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  1. Similarities between Naruto/Bleach characters
  2. Is it just me?
  3. Sakura as Tsunade's successor?
  4. Will you take Lee to prom?
  5. My Own Fav. Character
  6. Does anybody else on here despise Naruto?
  7. Naruto and Sakura Forever!!!
  8. The least likely couple
  9. What Do u think ..
  10. Describe Kakashi
  11. Kakashi or Danzo as a hokage
  12. Who do think is the hottest character on Naruto?
  13. How hilarious is this? *Spoilers*
  14. Who would you like to be your Brother or Sister ? ( Inuyasha , Naruto , Bleach )
  15. Does Gaara love somebody?
  16. i hate sasuke
  17. Why does everyone hate Danzo?
  18. Kakashi's custom kunai.
  19. Witch Naruto Charater would you like to have as a Little bro or sis ?
  20. Untaped pontential among the Konoha 11.
  21. Kiba and akamaru
  22. Who Would Win?
  23. Legendary Sanin Club!
  24. Favorite Naruto martyr
  25. What would you do if this heppens?
  26. Your Clan and Kekkai Genkai!!!
  27. If you could be any Naruto character who would it be?
  28. JIraiya Chronicles Why?
  29. of all trhe characters who can beat sasori
  30. Sasuke Uchiha
  31. NejiTen FC (if you don't like it don't enter)
  32. Who is the sasuke in your life?
  33. Who is the sasuke in your life?
  34. Naruto an...
  35. Who is the hottest girl in Naruto
  36. Who do you think will REALLY end up to gether?
  37. the one and only Minato Namikaze
  38. top 5 anime couples
  39. before someone sais something stupid about sasuke *SPOILERS*
  40. Things that Naruto characters will never say.
  41. Madara cp.463 theories
  42. Whos gonna die?
  43. Spoiler!! Who is Stronger Tsunade or the Raikage
  44. Naruto On DisneyXD...FTW
  45. The new episode. Tsunade + Jiraiya...
  46. Kyuubi control
  47. Official: Juugo Fan Club!
  48. Sympathies for Itachi **SPOILERS**(read only if caught up with manga)
  49. SPOILER: Kankuro's new puppet
  50. Who was the best hokage?!
  51. Narutos true love
  52. Describe Kankuro in 5 words or less
  53. What would you do if you found Kankuro on your doeestep?
  54. info on the mist village
  55. info on zetsu
  56. info on zabuza
  57. Who's Sharingan Is Better?
  58. will natuto become 6th hokage
  59. Favorite Sound Ninja?
  60. your favorite naruto couples
  61. Character Resemblance
  62. Whatever happened to...
  63. fan-art and/or fan-fiction help
  64. is gara a girl????
  65. Where has konohomaru went to?
  66. Killer Bee or Raikage?
  67. Who love's itachi???!!! Post here!!!
  68. Itachi
  69. My drawing of sasuke.
  70. Just wondering
  71. Orochimaru
  72. I heard that ..
  73. Who's better, Tobi or Madara?
  74. Who is the most UGLY naruto character???
  75. A dinner with Hidan
  76. Why Tenten likes weapons?
  77. Would Naruto have to deal with his wife's cooking?
  78. Tenten vs Hinata
  79. Kunoichi Battle
  80. If sakura and Hinata were in danger
  81. Minni Rasengan+Shiriken=one bamf ranged weapon!!!
  82. Anti KakaIruka >_<
  83. Cutest/hotest naruto girl (guys only)
  84. Is there any female ninjas in the Foundation?
  85. How strong is Gaara and Naruto's friendship?
  86. Where Shikamaru and Temari could have their first date?
  87. Humada humada humada (guys and gals who like women only)
  88. Naruto Shippuden Character Oxen.(Non Akatsuki)
  89. What would you do if you found juugo sleeping in your bed
  90. First perv contest.
  91. Would Naruto be Pissed when This happens?
  92. Happy Birthday, Kakashi
  93. Iron Sand or Ice Mirrors?
  94. Omg i saw his face!!!!!
  95. The good Akatsuki member
  96. what should we call kabuto
  97. Bye Deidara :(
  98. ShikaTema FC
  99. KakaNaru?!?
  100. How powerful would Tenten be if
  101. Leon Kennedy or Chris Redfield?
  102. Ice mirrors vs kakashi
  103. If you were a naruto character and you had one day to live how would you spend it?
  104. What's the first reaction Naruto will deal with once he's married?
  105. Sasuke.Good or Bad
  106. Killer Bee or Raikage
  107. What power does Iruka have, if any?
  108. Favorite Member of Konohamaru's Ninja Squad
  109. There are Too Many Sasuke Fans!
  110. ANTI NARUTO x SASUKE!!! (pro narusas...STAY AWAY!!!)
  111. A dinner with Lee
  112. Kakashi as Hokage!! Yay or Nay?
  113. Wth is in the Make-out series?
  114. Madara tied up
  115. Naruto Battle Challenge!
  116. Switch names with characters
  117. Do you like Kankuros new puppet? Spoiler*
  118. Ultimate jiraiya and itchi thread *spoilers*****
  119. kakashi bday :D
  120. If you had dinner with Sakura
  121. Will Yamato find someone to love him?
  122. Why Choji eats a lot?
  123. Sai's previous experience as an anbu
  124. Favorite Hinata pairing
  125. If You Were Masashi Kishimoto..........
  126. Do you think Temari is pretty with her scrunchies on her head?
  127. Characters That People Love for NO Reason
  128. who is the real tobi ,,, read this and leave what u think
  129. do u think obito is still alive.even after what every1 saw???
