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  1. why dont they tell naruto about minato
  2. Rinnegan Or Sharingan?
  3. another person is: Orochimaru is...!
  4. Deidara your love or hate
  5. Obito or Kakashi?
  6. whats with the 3rd and his magic ball??!!
  7. akatsuki zodiac signs
  8. Which cuisine Hinata and Naruto would have for dinner?
  9. if you had to kill any member of the akatsuki who would it be?
  10. Naruto Fan Flash
  11. In the pain vs. Naruto fight
  12. Halloween costumes<NARUTO>
  13. which one would you pick...deidara as a girl or dead
  14. which character's should be rivals?
  15. Is it Pain or Pein?
  16. Who Do you think are the Cutest Naruto Characters? Shippuden and The 1st One?
  17. Anti-sakura!!!!!!yay how to torture sakura
  18. If you could make a Naruto Charater!!!
  19. If you could be any Naruto charater!!!
  20. Will Kankuro find love?
  21. Naruto Clan List
  22. What do you think about Kakuzu?
  23. what would you do if you saw sai and sasuke making out!
  24. say what ever you want about your fav character
  25. Will Kakashi find a date?
  26. Team Naruto Uzumaki
  27. Obito-kun!
  28. watch out here comes Pineapple head (spoiler)
  29. top ten faverites
  30. Who is the strongest and fastest of the Four Sounds?
  31. is there a reason to hate naruto
  32. Hey What Happened to TonTon in Naruto Shippunden I never see her anymore ...
  33. Battle Moves (Taijutsu)
  34. if each member of the akatsuki had a theme son what would it be?
  35. Akatsuki Popularity Contest!
  36. What Naruto would call Hinata?
  37. any Questions
  38. Describe Shino in five words or less
  39. What you will say If Hinata falls in love with Naruto?
  40. which girl in naruto do you like the most
  41. Do you find Hinata cute in a swimsuit?
  42. Most Useless Character Besides Karin
  43. Orochimaru has a Zankaputou
  44. Hook Ups
  45. NaruAnko
  46. what would you do if your favorite character died?
  47. ok why do people hate on karin?
  48. Which Akatsuki Member is Hotest? (Guys only)
  49. SaixIno? No Way!
  50. Is Guy Sensei Rock Lee's dad?
  51. deidara and ?
  52. Top five ...... people in NARUTO
  53. Cutest Person In Naruto(boys And Girls)
  54. Official: The Uchiha Clan Fan Club
  55. Sharingan, Rinnegan, or Byakugan?
  56. Akatsuki voice popularity
  57. What's your Favorite Mankegyou Sharingan abililty?
  58. Which guy is cuter between EVERY guy in the series?
  59. what type of animals wud the naruto characters be?
  60. Sasuke or Kakashi, Who is Awesomerz
  61. Which kunoichi gets Naruto's heart
  62. why do you like your favorite character?
  63. random thread deidara fan just chat
  64. What Hinata and Naruto would say before they kiss for the first time?
  65. What Eyes?
  66. Would invite Karin for dinner?
  67. Night vision?
  68. Anko x Sasuke
  69. What do you think about Zabuza?
  70. kakashiXMizukage fanclub (dont like dont enter)
  71. Weridest Leaf Ninja
  72. Tsukoyomi or Amaterasu?
  73. Kirin or Susano'o?
  74. the next person is...PAIN is...!
  75. Favorite Quotes.
  76. Who Would You Like To see In A Chicken Suit
  77. Who is the most complex character in Naruto?
  78. Kakashi and who??
  79. Make-out tackticks part 2
  80. If you could write a love chapter with any character,who would it be?
  81. Deidara. *Possible Spoiler*
  82. Has Naruto ever killed anyone?
  83. The Akatsuki and Immortality
  84. Best Looking Hokage
  85. Micheal Jackson just like Orochimaru???
  86. Itachi vs. Deidara
  87. whos the weakest akatsuki memeber?
  88. Is Madara from the Uchiha clan or Senju clan?
  89. sasukes swords real identity
  90. garra's dad
  91. How did the First and Second Hokage Die?
  92. i kno this is old news but!!!!!!
  93. Naruto and Ino?
  94. Yugito Nii-san?
  95. Sakura Should Be with Who
  96. If Hinata waterfall scene happens again...
  97. Naruto is a BEAST!!!!
  98. BEST BOSS summoning
  99. Love or hate; Sai
  100. The 2nd hokage VS. Kasime (the two water masters)
  101. Can Tobi really be...?
  102. character themesongs *actually really gud!*
  104. New theory about Sasuke. Sasuke is going to Die?!!
  105. Diedara (another hot or not thread i made)
  106. You don't even need to be that strong to be hokage
  107. strongest naruto character
  108. why cant naruto teleport?
  109. Pein...give me all the info you can
  110. Sakura Haters UNITE!
  111. Uchiha Sasuke Haters UNITE! (No Fans)
  112. who do u want to get married to?
