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  1. Where is the love for Gai sensei? D':
  2. figure out who said this and win a prize ^.^
  3. -neji and....
  4. who would you marry or go out with
  5. Would Naruto's head be craved if he's Hokage
  6. Whos hotter??!!!
  7. who is hotter?
  8. kakashi vs guy the rival battle
  9. a battle for the best jutsu
  10. How many other people...
  11. Hinata?
  12. The Mysterious "Good" Akatsuki Member?
  13. Ever had a SERIOUS crush?
  14. Greatest Sword?
  15. Ive been bored
  16. tobi is danzo!!!!
  17. Hinata.
  18. what if gai was in kakashis place?
  19. Whos hotter?
  20. do you belive in love??
  21. the senju clan?
  22. Naruto with a Zanpaktou!
  23. Asuma's Song Theme Song Closer
  24. baby name
  25. If all the Akatsuki members get killed. . .
  26. Who Your Favorite Character and What Theme Song Would You Give Character?
  27. Do you think?
  28. If the Akatsuki gets the Tailed Beasts. . .
  29. If the dead Akatsuki members were still alive. . .
  30. If you saw. . .
  31. I'm very annoyed. . .
  32. Have you ever relized. . .
  33. How many?
  34. Hand Signs
  35. ShikaTema <3
  36. witch do you like better naruto or sauske
  37. naruhina fan club
  38. Why didn't Orochimaru take over Hidan?
  39. Hey all u naruto fans !!!
  40. #1 jutsu it's your chois (multi chois)
  41. Could Madara have traded eyes with his brother?
  42. Make-out tackticks Part1
  43. who is hotter
  44. How did Deidara get the mouth on his hand?
  45. Can somebody explain something to me???
  46. Kakashi gaidennn!!!
  47. Is Danzo An Uchiha?
  48. Does anyone else like ShiShi?
  49. whos the most powerful girl??
  50. the creatures the sannin can summon
  51. Is Rin even dead?
  52. Who else likes Shiho?
  53. Kakashi chronicals!!!!!!!!!!! Ya!!!
  54. kakashi's sharingan
  55. [GaaraxTemari]
  56. What do u think happend to rin kakashis friend
  57. Who would u date? Shikamaru or Suigestu?
  58. If Naruto/Hinata happens
  59. Shiho/Shikamaru?
  60. Naruto and Sakura getting married?
  61. Neji's attitude
  62. If Naruto and Hinata get married.
  63. Hidan
  64. who loves Karin
  65. 4th hokage
  66. Temari's Hair
  67. So...Orochimaru....
  68. Take that madara=danzo belivers hahahahah
  69. forum family/ rivals
  70. Who is Danzo
  71. Who is a better fighter?
  72. If you could summon?
  73. Rock lee Vs Sasuke (shippuden) who do you think will win?
  74. Who Wants Naruto and Hinata to be togather?
  75. Sakura's Love
  76. Who is Hinata's likely boyfriend?
  77. Do you want Danzo end up like Lincoln?
  78. Chapter 459: Sakura's decision!....omg!!
  79. What if naruto and the priesess of the 1st shippuden movie uhm u know make love is it
  80. Do you think Naruto will be/look cooler and better if he had the Sharingan...?
  81. Shino was cheated.
  82. Other anime couples
  83. Danzo make me sick
  84. How did Rin die?
  85. How did Rin die?
  86. What couple is better?
  87. So Does Ino still Love Sasuke
  88. which naruto character do you hate??
  89. do you think in the end of naruto he will die and how?
  90. which character would you like to be??
  91. If you could make naruto character
  92. What the Leaf kunoichi react after being posed for artwork?
  93. Which Character would u date?
  94. What song suits NaruHina?
  95. kakashi cronicals
  96. Where Naruto could kiss Hinata after their first date?
  97. Would Shikamaru deal with women?
  98. Naruto and Tenten?
  99. Itachi (hot or not)
  100. Will Sasuke Obtain New Abilities?
  101. Genin stronger than Kazekage
  102. Danzo, Hokage?!?
  103. Zetsu's abilities!! *SPOILERS*
  104. What part of Manga u wanna see in Episode?
  105. Do you Have question for character?
  106. What Episode You Can't Wait for?
  107. NaruSaku beating SasuSaku?!
  108. What jutsu would you see Naruto learn?
  109. who clothes do u like
  110. Sasori (hot or not)
  111. KibaAka FTW.
  112. The Sannin
  113. NejiXTenten theme(s)
  114. Whats your Top 5 Male and Female Characters?
  115. Hinata: Overrated?
  116. shikamari
  117. Would Naruto have to deal with women?
  118. Two Zetsus
  119. hello
  120. Naruto's marriage possibilities
  121. What you would call Sakura if she dates Naruto?
  122. who should be Ino with?
