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  1. Let Us make our own tale in the world of Naruto
  2. Naruto Shippuden Chapter 1 of 6
  4. Bleach Roleplay
  5. Serious Role Play Thread Rules
  6. When Zombies Attack RP lolz
  7. The Shikai Guardians (Soul Reaper Group) [DEAD]
  8. My first pet project for BFV xDDD
  9. The Soul Reaper Army
  10. Official Pokemon Roleplaying Thread!
  11. The Quincy
  12. Shinmarubountyhunter Vs Sevenswordsmanofthemist
  13. Death Angel's High School
  14. The Zetsumei's
  15. Kyousei Vs Shin The Quincy
  16. Disciple
  17. The Quincy Brotherhood
  18. RP: Calling all who wants to help with the Protection of the Universe
  19. Mks Aka Dark Aka Chocolate factory man Vs Shinmaru Aka MC Mcloven
  20. The Menos Armada
  21. The Espada Inferno Org.
  22. The Dark Espada: 2nd Coming
  23. DE War- Zenon VS. Shin the Quincy
  24. Bleach FV Tier List
  25. Shinmaru vs Hidan of the mist
  26. The Escudo Rebellion!
  27. Epic Espada Battle: Hally vs Jeniphonse!
  28. Sverd Arrancar of Las Noches
  29. A New Era: The Dark Las Noches
  30. The Official FV Statistics Book
  31. Shinmaru VS. Susanoo
  32. FV Judge Request HQ
  33. Hally vs Dark: Rematch of the Century!!
  34. The Espada Alliance
  35. Uramnihs VS Iunatav
  36. Arrancar United
  37. Shin The Quincy Vs Seph The Arrancar
  38. Kejon16 Vs Danielle
  39. Shin The Quincy VS. Ninja Vanish The Aprentice
  40. FV Battle Request Thread
  41. Vanish VS Nine: Shin's student VS Vat's student
  42. Hally vs Flamey
  43. A Fight with Major Consequences: Danielle Vs. Kg Gangster
  44. Shinmaru VS someone who isn't TDZ or Jun
  45. Epic Battle: Hally vs Susanoo!!
  46. Reborn Role-Play
  47. Official Grand Bleach FV Tournament
  48. Shinmaru The Original Quincy Vs. Vanish the Copy Cay
  49. Shino vs. Yoru
  50. FV War Shinmaru Vs Zenon
  51. It's such a drag to say this...
  52. Fee Elle Vs Chidori 3
  53. The Divino Arrancar
  54. chidori 3 vs Kejon16
  55. escudo espada #4 tournament fight: Kejon vs. Zenon
  56. The Ultimate Fv Bingo Book!!
  57. The New Official FV Statistics Book
  58. Vanish vs. p.m.p.
  59. Dark vs da C3
  60. Pride vs. Yori (The... 4th round?)
  61. The Official Bleach FV Discussion Thread!
  62. Genesis vs. Anyone
  63. Hollow Rebellion War Main Thread!
  64. Epic Battle: Hally vs Assassin!
  65. Laxeres vs Makoto. Fight for bravey.
  66. Twist Vs C3
  67. Shino vs -Naruto-
  68. makoto vs kejon a truly epic espada batle
  69. Bleach Discussion Number 15?: Power level.
  70. BFV quick qweston
  71. PMP,the lady hunter vs draco, the dragon, the snake, and the wardrobe
  72. Yori vs Shino aka Laxeres.
  73. Anbu V.S. Sixteen
  74. makoto vs kejon
  75. Bleach FV Announcement!
  76. Naru the Quincy vs. ??? the (most likely) arrancar
  77. Bleach FV Discussion 16: Reapers
  78. Douriki Scalings
  79. BFV; Demi-God Anbu vs Anyone..
  80. The Soul Society
  81. Bleach Discussion#?- Soul Reapers Kido's.
  82. Shinmaru Vs Some One Top Tier In FV
  83. Reaper Spar: Yori of the 1st Division vs Shino of the 9th.
  84. Espada 4 Tourny: Devroux vs Zenon
  85. BFV: Kejon vs. Devroux
  86. BFV Mariana LujuriaRastros(TMOI)vs Anbu Leader
  87. Bleach Discussion#16 - Soul Reaper Academy?
  88. Black V.S. Sixteen
  89. Training battle: Azal VS. Hally
  90. Cap on Lit Kejon16 vs Tobi Hatake.
  91. kenjon v.s zack the unexpected battle!!!!
