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  1. Is Sasuke emo?
  2. Life's Problem (Ramdom Question)
  3. Fu
  4. if you were deidara for a day
  5. Who's stronger:Minato,Tobi,or Pain?
  6. Which Leaf Kunoichi looks better in a swimsuit
  7. Who Naruto will choose to spend his life with
  8. Describe Neji within five words.
  9. Describe Pain in 5 words or less!
  10. Can Barragan's Respira age Amaterasu?
  11. Appolgie in the pas under theard Orochimaru: Male, Female, MJ
  12. Why alot of people hate Ino?
  13. mizukage fanclub (no haters and join)
  14. Why do the anbu black ops always get offed so easily?
  15. Your Favorite Perv!!!
  16. Kimimaro. There is no "u" in his name.
  17. Do You Think Anyone Could Ever Fall In Love With Gai-Sensei?
  18. Konoha 12(11)
  19. Naruto as a sage, or as a fox?..or BOTH!
  20. Is Sasuke just another Orochimaru...?.spoilers possible.
  21. Who is the greatest of the Uchiha Brothers?
  22. forum problems?
  23. Tobi's face...
  24. What would you do if...
  25. What do you think about the 4th Hokage
  26. Whyyy Itachi!
  27. Who's Sakura's romantic rival?
  28. Naruto's Future
  29. Describe Gaara within six words
  30. Naruto-Pokemon
  31. Kakashi's Ninja Dance
  32. madara's mask before tobi
  33. i liek Suijetsu
  34. who is the hottest team
  35. love bites
  36. Sasuke is not as tough as you think.
  37. lightning
  38. Naruto Toads
  39. New Akatsuki Memeber*possible spoilers*
  40. Sasukes final chance
  41. Describe Suigetsu in three words.
  42. clan sin-ju
  43. Danzo is not a friggin uchia!!!
  44. Danzo the good guy now?! WTH?!
  45. Narusaku proof!
  46. the SEVEN ninja SWORDSMEN!!
  47. Sasori vs. Hidan
  48. Non-Konoha Couples FC
  49. Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto Uzamaki
  50. Would you take Anko to prom?
  51. Big Deidara is Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig
  52. Who is Naruto's mom
  53. another Theory
  54. The worst naruto couple!!! EWW
  55. make up your own naruto character!!
  56. Dissapointed.
  57. Konan in anime!
  58. Sage of the six paths is he even strong
  59. Which is your favourite Body of Pain?
  60. Why Is your Fav. Character the best!
  61. training grounds
  62. KankuroXIno (Anybody)?
  63. Puppet Masters.
  64. Calling all you Sai lovers! Come if you love Sai!!! ...PLEASE???
  65. Karin
  66. Your Favorite Deidara Move
  67. next person is: Naruto is...
  68. who is the best character of the uchiha clan
  69. who do you think is the weakest character in naruto
  70. ^J^....nicknames....^J^
  71. if karin was a sleep
  72. Gaara and HInata?
  73. ok who do you think is the strongets chracter
  74. Kirigakure for the win!
  75. Shikamaru and Ino [ShikaIno]
  76. red rasengon vs giant rasengon
  77. Couples District
  78. can someone explain this to me
  79. What names Hinata could call Naruto?
  80. Which couple is likely in the end?
  81. Just for fun~ Describe your fave character in five [or less] words~
  82. Just for fun~ Describe your fave character in five [or less] words~
  83. why do people think Hinata is a ;););););)?
  84. Danzo is not a friggin uchiha!!
  85. if naruto would become twilighit whos who
  86. if a naruto fan was a vampire or a werwolf who would be what
  87. Shikamaru: too much time in the spotlight?
  88. Love Web
  89. The Best Kinky Mofo? (Mofo = Guy) (Girls Only)
  90. Character Like/Hate thread
  91. War!
  92. Doesn't anyone remember Haku?
  93. Why Ino doesn't wear her headband?
  94. what eye technique and character would you be? (or make your own)