  130. what would happen if the show was called sasuke and not naruto but everything had th
  131. why?
  132. who thinks kakashi is cute?
  133. deidei-san fc haters keep away
  134. info on the hidden stone village
  135. how do you know your in love
  136. Who Do You Think Tobi Really Looks Like Madara Or Danzo?
  137. Which Village You Think Deserves To Die?
  138. Sasuke Haters Poll
  139. Which Village Is Stronger???
  140. Which Justsu Is Better???
  141. Team Hebi
  142. What is up with Anko?
  143. Will Naruto ever find a girlfriend?
  144. What does everyone want to know about Anko?
  145. Suigetsu's name
  146. Which one is the best?
  147. whats the best original but somehow changed weapon??? (made up ones work too)
  148. What sports would the characters play?
  149. Celebrities as Naruto characters
  150. Question about chakra
  151. Kakashi,s decision about sasuke ??
  152. The Mystery Clans
  153. Kakasaku
  154. Character Mystery
  155. Who do you HATE on Naruto?
  156. Rock Lee *Spoilers*
  157. Which Naruto character is more CSI?
  158. Clearing up on Kankuro's face Paint.
  159. Does Karin like Sasuke?
  160. Does anyone not like him?
  161. -> Your Custom Summoning Jutsu <-
  162. Kakashi
  163. Wich boys, girls would you let...
  164. Happy Birthday Shikamaru and Ino!
  165. Happy birthday, Shikamaru
  166. Oh my gosh Dan was vicious! *Spoilers*
  167. kiba lovers
  168. Origin of Deidara
  169. Does anybody here hate Naruto?
  170. Happy Birthday Ino!!!!!
  171. Give Shikamaru A Birthday Kiss
  172. My Fave Character
  173. charaters bio
  174. can u name every single person?
  175. Kankuro **Spoiler**
  176. Should Sasori Have Died?
  177. Summoning *Spoiler*
  178. NejiTen..&..LeeTen
  179. Naruto Accel 3 - TGS Information - Attacks and Ougis!
  180. Wow how can you fail at this.
  181. Theme Songs of Naruto Characters
  182. Clearing up on Sasuke *Spoiler*
  183. the Haruno clan...?
  184. Anyone Know What Village is Hidan/Zetsu Is?
  185. Just a Suggestion (If you haven't read Manga Don't Look)
  186. Favorite Akatsuki???
  187. What is it?
  188. The akatsuki deaths
  189. Favorite Uchiha Member???
  190. How will Naruto trump Sasuke's Susanoo?
  191. What Shikamaru would do once he's married?
  192. Sasuke ♥ INO Fc.
  193. The Eye Powers
  194. Rasenshuriken vs Sasunoo
  195. Official: Jiraiya Fan Club
  196. Choji
  197. What is more stronger Amaterasu or C0 explosion
  198. What do you think about Shikaino??
  199. JiraiyaxTsunade?
  200. How would you think Shikamaru would react if a girl hugged him??
  201. What Akatsuki member would you want as a partner?
  202. What Would You Do If Naruto Died???
  203. Which akatsuki you hate???
  204. Tobi Or Itachi
  205. Naruto Jeporady!PLAY NOW!!
  206. A Sasuke Fan Or A Itachi Fan???
  207. ( lets talk about pein ) and his reiningan
  208. who's better Sakura or Ino
  209. Deidara's Voice
  210. best sexy jutsu
  211. who seems less straight to you?
  212. create a jutsu combation out of jutsu from the show...
  213. Character Riddles
  214. evil test...Danzo or Karin
  215. better ninja dog...akamaru or Pakkun
  216. Who do you love?
  217. obito rin theory
  218. Most evil good guy
  219. sauske .vs. madaria uchiha
  220. creat ur ninja!!!!!!!
  221. Favorite Clan In Naruto???
  222. Which Akatsuki Will You Be???
  223. Question about naruto!!!
  224. Describe why you like stupid sasuke?
  225. Favorite Jinchuuriki???
  226. Who is your favorite Jinchuriki
  227. evil test...Deidara or itachi?
  228. What village is Zetsu from?
  229. What is your favorite Jutsu?
  230. Which Jinchuuriki Will You Be???
  231. Ugly test... Sakura or ino???
  232. Favorite Jutsu???
  233. Who would win in a fight Pain alone or Gaara
  234. wich character match the most with you
  235. The official Character name change thread.
  236. If it was up to you, How would you end Naruto?
  237. What avatar of a chater would you like?
  238. Who said this quote?!
  239. Create a Chakra Weapon
  240. Kisame...Zabuza...and Raiga
  241. Itachi, Deidara, Sasori, Hidan...
  242. the reason's of the akatsuki...
  243. Deidara, Terrorist bomber of Iwagakure.
  244. Do you think Konohamaru is a pervert?
  245. LOL on Naruto
  246. raid
  247. Kibahina
  248. Anti- Deidara FC
  249. The I can Sit all Day to Draw Naruto Characters Club
  250. What tailed beast are you?