  92. PuppetMasterZack vs Mariana (TTMofI)
  93. The 13 Gotei Crosses Blade - Captain Anbu vs Captain and Commander Yori
  94. Captain Anbu vs Teddie! (About damn time)
  95. training battle:Azal vs. Hally #2
  96. Naru the Quincy vs. Anbu the Captain
  97. Captaon Seph vs Naru
  98. Rebellion War: Hally vs Jun!
  99. Hollow Rebellion War: Shinmaru Vs. Yori
  100. Dark vs MysticGoten
  101. Training battle: Azal vs. Kejon
  102. hollow rebellion: PMP, the guy who loves evangeline VS seph,smart as alberts pet rock
  103. Rebellion War! Devroux vs Kejon
  104. Hollow rebellion war: Zenon vs Hidan
  105. Hollow Rebellion Crap:Dark vs Shino
  106. Hollow Rebellion: Vat vs. Devroux
  107. Bleach FV New Rules Update - Information.
  108. Bleach FV Kido(s)/Spell(s) Wiki Main Thread - INFORMATION.
  109. Darkawhoha vs. Kejonkejon
  110. BFV Question????
  111. Hollow Rebellion War: Azal vs. Seph
  112. Rebellion war! Makoto vs leo
  113. Battle please
  114. Yellow Flash vs. The Demon Zabuza
  115. Training battle Zetsu vs. Kejon
  116. Cap. Yori V.S. Cap. Sixteen.
  117. BFV:Captain 2 vs kejon
  118. Captain Anbu vs. Captain Kejon - 13 Gotei Cross Swords
  119. Vizard V.s Soul Reaper Spar
  120. Black V.S. Sixteen
  121. Soul Reapers: Kido That Can Not Be Used
  122. FV discussion:#17big girls are beautiful,Russian Giraffes,Shane Dawson,n' Jay-Beib no
  123. Zenon V.S. Sixteen
  124. A request to the admin and higher mods
  125. Forget the mods for a second - Let's have a serious discussion.
  126. mavrik the light wolf
  127. PMP says go BYU vs Lax the man who got banned
  128. Death?
  129. idea to help SR
  130. Battle of boredom: Naru vs. ???
  131. A Battle of Epic Porportions: Shin and Vat vs Naruto, Kejon, and Hally.
  132. Epic espada battle: Makoto vs zenon
  133. Head Captain Yori vs. Anyone
  134. Hally vs. Yori. Head Captain vs. Arrancar Leader
  135. Soul Reapers: Kido 101
  136. Goten vs. Yori
  137. Soul Reaper Training - Inuyasha
  138. 10 round battle jun vs shino/laxeres
  139. Any Suggestions for a Bankai? - Need Help.
  140. Kejon vs. Yoru
  141. Just Wondering...
  142. The Current Balance Of This FV: Discussion
  143. Lt-Training EmoSakura
  144. Captain Anbu vs Captain Sixxy
  145. Double Battles
  146. Zetsu vs. Ichigo, the noobiest, uncreative battle you'll see
  147. Head Captain Yori v.s. Lutenant Black ((Spar))
  148. Fight me
  149. Spar: Zenon vs. Draco
  150. Reasons Why Bleach FV is Epic!
  151. The REAL AO (military organization)
  152. jun vs kejon
  153. SR upgrade????
  154. Naru the Quincy vs. Zetsu the...plant-like thing >.>
  155. I think I may be quitting fv!
  156. Susan of the No VS Vatty of the Yes.
  157. Fire vs Snow: Draco Uchiha vs Kejon16
  158. -Naruto- Vs. Shinmaru
  159. Hally vs Kejon: The Epic Filler Arc Battle!
  160. Pick one SIDE already!!!
  161. Hey! You! Think you know your shiznits about BFV? COME HERE! (No homo.)
  162. Epic, final battle: Laxeras vs makoto
  163. Captain Anbu vs [insert username]
  164. Bleach Fv Rules and Guidelines!!
