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  1. Why?....
  2. Sasori?
  3. ♥Favorite SasuSaku Moment♥
  4. If Tsunade got married to Naruto
  5. Characters when little
  6. Character Theme Songs
  7. Shikamaru And Temari???
  8. Yamato and the woodstyle
  9. What has happened to Gaara?
  10. Who killed the 1st and 2nd hokage?
  11. if you could kill any naruto chacter who would it be
  12. I'm back
  13. What song fits each pairing?
  14. Most insane character?
  15. Names for a BIG shuriken
  16. If Shino wanted a hug...
  17. Name as many of Gaara's jutsu as possible
  18. Shino's glasses
  20. Family matters theory
  21. what would naruto lern ice style
  22. Create-a-ninja
  23. What if...........
  24. what if you were jiraya?
  25. ummm.... why people hate ororchimaru?
  26. well... i had a theory about itachi but i guess i was wrong..
  27. Which do you think had fangirls/boys when they were kids?
  28. Does Ibiki Morino's Head Creep You Out?
  29. If Shikamaru could only save one from a life or death situation...
  30. Have you ever Dreamed about your Favorite Pairing?!
  31. NejiXIno fanclub
  32. Neji Avatars Unite!!
  33. your village
  34. Would Shikamaru propose his hand in marriage to Temari
  35. Ever noticed anything weird about the akatsuki?
  36. your favorite pein
  37. Naruto + Shion
  38. which of the 3 is better?
  39. Best summon in the show.
  40. Who's your favorite akatsuki and why?
  41. what would happen if you where stuck in cage with sakura for a wee
  42. SasukeXHinata?
  43. shino has no lover or does he?
  44. What your favorite Team?
  45. __________ u wanna kill
  46. シカマル奈良ファン・クラブ
  47. Kakashi better?
  48. Scariest Character Look
  49. Itachi's Poke VS Tsunade's Poke
  50. Triple Rashomon or Earth Rising Wall
  51. How much do you hate your least favorite pairing?
  52. Any same-sex crushes?
  53. sasuke haters club
  54. Did anyone think Ino and Deidara were related?
  55. i have a question?
  56. Anyone Like Akamaru?
  57. What character do you think is the most funniest
  58. Do You Think Cooking-Nin Are Lame?
  59. jiriya
  60. KibaXHinata
  61. Happy Birthday Sai
  62. Tenten's hairstyle
  63. Inner Sakura
  64. Who knows when their favorite character's birthday is?
  65. What do you think now that Naruto is on DisneyXD??
  66. naruto's next nature transformation
  67. Which Naruto character are you most like?
  68. If Temari liked Shikamaru...(she could very well be a cougar!)
  69. Explain the why____should be with_____
  70. Favorite Character?
  71. Which Village Has the Best Architecture?
  72. Jiraya...
  73. Minato FC
  74. Rikudo Sennin Fan Club (六道仙人)
  75. Debate Hinata-fans and Anti-Hinata fans
  76. Favorite parent in Naruto?
  77. Sweet Pairings ^_-
  78. Great Ball Rasengan, Super Great Ball Rasengan, or Sage Art: Great Ball Rasengan
  79. Vilgax vs. Sakura
  80. Masks?!
  81. Akatsuki Replacements
  82. Newbie.
  83. Happy birthday, Rock Lee!
  84. story behind hidan
  85. Songs That Match The Naruto Characters!
  86. I wish _____ was more involved in the story and ___ wasn't.
  87. NEW Favorite Character
  88. Rock Lee = The Biggest Lightweight Ever?
  89. Err...Summoning People?
  90. People Who Hate Sasuke, Come Here
  91. sakura sakura sakura
  92. what if Sakura........( for Sakura fans only )
  93. who is kakashi's wife
  94. The best thing a character has ever done.
  95. Who did kakashi kill to get his mangekyou?
  96. What Would You Change About Naruto?
  97. Dont you hate how people fight about couples?
  98. Might Guy's...Turtle?
  99. What's with Danzo's bandage
  100. Who wants Shino?
  101. what if itachi didn't kill all of the uchiha clan
  102. Nicknames
  103. Can Shino Aburame Be Mistaken For a Gangster?
  104. Naruto the messenger ninja
  105. If you could choose any ninja for a senei...
  106. Who would be happy if....
  107. Do you think Neji is ready to become a sensei?
  108. Another weird couple.
  109. madara uchiha talk
  110. Do you write Naruto FanFictions or Stories? If so..
  111. Who is the most annoying villian off of Naruto?
  112. Out of These Characters, Who Would You Want To Die?
  113. Chojuro!
  114. ANko , Awesome,Hot , Not
  115. How Naruto will propose his marriage to a girl?
  116. Sage of Six Path, Madara, 1st Hokage
  117. Orochimaru had a GF!??!?!
  118. Summoning... In the Real World!!
  119. who is you favorite taka/hebi?
  120. Who is your favorite hokage?
  121. Obito has amnesia
  122. What is your favorite 5 great nation village?
  123. Would You Use Your Byakugan to Cheat On a Test?
  124. who is your favorite of the sound 4?
  125. What is your favorite path of pein?
  126. What is your favorite clone?
  127. What is your favorite element?
  128. sasuke and sakura would of gotten together already if sasukes parents didnt die??
