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  1. NaruSaku or SasuSaku????
  2. Say Something Nice about your Least Favorite Pairing
  3. Who likes Pain's Piercings.
  4. Konan Uncloaked
  5. Say something you hate about your favorite pairing
  6. Would you accept Anko's dinner invitation?
  7. Naruto's attitude change? [!Spoilers!]
  8. The Naruto World is confusing sometimes....
  9. only ninjas??
  10. make a weapon!
  11. wichs wepon is the best
  12. What Magenkyo Sharingan Looks the Coolest?
  13. Your Top 15. Naruto
  14. More way more stupid rumors
  15. The Akatsuki revival chapter.
  16. Official: Killer Bee Fan Club
  17. fan of kakashi as hokage
  18. Ranking the Kunoichi
  19. question about the mengekyo sharingan
  20. i want to know
  21. Which character do you have a love/hate relationship with?
  22. NaruSaku, NaruHina, NaruSasu, etc.
  23. Sasusaku Vids
  24. do you think this will be a good pair?
  25. Songs that fit the Akatsuki
  26. ~Kakashi's lightning blade vs Kirin~
  27. can everyone do that??
  28. What person has the Greatest Jutsu ever
  29. Is Yuki from Vampire Knight really a vampire?
  30. Temujin Fan Club
  31. Obito and kakashi
  32. Itachi lives on!!!!
  33. What do yu think about this pairing? (Yoai)
  34. Sasuke haters (not for fans)
  35. What if Sai read Make-out Paradise?...
  36. Who's the best med. ninja?
  37. what would you summon?
  38. What do you find interesting towards the oppsite sex? (All Welcome)
  39. What do you think of this Yaoi Paring?
  40. who would make a better hokage?
  41. duel weilding jutsu
  42. The Sasuke Nuetrality club
  43. Naruto's whiskers
  44. tsunade?
  45. Naruto Moment
  46. how come?
  47. Who do you think Lee should Pair up with??
  48. what is the best type of attack?
  49. what type rasengan do you like
  50. whats you're fav hokage
  51. what character do you hate
  52. When Naruto is in 4 tailed mode and above....
  53. what you do if you be pain (nagato)
  54. Doesn't anyone love these guys?
  55. what naruto's Character you like to meet
  56. Hyuga clan Fanclub
  57. Sasuke does have a LITTLE heart left in him
  58. shikimaru vs choji
  59. madara's sharingan: shisui's?
  60. Do you like ramen?
  61. where did naruto get his father's long coast?
  62. what happens to naruto if kiuubi takes over narutos body
  63. What character do you share your birthday with? If you do!
  64. Itachi...so how did you take it?
  65. Who do you think tobi is....
  66. who summoned kyuubi?
  67. what is your fav jutsu style
  68. Sasori Mysteries
  69. funniest moment
  70. Whose the whitest character...
  71. strongest Akatsuki member (other than madara)
  72. Shouldn't Mifune be considered a kage?
  73. Buying tickets to Sakura VS Sasuke
  74. who do you want to kill sasuke?
  75. If Zetsu dated someone...
  76. Kisame?
  77. Sakura: Useless, or Not?
  78. who is the oldest in the akatsuki
  79. what deidara's c's did you like?
  80. if you could create a character to put in naruto who and what would they be like?
  81. Compressed Chakra Blast Vs Compressed Air Blast
  82. Name as many facts about the Fourth Kazekage as possible
  83. Why is everyone in the Sand Village so pale and white if...
  84. Why doesn't Choji get more appreciation!?
  85. who is weakest in the akatsuki
  86. are sasuke could kill madara
  87. Happy Birthday, Kidomaru
  88. Merry Your Favorite Character
  89. what chakra nature type are you most like
  90. question about sasusaku
  91. Which Kage Guard is win? *Tiny Spoilers*
  92. Kakashi FC
  93. Love=Hate
  94. 5 Least favorite ninja
  95. Will Ino end up single?
  96. Anti-Gaara club
  97. Do you think Kiba's cute ??
  98. 5 most favorite ninja
  99. KarinHina
  100. What's the stupidest thing you have seen on Naruto
  101. Jaraiya FC
  102. Why?
  103. Ultimate Fans Fight! XD (UFFs)
  104. Anyone else notice this? *Spoilers*
  105. With Out Sasori..
  106. who's more useless sakura or ino
  107. star village rejected??
