You know you're obsessed with Naruto when...
  82. massive rasengan vs wind style rasen-shuriken
  83. ~Anti-Hinata Club~ No fans
  84. DeathAngel
  85. SuiKa or SasuKarin?
  86. If your cat was a Naruto character....
  87. Who thinks there will be no pairings in naruto?
  88. I'm curious about how which female stands in popularity on the Forums.
  89. Who looks/looked better with long hair? Sakura, Ino, or Hinata?
  90. Which Female Character has the Prettiest eyes?
  91. Favorite Hinata pairing?
  92. If you had a brother like Sasuke would you try to bring him back like Naruto?
  93. How would Team 7 be if Hinata was in it instead of Sakura?
  94. Will you hate Sasuke if..
  95. Do you think Sasuke ever thinks about how he kissed Naruto?
  96. Which dog is cuter? Akamaru or Pakkun?
  97. If Sakura Were to Die...
  98. Who is more obsessed with Sasuke? Naruto or Sakura?
  99. How Sasuke-obsessed is Naruto?
  100. How would you react if your most hated pairing happens?
  101. An act of evil?
  102. Will Kakashi die?
  103. What if...[SPOILERS]
  104. What if Sakura fell in love with Orochimaru in the chunnin forest?
  105. Does Sakura still like Sasuke?
  106. List of thing for Hinata to improve on.
  107. If Sasuke or Naruto killed one of the Konoha 12, would you still love them?
  108. If Hinata decided to give up on Naruto?
  109. Have sasuke and hinata ever spoken to each other
  110. Naruto and Sasuke [Spoilers here too]
  111. Do we have any naruto fans anymore.
  112. A Date With Sasori
  113. Naruto + Hinata = unstoppable children?
  114. Favorite Itachi Moment's 東
  115. if our world was the naruto world what continent would be which village
  116. whtas your signature jutsu
  117. Naruhina Confession? (Naruhina fans only please!)
  118. Favorite sand sibling
  119. Which kunoichi would look pretty in a prom dress?
  120. Did I just forget something or what....? (about Tobi)
  121. Sasuke vs Itachi
  122. The Best Attack Wepon and Summon
  123. which is ur favorite demon?
  124. Mohawk Grenade or Groovitron
  125. Looks cool but really has no use
  126. No more spoilers!!!!!! *spoilers inside ironically*
  127. Izuna Uchiha
  128. To The Sasuke Haters...
  129. Happy Birthday Danzo!!!
  130. Do you like Sasuke?(friend only.)
  131. Official: Team 7 Fanclub
  132. Bonds team 7 fc
  133. Very important Sasuke issue
  134. Fuma Clan
  135. deidara,pien,or sasuke
  136. More Itachi Fans?
  137. who think whrn obito died was sad the sad thread
  138. are some one likes karin??
  139. madara uchiha character talk
  140. itachi's lover...
  141. Kakashi Hatake v.s. Sasuke Uchiha (Sharingan)
  142. Orochimaru..
  143. Who should be with Ino
  144. Happy Birthday Haku
  145. Do you REALLY hate any of the ninja?
  146. Naruto Hurricane Chronicles
  147. Is Tobi really a good boy?
  148. Naruto Shippuden BOX SET!
  149. The NejiTen FC
  150. Two Kankuros
  151. The NejiTen FC
  152. The Team Hawk FC
  153. could Naruto have a Kg?
  154. why tobi acts like a kid
  155. Tsunade
  156. For The Last Time..
  157. naruto character creator
  158. to all sasuke lovers(hater welcome)
  159. Which Mangekyo Sharingan looks better?
  160. If Sasuke wasn't evil would you still like him?
  161. Do you think there will be a ps4 with Naruto games?
  162. who think kisame is a chakra eating monster?
  163. To All The Itachi Fans!!! R.I.P Itachi!!!
  164. Favorite Itachi Moments???
  165. Senju Clan Vs. Uchiha Clan!
  166. last favorite character
  167. what is Itachi to you
  168. why karin is so annoying when she is with sasuke!?
  169. If you could spend a day with any character...
  170. who is going to the leaf village in the naruto's funeral (then that day comes
  171. what if rock lee becames a member of the akatsuki?
  172. Sasuke has amnesia (Fangirls come here!)
  173. The Chakra monsters
  174. Who's cuter......
  175. Killer bee's voice
  176. What is your fighting style?
  177. Favorite Uchiha?
  178. Who would you drop
  179. make-out paradise
  180. I need a Render of....
  181. Madara's Teleportating Tech. Update
  182. orochimaru,s curse mark jutsu
  183. bloodline issuses
  184. if u were in great danger hwho would u call 4 help
  185. Will kakashi ever settle down and have a family?
  186. who likes ino
  187. Multiple Sakura Pairings FC
  188. Foo and Torune
  189. If Naruto and Termari dated
  190. who do you think should be the main villian in the entire naruto series?
  191. The SaiSaku Fanclub
  192. Who do you think Sasuke would be in real life?
  193. Favorite Love Triangle?
  194. Suigetsu or Zabuza or Kisame
  195. Your favorite couple/
  196. Anko x Tayuya
  197. Sasuke overrated?*possible spoilers*
  198. Zelda x Peah Fanclub
  199. What clan is Pain from
  200. Team Naruto or Team Sasuke?
  201. Which village Karin comes from?
  202. Zabuza X Kurenai
  203. tobixKonan
  204. Which guy would Sakura look good with from the Akatsuki
  205. is suigetsu one of the seven ninja swordsman?
  206. what if shikamaru could summon gamabunta
  207. InoSaku FC
  208. who would like to be on naruto's team or in kakashis team
  209. who wants that naruto would be the new pervy sage
  210. how old do you think madara is now 100 or 101 years old
  211. Is It Safe To Say?
  212. sasukarin spice and ice FC
  213. SasoSaku?
  214. Favorite akatsuki moments
  215. New Nature chakra
  216. Jiriyai's chances with tsudenade
  217. Hidan's Voice
  218. Hinata's love chances
  219. What lies. :lol:
  220. DeidIno
  221. ShIno
  222. Raikage Day
  223. Kiba
  224. who is sad that...
  225. kakashi has a highrer iq then shikamaru
  226. anti karin club (only haters plz)
  227. OroAno?
  228. KibaHina FanClub
  229. Which village Juugo hails from?
  230. most unhealthy realtionship
  231. Who would be your best friend or friends?
  232. end of episode 142... something bout sakura
  233. NaruIno?
  234. ok This has been bothering me for a while so please clear it up
  235. Which Character Is The Most Annoying???
  236. Which Naruto character(s) would you become automatic friends with?
  237. Have you ever noticed....
  238. Taka takes the scene!
  239. Who is the Smartest?
  240. Which Chakra Elements Would You Have?
  241. About Madara's Uchiha Past
  242. Which Character has the Same Birthday Date as You?
  243. Hottest character in Naruto
  244. About Itachi's Past
  245. Favorite Hidden Leaf Village Hokages???
  246. Favorite Top 5 Greatest Shinobi Countries???
  247. Huh?! What what??!
  248. Team 10 Fc.
  249. Sand Siblings Fanclub
  250. In honor of Itachi Uchiha