  123. what is ur fave naruto jutsu
  124. Rock lee dicussion
  125. Showoff
  126. kimimaro fans unite
  127. sasuino FC[haters not allowed]
  128. SasuNaruSaku Love Doki Doki
  129. Jugo... you may be on to something (not sasuke)
  130. Matsuri's voice? LOL.
  131. ItachiXKurenia
  132. Who's Naruto likely girlfriend?
  133. Three things about Team 7
  134. Why Gaara has an emlblem over his eye?
  135. Asuma...
  136. ItachiXsasuke
  137. Hottest woman.
  138. Naruhina rocks.(dont like'em dont read this..or post)
  139. Rock lee super cool or super lame?
  140. Close range or far range in battle which is better?
  141. Danzo Prediction: I Feel Special!!!
  142. Best hokage so far
  143. Who is the hottest chick in the anime universe (Sorry girls..guys only)
  144. Hinata.Yay or Nay.discuss here
  145. Would you take Naruto for a date?
  146. Sakura vs. Ino or Sakura vs. Hinata
  147. What do you think Kakashi's life would be like if Obito never died or got smashed?
  148. Wat do u think about Minato(the 4th)
  149. Happy birthday, Yamato
  150. Who out there likes Kiba!!!
  151. who would be a part of the village in the sound or akatsuki
  152. Obsession with the Uchiha?
  153. Who Hates Sasuke For Killing Itachi!!!
  154. Who hates Pein?
  155. NHSS why?
  156. Anti-Big 3
  157. Which "Pain," Realm Do You Like Best..
  158. Question about itachi
  159. Shino looks like a Gangster??
  160. Cutest Naruto Guy(Girls only sorry guys)
  161. why does everyone like sakura
  162. Official: Karin Fan Club
  163. How would u kill Sakura
  164. Did Asuma loved Kurenai?
  165. Kill kARIN thread
  166. If ShikaTema happened, would Ino get jealous?
  167. Shikamaru x Kerunai
  168. Would Naruto continue using his Sexy Jutsu if he's dating?
  169. Who do you like more??? Itachi or Sasuke???
  170. naruto..high school
  171. most dangerous jutsu
  172. Karin HateClub(no lovers Please
  173. temakiba?
  174. Kusanagi Sword
  175. Sasunaru?
  176. possible daters
  177. What type of naruto fan are you?-part 1
  178. What type of naruto fan are you?-part 2
  179. Who wants naruto to get together with sakura!!!!!????
  180. What type of naruto fan are you?-part 3
  181. Naruto Vs The Real world
  182. What about Shino?
  183. Anyone out there for NaruSaki and KibaHina?
  184. Danzo must die
  185. Die Now , Live On
  186. special summonings
  187. All Naruto Character Descriptions!!!
  188. anyone think zetsu is obito
  189. What are ur Best Funny Moments in Naruto
  190. How mant times has sakura cried in the series?
  191. Itachi, Sasuke, or Gaara?
  192. NaruSaku FanClub.
  193. Saddest Moment Ever On Naruto (You Tell Me)
  194. Describe Hinata and Naruto in five words or less.
  195. Describe Sakura and Naruto in five words or less
  196. Naruto Dreams XDD
  197. weres naruto's love life heading???
  198. Do you want Tsunade to be your Grandma?????
  199. deidara
  200. who would u want to see in the shower
  201. Danzo,s arm ?
  202. Kaka-anko (kakashi and anko)????
  203. Who is your fav naruto chacter and y?
  204. What's your favorite Jutsu or summon of the series?
  205. Which Pain would you date?
  206. (for hardcore karin haters) how would you K.O. karin
  207. have you guys ever noticed most naruto characters dont even look asian?
  208. SasuKarin Fanclub!!! *plz, no haters*
  209. how would you kill danzo
  210. Describe Shikamaru in five words or less
  211. give your favorite characters and least favorite characters a nick name
  212. Anko
  213. If You Could Bring One Character Back
  214. Byakugan vs Sharingan
  215. what you all been waiting for : Karin is......
  216. Why do I break rules? Discuss!
  217. Kakashi is obito!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  218. If you were a ghost,what character would you want to scare?
  219. Describe Kiba and Akamaru in five words or less
  220. clan recruit! i only want jars
  221. KakaAnko!!!
  222. Danzo Haters
  223. r there any african american looking naruto characters
  224. have you noticed this?
  225. Stupid Kakashi mistake.
  226. Lee's Chakra
  227. will naruto succeed
  228. What was the thing that made you go "Woah!" In Naruto? (Or Shippuden?)
  229. Do you sometimes wish that you had the Byakugan?
  230. naruto or sasuke
  231. If Sasuke sucessed killing Danzo and the two remainig elders what will he do next?
  232. If you could make naruto character (2)
  233. Official: Anko Fanclub
  234. alright here it is.
  235. kabuto (possible spoiler)
  236. the newest (person is): DANZO IS...
  237. Who has the best art in Naruto??
  238. narutomikoto <3333
  239. another person is: Sasuke is...!
  240. Talk about anything in here
  241. if rock lee could use ninjutsu
  242. Do you want to break up Sakura from Naruto?
  243. What will you call Hinata and Naruto?
  244. Which girl Naruto will hold hands with?
  245. The Ending
  246. The Naruto Shippuden Story
  247. the 4th,s (god thunder) vs madara,s(what is it call)?
  248. mouths on Deidara's hands?
  249. why dont they tell naruto about minato