  95. what chracter would you like to be in real life
  96. It Is Spelled CHOJI!!!
  97. Adopt an Akutsuki Member!
  98. who is stronger that madra
  99. is there anyone weaker than ton ton
  100. Describe Hidan in one word
  101. Who'll the least abusive couple?
  102. Who thinks Hidan is still Alive.
  103. Which Dead Akatsuki Members do you want to bring back to life?
  104. What Do you think Kisame's Parents look like.
  105. Is kakashi sad? *Spoiler*
  106. What will be your reaction if kisame say this?
  107. Is it me?
  108. Who looks weird Kisame Or Orochimaru?
  109. Naruto Karaoke!!
  110. the hyuga conflect
  111. Naruto's new weapon!
  112. of the akastkui that is not madra or pein who is the strongest
  113. sasuke vs jugo
  114. tsunade vs sasukara at the very end
  115. itachi vs sasuke both mangekeouy
  116. the best ninja of the leaf vilage
  117. naruto vs jiraya
  118. shikamaru vs choji
  119. ten ten vs ino
  120. of all the character who has the best kekke ginka
  121. why do you thinka ino tenten and choji are weak
  122. sasuke vs neji shipppuden
  123. of all the uchiha who are the weakest
  124. itachi vs kisame
  125. If you could choose songs for your favorite pairings...
  126. what if lee asked you out? girls only
  127. The mystery of Kisame.
  128. Would you take Sai to dinner?
  129. Sakura Vs Temari
  130. What NaruHina's children could look like?
  131. Simply your favorite characters and why
  132. Poor Iruka
  133. The multiple mysteries of a man named Zetsu.
  134. Describe Ton Ton in four words
  135. Describe Kakuzo the beast in 3 words
  136. who would u kiss?>.<
  137. rate the uglyest chararter in naruto serious>.>
  138. Full Solutions for Your iPhone: How to convert DVD/video, make iPhone ringtone, backu
  139. things neji would never do no matter what
  140. a question about Deidara -Warning SPOILER-
  141. Frs?
  142. naruto vs bleach
  143. itachi vs kureani
  144. kisame vs sasori
  145. itachi vs naruto
  146. itachi vs sasori
  147. Tobi's Invincible
  148. Rank Adoptions!
  149. Adopt Jutsu!!!
  150. Adobt a sannin
  151. Adopt a .........
  152. Adoubt a Sound Ninja
  153. Adoubt a Hokage
  154. So many character Talks!!!
  155. play with your adopted person
  156. My Fav Characters
  157. Clone and Chidori Spamming
  158. Do you think Ino will love somebody?
  159. Show or Manga
  160. Show or Manga
  161. Why
  162. Who is Konoha's Genius ??
  163. Tobi is Madara!!!!*Spoilers*!!!!!!!
  164. If Itachi gave Hidan a Swear Jar,What would happen?
  165. r.i.p deidara (DEIDARA FANS ONLY)
  166. wich charactors have you lost sympathy for?
  167. Madara and Rikudou
  168. Tobi's 'Moon Eye' plane (my theory)
  169. Official: ANBU Black Ops FanClub!!!
  170. Do you like how they animated Konan? Pic!
  171. Anko Vs Kurenai
  172. Adding Sasuke's dad into the chain
  173. Karin has problems
  174. Suigersu got blood
  175. Yamato crushing the guy using his wood stlye jutsu
  176. Tobi's weaknesses.
  177. wat if ? uchiha and a h
  178. Which kunoichi will consider Naruto as her man?
  179. Who'll accept NaruHina?
  180. playground
  181. How Suigetsu could Die
  182. Naruto and Anko???
  183. Names' CORRECT Spelling *please read*
  184. Akatsuki voice popularity (V2)
  185. Characters made you think of....?
  186. Why?
  187. Omg sasuke and naruto!!!
  188. What do you think about the characters in Naruto:Past, Present, and Future?
  189. naruhina is gonna happen
  190. sasuke is always being used
  191. Official: Zabuza Fan Club
  192. who do u think is a good kisser..naruto...sasuke?????
  193. Rock Lee - Lucky, or unlucky?
  194. would u take kakasi to dinner?....
  195. Temari and Shikamaru..u think they will happen??
  196. Danzo, love em, hate em/ thoughts here
  197. Be a naruto character!!
  198. would u think lady tsunada and jiraiya would ever be together....???
  199. what would happen......o_0
  200. Sasuke Bacchikoi!
  201. which askatsuki is the uglyest!..
  202. Why Hinata wears her headband on her neck?
  203. Does anyone know anything?
  204. Do you think Hinata and Naruto will hold each other's hands?
  205. For what ever reason Hidan...
  206. Would Sakura find somebody else?
  207. Describe Sai in two words
  208. Deidara or Sasuke?
  209. Favorite Sakura pairing?
  210. Least favorite jutsu?
  211. Jutsu List
  212. new people
  213. Ten Ten lovers FC
  214. Official: Haku Fan Club
  215. Bragging Rights
  216. Who is Tobirama?
  217. Who thinks Sasuke is Cute?(for girls)
  218. i have an idea...
  219. Naruto vs. Negi Springfield,Illinois
  220. Tsunade
  221. who is more romantic??????...
  222. diedera or itachi
  223. Suigetsu and Karin?
  224. who is the cutest boy in shippuden
  225. Your fav Visual Jutsu
  226. The unlovable aren't so unlovable!!!
  227. Discuss (Politely Please!) about your favorite pairing and why it should/will happen!
  228. Do you think Sakura is like Amy?
  229. Will RSAHinataSpringbokF1 ever stop making NaruHina threads?
  230. Sasuke popularity
  231. wind style
  232. Pairing Wars !
  233. kakashi as hokage
  234. madara's jutsu
  235. Who would win in a fight Deidara or Sakura
  236. if naruto was real who would u date
  237. all of naruto chracter who are the ugliest
  238. charcter talk of all charcter who are the medium in sterngt
  239. ever wonder which character you are: take the character test
  240. Who would be the best gf for shino
  241. Does Lee like someone?
  242. Who'll succeed Naruto as Hokage?
  243. Will Choji find someone?
  244. Which person Naruto could rely about dating?
  245. Discribe Anko in four words
  246. Who would win in a fight Shikamaru or Choji?
  247. Who would win in a fight Kakashi or Guy?
  248. Which charactor would you be....
  249. how did orochimaru get his arms back?
  250. People who shouldnt have died in naruto