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  1. Hidan + Disney = ...???
  2. *SPOILERS* Have you ever noticed this about Suigetsu...?
  3. SasuPlot
  4. what do you think would happen if you find Itachi and Deidara in your house...
  5. Favorite Sasuke Pairings
  6. create jutsu
  7. Ewww! EWWWW!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Konoha is way too overpowered.
  9. Who is your fav char?
  10. Who do you think should end up with naruto???
  11. Love or Hate Sasuke?
  12. Make your KG
  13. who is your favorite naruto char PT.2
  14. Kisame or Zabuza?
  15. tobi
  16. Who do you think is the best ninja?
  17. Sasuke
  18. Kisame and the pencil....
  19. Favorite tobi moments!
  20. Samehada or Zabuza's Executioner Blade?
  21. Will Hinata look pretty as a mom?
  22. How do u feel about sakura now
  23. Sakuras gonna go find Sasuke!!!!
  24. 7 Swordsmen of the Mist Fanclub
  25. Does ANYONE actually LIKE Karin?
  26. TNA Kitten's Visual pairing club
  27. What are funny Naruto moments that you can think of
  28. Favorite pairing from any anime.
  29. Err..Konan.
  30. Official: Chiyo Fanclub
  31. Which bad guy
  32. Konan x Sasuke?
  33. Karin X Suigetsu
  34. please give me details on pain
  35. The memory of jiraiya!!!!!!!!
  36. SakuJugo.
  37. Isn't Itachi cool?
  38. Jiraya (Ship ep 133)
  39. Sasunaru/narusasu forever!
  40. Lee: ponytail or no ponytail which looked better (ladies and gentlemen)
  41. Uchia vs Hyuga
  42. Tenten.....
  43. Gaara eyebrows?
  44. Why You Hate Sakura?!(Possible Spoilers)
  45. Do you think Rin might come up later?
  46. do you think kushina might still be alive
  47. Itachi's hair
  48. who will win sasukes snake sword or zabuzas executioner balde?
  49. Favorite Sakura Moments
  50. Earth Release: Sand Tsunami VS Water Release: Exploding Water Shock Wave
  51. Best Dress and Worst Dress
  52. Itachi and First Hokage
  53. pervy sage
  54. make out paradise
  55. haku
  56. itachi
  57. water style rasengan
  58. what does tobis face look like
  59. i wonder if naruto has a middel name
  60. Sasori's Last Name???
  61. what if pervy sage had a sexy jutsu
  62. what if tsunade had sexy jutsu
  63. Character sigs
  64. Anko's Hair
  65. konohamaru real abillities
  66. sommoning ninja
  67. naruto's nine tails chakra
  68. what would you do if you could spend one whole day with GAARA?
  69. What would you do if...
  70. danzo is NOT pretending to be madara
  71. what would u do if u saw kakashi at starbucks
  72. What would you do if Gaara....
  73. Do you hate the Uchiha clan?
  74. Who Had The Best Entrance
  75. if u could be paired with any leaf or sand ninja who would u pair up with
  76. Itachi
  77. You Know Your A SasuNaru Fan When...
  78. Naruto and shippuden whats the diffrens?
  79. 4th kages wepons
  80. Which of the 5 Hokages are the Best
  81. Shikamaru!!!!!!!
  82. Wind Style: Infinite Sand Storm Devastation
  83. Akatsuki lover
  84. Happy Birthday, Jiraiya!
  85. Why do you hate Hinata?
  86. Shikamaru/Kin Or Shikmaru/Tayuya
  87. If Itachi was a female character, would you like him more, less or just the same ?
  88. Who would you get along with better: Ino or TenTen?
  89. What do you not like about you're favorite character(s)?
  90. Sakura = Annoying! Yori's 2nd Rant.
  91. Official: Izuna FanClub
  92. What if Hidan had another jutsu?
  93. Naruto's eyes
  94. Naruto and 4th Hokage lovers come here!!!!!!!!!!
  95. N.O.T.E Ninjas of The Elite
  96. Sasuke lovers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  97. Who do you think deserves to be hokage
  98. Kakashi or Guy
  99. Which You Think Is Better???
  100. Sound Village Is Dead!?!
  101. In Defense of Ino Yamanaka.
  102. Shikamaru's Family
  103. whatever happenend to the cloud village ?
  104. The Ultimate Genjutsu
  105. Naruto and underdog?
  106. My Own World Izuna
  107. Top Depressing Kunoichi
  108. Pain or Itachi
  109. Temari x Shikamaru Will they ever be together?
  110. Best finisher
  111. when naruto therw fuuton rasen shurenkin
  112. Shizune's Birthday
  113. Noticed?
  114. What Toad or Toads Would You Like to Summon?
  115. Deidara?
  116. What should Sasuke do?
  117. How do you like Sakura now?
  118. Hidden Leaf Squads
  119. What animal would you summon
  120. what is your favorite wepon in naruto
  121. Naruto X Tenten ?
  122. Did you like Tobi, or do you like Madara better?
  123. Kakashi = Sorry! Yori's 3rd rant.
  124. Here is where you talk about the babies of 2 characters
  125. What's The Left Of Baki's Face Look Like?
  126. Which Naruto Character do you most resemble?
  127. Shark Vs Octopus
  128. Create a Weapon!
  129. What's the Craziest Animal You've Ever Heard of, and Would You sUmmon it?
  130. Deidara/Uryu
  131. Age argument.
  132. f none of the characters had any powers, who would be the strongest?