  113. Do you want to see Hinata and Naruto getting married?
  114. jiraiya
  115. Do you find Hinata's constant blushing towards Naruto as tasteful?
  116. Who is the best Hokage
  117. Best Rasengan
  118. Talking to Naruto - dream xD
  119. Has Sasuke Ever Killed Anyone Either???
  120. A new Naruto Character???
  121. Nobody likes the First Hokage?!?!?
  122. Will Konahamaru be a match to Naruto?
  123. Who Is your favorite member out of team kakashi?
  124. Strongest Hokage!
  125. The 4th vs. Uchiha Itachi
  126. Come here! Just a thought? Lady Gaga?
  127. Volkner and Minato
  128. Ultimate Jutsu
  129. Can you tell me who he is??? *-SPOILER-* (i think)
  130. Xxxholic
  131. TOBI-who's behind the mask
  132. Most Powerful Ninja in lists of categories.
  133. Who Does Naruto like most
  134. When is Gaara's Birthday?
  135. Do you want to see Shikamaru and Temari kiss?
  136. A dinner with Anko
  137. Did Jiraiya liked Tsunade?
  138. Would the Hyuga family deal with Hinata loving Naruto?
  139. SasuSaku.An Abusive Relationship
  140. Why is Hinata so Great!?
  141. ino and naruto well be together
  142. Undiss your least favorite characters
  143. screwing around the naruto shippuuden characters
  144. Minato vs. Manara
  145. What Do You Think About Kabuto Taking Over Orohimaruc
  146. Favorite Member Of Taka (Hawk)
  147. Like, Love, or Hate; Tobi
  148. Favorite jutsu; by Kakashi
  149. Like, Love, or Hate; Deidara
  150. Will NaruSaku come true in the manga?
  151. Sasuke fire stly
  152. Akatsuki a world police?
  153. kabutos new power
  154. Did Sasuke Kill him??? (spoiler) maybe
  155. Fovorite Villian?
  156. Which Naruto Character Is Scariest When There Mad
  157. Sasuke jutsu's
  158. I'm going to kill u!!! (NOT)
  159. yamanaka or aburame
  160. Fav Byakugon Wielder
  161. #1 weapon in naruto
  162. Whats the strongest???
  163. Anko or Hinata?
  164. favorite MS (possible spoiler)
  165. garra
  166. Revelations
  167. My Forum Character: Aurora Tasogare
  168. Craziest Ppl in Naruto
  169. Naruhina VS Narusaku VS Sasunaru
  170. Best Kunoichi
  171. Kurotsuchi
  172. Kushina?
  173. Obito, shino, Gaara, Deidara or Itachi?
  174. Whos cute? Suigestu or Naruto?
  175. The Adults in Naruto's Life
  176. NaruHaku part 2
  177. I think they should bring them back!
  178. Whos cooler: Gir or Naruto
  179. What do you think about Konan?
  180. Ninja Animals
  181. My new favorite Sasuke line!
  182. Hanabi Hyuga
  183. Half of other Kyuubi chakra
  184. Describe Jugo in five words or more
  185. Describe Karin in five words or more
  186. The Hottest Kunoichi of all time!(For boys)
  187. Will Sai get a girlfriend?
  188. about MS
  189. Favorite Unique Style Ninja
  190. Do you know your hand signs?
  191. Pakkun or Gamabuta
  192. Upgraded Byakugan
  193. Danzo vs Espada????
  194. do you want to kill danzo?
  195. Does anyone else think the Raikage looks weird?
  196. redemption
  197. ShikaXtem fanclub (no shikaXino fans please...)
  198. What do you think of Konan?
  199. Would Naruto deal with a girl holding hands with him?
  200. sasuke is ambiedexterous
  201. Sakura choosing
  202. Favorite Pain Body?
  203. whos the strongest???
  204. Rock Lee vs Minato
  205. kakashi
  206. white fang?
  207. yondaime,minato?
  208. what is your favorite jutsu???no dojutsu
  209. Happy Birthday Temari
  210. Who is the fastest Kunoichi
  211. Danzo's Scar
  212. Tobi's masked Face
  213. deidara is a girl??????
  214. For temari lovers only!
  215. kakaanko do you like?
  216. next person is: Zetsu is...
  217. Sasuke has a Tailed Beast!! I think Look at the facts
  218. Dumbest charecter In Naruto?
  219. the moments we take for granted
  220. Sasuke's Confession to Naruto
  221. Top 40 Naruto characters
  222. icarly to Naruto match up
  223. Kingdom Hearts to Naruto match up
  224. NejiHina: Relationships within clans
  225. who hates sasuke?( no lovers allowed)
  226. Kurenai: Hot or Ugly
  227. why karin can never date!
  228. Sasuke, Madara, itachi, or Danzo.
  229. Which guy Hinata will choose in the end?
  230. sasuke or naruto
  231. How to make your own iPhone Ringtone with iPhone Ringtone maker(for Windows/Mac)
  232. Favorite Sage shinobi?
  233. What do you think about Madara?
  234. Best Sakura pairing
  235. why do u like hinata
  236. Hinata Haters.(No Fans)
  237. Official: Tobirama Senju Fanclub
  238. Why Zetsu has a venus flytrap around him?
  239. Who is the most HATED naruto character???
  240. what do you think about sasukes mom
  241. this is about the non ninja girls in naruto
  242. Couples
  243. Naruto Ninja Storm
  244. Official: Choji Fanclub
  245. Describe Zetsu in one word.
  246. Who is your favourite Kage?
  247. Describe Killer Bee in six words or less
  248. Best possible Hinata pairing
  249. Would Hinata and Naruto be married for a long time?
  250. Is Sasuke emo?