  165. All Out Battle
  166. Bleach FV Kumbaya Discussion.
  167. Los Diablos
  168. The Fodder Espada Hally vs The Great Dev: Training Match!
  169. Cap Danielle Vs Chidori
  170. Are you aware?
  171. Are you aware?
  172. Seriously??? What has FV become?
  173. And Idea...Kind of how to fix BFV
  174. Head Captain Yori v.s. Lieutenant Black (All out fight)
  175. Cap. Seph V.S. Cap. Sixteen
  176. Rank Fight! KG vs Devroux
  177. Zetsu vs. Kejon
  178. Hypersonic+ Speeds in Base: lolwut?????
  179. Sparing Match: Hally vs Kejon!
  180. Oblivion Quest
  181. Naru the assassin vs. ???
  182. My favorite BFV people, a must see thread :D
  183. Seph vs. Yoru
  184. You Guys Are Racist
  185. Fight Please
  186. Shinmaru vs. Yoruichi
  187. Head captain Yori vs. Zetsu the fraccion
  188. Should I?
  189. Hally vs her newest Fraccion ILK!!
  190. Teh Espada X Darkeyh vs Da newbie Fracciones Zetsuguy
  191. Zabuza for hire
  192. Roy vs. ???? (FV)
  193. The new Royelric vs. That Dude
  194. Espada Announcement!!! Ruthless Hally is Back!!!
  195. Let Me Clear Some Things Up..
  196. I love pandas but i still have to fight someone.
  197. Please fight me. D:
  198. Yori And Seph vs. -----
  199. My welcome back fight
  200. Shinmaru V.S. Love
  201. Oblivion Quest Debriefing
  202. Battle of Vengance: Susanoo, Yori, Kejon, And Seph VS Hally, Jun, Flamey, And Ai
  203. Naru vs. ??? arrancar fight
  204. Rest in Peace Hallenthia.
  205. I can use 9001 SE attacks in base what can you do??
  206. Who Is The New Three
  207. Sword Fight: Yori vs. ???
  208. Kido Fight!: Yori vs. ??
  209. Lt. Maria L.R Cartillo vs. Comandante Kejon16
  210. People who know me, and have seen me fight.
  211. Cap. Seph V.S. Cap. Sixteen
  212. Yori vs. Jun
  213. Naru vs ???
  214. New Throne for a New King.
  215. Cap. Sixteen V.S Anbu the dead man
  216. Captain Seph vs Somebody.
  217. PMP is very disapointed in BYU vs Hidan!! WHO IS BACK: a master vs student match
  218. A battle of vengence, makoto vs susanno
  219. Yori vs. Assassin
  220. The Extreme north of the Soul Society
  221. I'm done.
  222. 9/23/10 update
  223. are you bored??? spar
  224. Hit List Target #2: Zetsu!
  225. The Most Evil Fv Villan!!!
  226. El Trollito ataca de nuevo.
  227. Vizard rampage
  228. Victim # 1: Naru vs. Dark
  229. epic espada battle:makoto vs dark
  230. My Hit list for Glory
  231. Devroux the Hero vs. Kejon: Father of Sin
  232. epic espada battle makoto vs zenon
  233. Show me that you're stronger then me.
  234. Mah Fv Hitlist~
  235. Shinmaru Vs. 16
  236. Hitlist.
  237. Hit list - Appalled.
  238. *Bored* who wants to die
  239. hit list
  240. I command you...
  241. Hit List to the MAX
  242. Hally's Hit list!!
  243. Hit List Target 1: Dark Alexander Jaggerjacks!!!
  244. Jumpin on teh bleach FV bandwagon: the kings hitlist
  245. Freeverse Battle Judges!!
  246. Hit list battle?? Nah jsut playing
  247. Yori vs..... Spleen
  248. Hit List Opening: Yori
  249. #2 Hit List Opening: Yori
  250. #3 Hit List Opening: Yori