  133. What music genres do you associate the characters with?
  134. Fight for Hinata's heart
  135. ninjutsu for tobi
  136. Does Kankuro look like a teddy bear?
  137. SaiNaru?
  138. Character iPods?
  139. Who is a NaruHina Lover here?
  140. Would You Wanna Summon a Tree?
  141. What Naruto Character's Hair Would You Want?
  142. Wait a minute...
  143. *Spoilers* Which Path of Pain Do You Like Best?
  144. Which Naruto Character is the Most Uppity?
  145. Are you Serious About your Favorite Pairings?
  146. Sasusaku
  147. so... yeah, kisame is officially my favorite bad guy...
  148. Zabuza The Demon FC
  149. Akatsuki deaths
  150. Does Anyone Hate Naruto?
  151. Whose your favorite uchiha memmber
  152. Yamato and Kakashi
  153. pains secret
  154. There is always someone stronger
  155. Hidan's Scythe or Kisame's Samehada?
  156. What station should Naruto Shippuden be on?
  157. Would you Kill your Best Friend to gain the MS?
  158. Which character gets TOO much love?
  159. Hayate or Genma?
  160. What if Sakura acted more like Hinata?
  161. What would you do if
  162. what will happen to konoha if Anko became hokage?
  163. Is Sasuke destined to die by Narutos hand?
  164. how will naruto end?
  165. sasuke needs to meet yoda
  166. How will the villagers treat Sasuke if he comes back to Konoha?
  167. Will Sasuke ever really win a fight in Part 2?
  168. NaruHina Babies: How much would they own? (Spoilers)
  169. Are there any fair, one on one fights in Naruto Shippuden?
  170. Do you agree with Asuma?
  171. Naruto is oblivious to the facts...
  172. When Gaara was revived by Chiyo, what was your reaction?
  173. Sakura
  174. Test of Willpower
  175. What if Sakura killed Sasuke?
  176. if sasuke was nice from the start what would have happened?
  177. Shouldn't Ten Ten resent Sakura?
  178. Do you like NejiXTenten?
  179. Which 4 people do you think would make the best team?
  180. Interesting fact about Kankuro
  181. Temari
  182. We should've seen it coming!!!
  183. If minato didn't die...
  184. Which Character is the Most Ignored?
  185. Doesn't Kisame's Hair Look Like Ao's?
  186. Does the fact that Deidara has mouths in the palms of his hands freak you out?
  187. Who is the Most Annoying Character?
  188. What's so great about deidara?
  189. TenTen X Kankuro
  190. Do you like AsuKure?
  191. Who loves Sasuke the most?
  192. If you had the power to revive one person...who would it be?? (manga spoilers)
  193. Happy birthday, Rin
  194. If Sakura followed Sasuke..
  195. Sasuke's redemption.
  196. Will you still like Sakura if..
  197. Can Hinata fight with Naruto yes-no and why
  198. Is sakura's forehead really large?
  199. Do you think sasuke would put up with Sai'
  200. Should Naruto hit Sakura back?
  201. Sasuke or Sakura: Who does Naruto care for most?
  202. Soo... if you were to stick a straw in Suigetsu's arm
  203. Which Character Do You Most Want to throw off a cliff
  204. What would Hinata be like with a demon?
  205. _________ Should Be in the ANBU Black Ops
  206. What if in the end Naruto....
  207. Lee's family???
  208. Ever thought about KakAnko
  209. __________ Shouldn't Be a Ninja
  210. Which couple by far is the best?
  211. __________ Has the Best Hair
  212. Favorite Sound 4 Member
  213. more age arguing...again.
  214. Which Character is Most Likely to Continue the Akatsuki?
  215. Need ice jutsus
  216. Could You Handle Being a Kage?
  217. Shuriken, Kunai, or Senbon?
  218. If the Shukaku is so funky, then why...
  219. narutos mom and dad????
  220. Post your favorite quotes here
  221. Naruto!!!!!!!
  222. Sakura and Naruto
  223. GaaHina Fan Club (No likey? Then don't post here!)
  224. How awesome is Kisame?
  225. Who would you want as ur Sensei
  226. Tobi X Karin
  227. If you could add a char to naruto
  228. What do you think are the best Naruto Quotes?
  229. Would the Leaf's four main kunoichi deal with motherhood?
  230. Which Character's Background is the Most Sad?
  231. My Dream About Sakura Haruno(part 1)
  232. what's your favorite Character of naruto
  233. Rasengan, Chidori, Water Style: Water Dragon Whip, or Ninja Art: Whack a Mole Jutsu?
  234. ShinoXSakura
  235. Yamato or Tenzo?
  236. ever notice this about naruto?
  237. witch character FAN BASE can't you stand
  238. Can someone explain the story of Itachi to me please? *spoilers*
  239. Happy birthday, Shizune!
  240. Kisame x The Misukage
  241. What if Tsunade has a crush on you?
  242. How Fat Do You Think Choji is Gonna Get?
  243. Has Lee ever opened his 6th gate???
  244. Madara's weakness
  245. Tonton or Gamakichi (in the original Naruto)
  246. Whose is better?
  247. Pain vs. Oro
  248. who is the most girly looking?
  249. Itachi = Girl
  250. Which Naruto character do you hate the most