  129. Might Guy in the UFC/MMA
  130. Madara Uchiha
  131. Would you want your character e played by a professional voice actor or yourself?
  132. Who are all the playable characters in Revolution?
  133. No one thinks Temari is hot?!
  134. Any nicknames for you favorite characters?
  135. Anti-SasuKarin Club
  136. Can someone tell me....
  137. what Naruto character would you be best friends with
  138. Hidan's 3-Bladed Scythe, or Kotetsu's Shell Mace?
  139. Orochimaru's Disguises
  140. Sakura Vs. Hinata... Who Would Win?
  141. SuiKonan?
  142. Shizune hates Naruto?
  143. strongest Akatsuki?
  144. Favorite Sharingan User
  145. ___________ Is the Cutest Akatsuki Member(For girls only)
  146. LOL Darth Tobi LOL
  147. I need help for a SasuNaru doujinshi...
  148. Woah, Woah People, What's With the Hate? xD
  149. What Zabuza would have been.
  150. Hitojutsu
  151. Sakura making out with Jiraya and Naruto making out with Tsunade
  152. Konan X Yamato?!
  153. Sasuke
  154. Think of ways Sasuke is the worst character ever!
  155. Rate Sasuke (Sasuke lovers and haters allowed!)
  156. What if Kishi killed off your Favorite Character and he/she died a Crappy Death?
  157. Funny ways to kill Sasuke
  158. Will Sasuke Die Already?!
  159. Rock Lee is cool, would you agree?
  160. Naruto Sexy Jutsu?
  161. Does Lee like Sakura or Tenten?
  162. Confession Time?
  163. Sasuino club
  164. What if the series was named "Sasuke"?
  165. Niiiiiiice!!
  166. sakuras parents????
  167. Would Chojiro and Hinata be good for eachother?
  168. Anti-pairings club
  169. Fave voice for Pain
  170. wats ur fave summoning?
  171. if u had 2 b which wod u b?
  172. Gin x Hallibel
  173. Which Naruto Character are you and your Naruto Name?! (Take survey-quiz!)
  174. Kakashi Hatake
  175. Favorite Akatsuki member
  176. Jiraiya's Funeral
  177. sakura vs sakura(shipp)
  178. Neji vs Sasuke Eye vs Eye
  179. Make new jutsu here!!
  180. if ur chractor dies?!
  181. if sasuke died right as he was about to kill you
  182. A tribute to Itachi
  183. Aren't Minato and Yondaime the same ppl??
  184. Why does EVERYBODY always talk about SASUKE?!
  185. Konoha high School manga
  186. GaaAnko
  187. Favorite Hyuga
  188. The whole Naruto finding Sasuke thing
  189. Karin..and Sasuke...are all...alone...
  190. Over exaggerated?
  191. Anko and The Seven Swordsmen of the Mist
  192. R.I.P Itachi
  193. Suigetsu and shizune are related!
  194. Anti-Itachi FC
  195. Akatsuki Replacements pt 2
  196. Convince me
  197. You've Probably Noticed Already...
  198. Tezuna VS Tsunade
  199. Shizune X Kakashi or Yamato?
  200. Make a team!
  201. who is ur fave.. charecter
  202. Sakura's BACK!
  203. deidara questions and statements about him
  204. Do you think Sakura will EVER do a genjutsu?
  205. The series without Sasuke.
  206. Killa Ē?
  207. Costume Changes
  208. Mizukage named!
  209. Hottest team
  210. The Greatest Character In Naruto *not one of the main characters*
  211. Mad Scientistosity.
  212. sOmEtHiNg RaNdOm
  213. Official: Mei Terumi Fan Club
  214. Join if you think Sakura's HOT
  215. The official share your Theory's on how danzo got the sharingan!!
  216. Confession Thread
  217. Danzo's backstory.
  218. Character Weaknesses
  219. What a stupid rumor
  220. Shippuden Voice Actor Predictions
  221. naruto pwns sasuke!
  222. Naruto's Voice Actor?!?
  223. Naruto 10th Anniversary Dragon King?
  224. What's up with turtleneck clothes?
  225. which hair style does hinata look best with
  226. AkaTSUKi-TSUKuyomi???
  227. Did she love him
  228. if u love sasuke come here( lovers- no haters)
  229. What Chakra Elements Do You Find To Be Useful and Useless?
  230. what if naruto an sasuke were a girl?
  231. favorite Ninja weapon
  232. SAKURA vs KARIN !
  233. Kakashi's Mangekyou
  234. Do you think sakura and karin will fight later on?
  235. Sai And Neji o.O
  236. Who Are You Most Like In Naruto?
  237. ninja villages
  238. Who thinks Kumogakure (Village Hidden in the Clouds) is awesome?
  239. Kunoichi Jonin have been shippudenly snubbed! >:O
  240. ~Kirin VS Wind Style Rasen Shurikuen~
  241. Itachi's nature type...
  242. Whoever thinks sasuke is overrated join me and talk about him
  243. Whats your fav nature jutsu
  244. if u could make two jutsu into one what would they be
  245. Fire Style: Fire clone jutsu (MY Signature jutsu)
  246. Orochimaru is hot
  247. What feelings Hinata would expect at her wedding?
  248. what color best represitcne your fav character
  249. if naruto was rl?
  250. Did you like Konan's hair over her eye?