  108. Shizune acting like a sissy?
  109. Gato Fan Club
  110. Sasoono or 4 Tails Menacing Ball
  111. Top that jutsu character talk
  112. Predections
  113. Which Naruto Character makes the best Santa?
  114. What will make Kankuro more popular?
  115. Official: Dosu Fanclub
  116. Why Do People Hate Sakura or Hinata Only Because of Pairings?
  117. If you could be any Naruto character,who would you be.
  118. What if you saw Deidara in a museum?
  119. Kakashi's Mangekyo Sharingan
  120. Madaras Mangekyo Sharinagn
  121. Trying to understand the Hyuga clan
  122. Adopt a Chibi Naruto character
  123. SASUKE PROTECTION GROUP!!! Both haters and lovers come!!
  124. im suprised that nobody has talked about 476 *spoiler allert and all that BS*
  125. Madara the Grinch?! Oh no!
  126. Deidara's arm?
  127. I love Haku. :O
  128. lets talk about ebisu
  129. Funny Fact About GUy...
  130. What is your opinion of the NaruSasu/SasuNaru pairing?
  131. Top 3 Jutsus in Naruto
  132. ebizou has caugth my attention
  133. Orhime or Sakura
  134. If you had to chose?
  135. which weapons
  136. Deidara?(No Haters plz)
  137. Hiashi Hyuuga
  138. Would Shikamaru have to do some chores when his wife asks him?
  139. you VS pain
  140. Who misses Itachi?
  141. Who's in love with Naruto himself?
  142. What if they were real? What if you were one?
  143. sakura or hinata?????????????????????????
  144. Who you adore in Naruto, and here!
  145. snake sword vs toad blade
  146. Would Zetsu Be Considered a Cannibal if He Ate Salad?
  147. Juken
  148. Ino and Karin
  149. something on my minde SPOILER SPOILER
  150. Hinata, Anko, or Dawn?
  151. naruto and his nindo ways
  152. LeexHinata?
  153. Kishi Said "No" To ShikaTema
  154. Yin Yang Rasengan: The Ultimate Rasengan
  155. Choji's Chakra Element Nature Thing?
  156. Characters' Chakra Nature
  157. The Fate of Taka
  158. Naruto
  159. NaruSaku got PWNED!
  160. Suika fc
  161. Oroichimaru vs. Madara
  162. Kck ass proof that Tobi's Obito! Also the reason why Kakashi awakened his mangekyou!
  163. All elements used untill now by shinobis ! :P
  164. Hinata's future
  165. Karin and SasuSaku
  166. Are these good pairings?
  167. Tsunade's brunch invitation
  168. What if the akatsuki celebrate Christmas?
  169. What if Tobi was Santa?
  170. KibaIno fanclub
  171. Which Akatsuki Member Would Be The Best Talk Show Host?
  172. Gaara Theory
  173. The "naruhina" fc fans go here!!!
  174. What's your favorite character of Naruto anime?
  175. Who would you knock out cold??
  176. Help me out!!
  177. Happy Birthday, Madara
  178. What if Naruto didn't have blonde hair?
  179. The story would stay the same but?
  180. Sakura's Decision????
  181. Suigetsu's....Fish Tank?
  182. choino ever thought of them?
  183. hinata does things for naruto
  184. Fandumb
  185. What Naruto Chracter would u date and y????
  186. Hidan's Secret Collection
  187. Why do ppl hate suigestsu?
  188. naruto openings
  189. Sakura's confessions to sasuke and naruto
  190. Naruto Character's British Accents!
  191. Hinata's English Voice Actor Is...
  192. Will Naruto be mad if his friends are exiled?
  193. episode 141: itachi's lover???
  194. Who do YOU think Tobi is?
  195. Mistletoe
  196. Happy birthday, Hinata!
  197. Whose the WORST naruto character ever made?
  198. Question about Kakuzu's 4th mask.
  199. do you hate sasuke?y?
  200. Does anyone remember Hanabi?
  201. What the heck did happen to Rin??!
  202. Kindest character?
  203. Itachi's still alive? o.O?
  204. Kunai vs Shuriken: Which one?
  205. Apparently Karin isn't useless.
  206. Zetsu's abilities *SPOILERS*
  207. Is Madara's birthday on Dec. 24?
  208. wich is your favrotie sword
  209. Fusion!
  210. I got a question! (SasuSaku Fans Please...)
  211. Character(s) that should die right now!
  212. the 7 swordsmen
  213. soul eater Character
  214. Does anyone know all of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist?
  215. Moya Brothers
  216. Cooking -Nin's Weapons
  217. if ino and sakura were in an relationship who would be on top
  218. one over the other.
  219. If you could name a type of "kage"
  220. Narusaku fans!!
  221. Fuumetsu Mangekyou Sharingan or Rinnegan ?
  222. is Kakuzu dead?
  223. Kankuro needs a girl.
  224. if hina and sakura
  225. naruto's A.N.B.U means WHAT???
  226. Of all the female characters...
  227. love,hate,and fave
  228. will sakura kill sasuke?
  229. Sakura's hair long or short?
  230. What slightly crazy and crack-ish couples do you support?
  231. How do you spell....
  232. is guren dead
  233. The Best Uchiha
  234. Battle Of Coolness
  235. who thinks suigetsu is cool
  236. why so many people hates sasuke
  237. who do you think is in charge naruto or sakura
  238. The Weirdest Couple
  239. Which character can you voice the best?!
  240. Jutsu's
  241. Gamashiho
  242. Happy Birthday, Konahamaru
  243. Gaara
  244. Who is your favorite Yaoi couple?
  245. If Naruto and Shizune dated
  246. If you could be in Naruto, would you be good or bad?
  247. Naruto Narutimate Accel 3
  248. Neji
  249. Madara Immortal?
  250. Who Loves Gato